You Are Too Far from Me

Send me your love for I’ve nothing to write,
And my words are vacant or ugly—
I slept through the morning, I raved out the night,
And you are too far from me.

I feel the entropy taking the world,
Send me your love while loving can be—
The past is finished, the future dissolved,
And you are too far from me.

A wall looms round this plaything of gods,
From the centre there’s only so far we can flee,
My days are the same, small talk and nods,
And you are too far from me.

Send me your love, my outlook is bleak,
I try to be patient with my poetry—
I know my predicament isn’t unique,
And you are too far from me.

The river we stumble, shuffle, or skate o’er,
Melt it must, then flow to the sea,
I’m quiet in England, your love I wait for,
And you are too far from me.



Arthur L Wood is a poet from Winchester, UK. He has published two collections, Poems for Susan (2020) and Scarlet Land (2021).  His poetry takes inspiration from the lyrical poetry of the early twentieth century, notably Walter de la Mare and William Butler Yeats. Wood’s poetry has been described by Raymond Keene OBE as functioning ‘as an overview of the entire English tradition of poetic creation’. He is widely published in poetry journals and runs his own YouTube channel ‘Poetry from the Shires’ where he shares classic and original verse.  Arthur L Wood’s poetry collections available: https://ko-fi.com/arthurlwood/shop  Find him on Twitter: @ArthurLWood

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4 Responses

  1. Florian Diaz Pesantes

    A love song with a catching refrain. Extraordinary poem, more of you I’d like to read, dear Arthur!

  2. D.G. Rowe

    Cheers, pal.

    Music, lovely music, that molds and trips round and off the tongue as one reads with the necessary length and quantity the measure demands; and is resolved with great sensuous repetitive relish by each refrain.


  3. Cressida

    Captivating words. from the first line right to the last.

    I could read poetry like this for days. Thanks for sharing.


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