Ottawa Ho!

In the days of yore, it is written,
All the dreamers would dream of the sea.
__But the sailor’s way
__Has become passé—
It’s the trucker’s life for me!

How I long for the open highway!
How I yearn to be boundless and free!
__Rising up with the dawn—
__Turn the radio on—
It’s the trucker’s life for me!

In my sleeper cab parked on the roadside,
I’d be cozy as cozy can be,
__With the freeway’s soft sweep
__Lulling me into sleep—
It’s the trucker’s life for me!

Oh, the solitude, how it is calling!
All those hours with no company
__But the red and white lights
__Gleaming into the nights—
Oh, the trucker’s life for me!

And if ever my nation is captured
By the pirates of bold tyranny,
__I’d be there with my truck,
__To help get it unstuck,
For the trucker’s life’s for me!

Now, considering the fact that I suffer
From a bad, diesel-fume allergy,
__It might logically seem
__I should table this dream
Of a trucker’s life for me…

And I’d likely do well to remember
My slight problem with narcolepsy—
__And my failure to best
__That confounded road test—
Is the trucker’s life really for me?

Well, perhaps I am better off sitting
At my hearth with a hot mug of tea,
__Sipping “health” to the men
__Doing all that they can
With their trucks to defend Liberty.

And a special salute to the truckers
Of the land of the fair maple tree:
__Your persistence and pluck
__Make me itch for a truck—
It’s the trucker’s life for me!



Jack DesBois is a singer, actor, and storyteller. He gives annual Epiphany season performances of The Western Star, which he wrote in 2016. He self-published a chapbook of short poems in 2018. As a singer, Jack has had the good fortune to solo in several of the great works of Baroque Oratorio, including Handel’s Messiah (Bass) and Esther (Haman) and J.S. Bach’s St. John Passion (Jesus). Jack lives in Topsfield, Massachusetts. 

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29 Responses

  1. Joseph S. Salemi

    Already the Canadian government of that vicious little creep Justin Trudeau is preparing SWAT teams to brutalize the truckers and break their blockades.

    Are we ready to admit that much of the Western world is now under the jackboot of left-liberal totalitarianism? Or will we just continue to listen to the fake conservatives and piety-mongers who ask us to be patient and forbearing and tolerant and “open to dialogue”?

    • Jack DesBois

      It has become pretty evident over the last two years to anyone interested in making his or her own life decisions that, yes, the jackboot is crunching us with some vigor now. I’m not sure what good will come of the Ottawa protesters’ determination to have an “open dialogue” with Trudeau’s regime, but I believe the sort of patience they’re practicing right now *will* have positive ripple effects on the global freedom struggle. Lord protect them from harm when the SWAT teams come.

      That’s different from the “patience” you’re referring to, though–which is really just self-censorship.

      • Joseph S. Salemi

        The Epoch Times has just reported that “Go Fund Me” has confiscated the $10 million in private donations raised to support the Canadian truckers, and have announced that the money will be given away to “charities.”

        Do you still think it is possible to have a “dialogue” with these vermin? Do you think that “patience” and “forbearance” are useful tools? Is the acquiescent piety coming from our cowardly mainstream pulpits going to be of any use?

        Ten million dollars has just been openly stolen from private citizens, and used for something other than what was intended. And only a very small opposition newspaper has even made a peep about it.

      • Jack DesBois

        It is abominable, Mr. Salemi, but not quite as abominable as the Epoch Times reports. Shortly after GoFundMe made that outrageous decision and ET reported on it, GoFundMe changed their plan. They’re still canceling the Freedom Convoy’s fundraiser, but they’re automatically refunding all of the donors, rather than stealing the money and funneling it to other charities.

        I’ve taken my money and donated it, with a bit extra, to the Freedom Convoy’s new crowd fundraiser on GiveSendGo: https://givesendgo.com/FreedomConvoy2022?sharemsg=display (Their website is running very slowly, possibly due to the volume of donations they’re processing right now, so if you try to donate and it seems like the buttons on the webpage aren’t working, be patient!)

      • Mike Bryant

        Jack, Whatfinger said that GiveSendGo is “…under attack by global Marxists DDoS attack to stop you from helping… if you do not see page this is why… “

    • Lannie David Brockstein

      The problem we Canadians are facing is worse than the very real menace of “left-liberal totalitarianism”.

      Here in Canada, along with that Darth Brandeau having been seduced by the Dark Side of the Force, rightists Ontario Premier Ford of the Progressive Conservative Party, and Quebec Premier Legault of the Coalition Avenir Québec, are no better in their having enacted many of the most draconian Covid-19 restrictions in all of North America. Totalitarianism is both leftist and rightist but without its also being centrist.

      How is it not important to refrain from demonizing the left, and the right, when there is no such thing as a functional democracy that has only leftist parties, or only rightist parties?

      It is both leftist and rightist governments at all levels in Western countries that have become corrupted from what was an insidiously slow hostile takeover by what I call “The Fascist Big Pharma Party”. I say as much, because all of their evil and insane mandates are Big Pharma mandates.

      It can be reasonably argued that in the U.S.A., the Republican Party (along with the Democrat Party) has also become corrupted by Big Pharma. Was it not Mike Pence, along with the majority of high-ranking Republicans, who were complicit in their having allegedly rigged the U.S. 2020 election, and with Big Pharma having turned out to be the biggest beneficiary of that betrayal?

      The same way there needs to be the separation of Church and State—and thus Freedom of Religion, there also needs to be the separation of Big Pharma and State—and thus Freedom of Health.

      How might that happen? This video which features a February 7th, 2022 speech by Chris Sky, at the Freedom Convoy protest at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, partly shows how it is happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6g-RwPOJ-A

      Live streams are being filmed right now by more than a dozen independent journalists, and whose channels I mentioned in my February 10th comment in this thread, so that everybody here can see for themselves in real-time that something special is happening in Ottawa.

    • Jack DesBois

      A great compliment – thank you! I’m reading about him on Poetry Foundation; he spent some time living in Canada…

  2. Evan Mantyk

    A brilliant and very reasonable piece sent to me by poet Joe Tessitore:


    The Canadian government has made vaccinations necessary to do certain jobs. The government says that if you want to be an international trucker, or a banker, or a public servant, you must let us inject a COVID-19 vaccine into your body. Of course, as some have disingenuously pointed out, there’s an alternative. If you don’t want the jab, you can just give up the career you have built (in some of our cases) over many years. Maybe you didn’t want the job that badly after all. Where have I heard this before? Ah yes, these are the same options offered to young actresses by Harvey Weinstein.

    • Jack DesBois

      Agreed – this is a brilliant article. Thank you for sharing (and thanks to Joe). I like the cartoon, too.

  3. Margaret Coats

    Jack, may the truckers you celebrate so well have those positive ripple effects on the worldwide freedom movement. Even men who have no choice but to sip their health in a hot mug of tea, must long for the determined drive of the truckers. In reading your poem, I seem to recall one by an early 20th-century hobo poet who traveled North America quite freely on railroad boxcars. But as carefree as his way of life may have seemed, the forceful purpose of the truckers, with their eyes on preserving freedom for all, is more attractive.

  4. Anna J Arredondo

    Jack, thank you for sharing this trucker’s shanty with us. It serves the dual purpose of entertaining and showing solidarity with the truckers in their stand.

  5. Julian D. Woodruff

    This should be anthologized in school texts, or occupy a side bar in Canadian history texts. My son-in-law intends to drive (in a car) from Toronto to Ottawa with his 2 eldest sons to give them a civics lesson they won’t forget. (I assume he knows about the SWAT teams.)

  6. Norma Pain

    Thank you for this poem Jack. The Canadian truckers cannot be ignored and their message is spreading worldwide. Your poem will also be appreciated worldwide.

  7. Mike Bryant

    Jack… love your take on this and thought you’d enjoy this from the link below.

    Canada Convoy

    “‘Twas Twentytwentytwo a year that you
    were told to get the shot
    a pair from Pfizer and a booster too
    And a card that shows you got
    We can’t head southwest to Long Beach
    ’cause we ain’t allowed to cross the line
    I says, “Pig Pen, this here’s the Maple Leaf
    And I can’t afford to pay their fine”
    – Albert Constantine Jr. 2/5/2022 8:03 AM

    Parody As a Weapon Part XXVI

    I’ve only given you a taste of it… ya gotta check out the link:



  8. David Watt

    Jack, thanks for this poem which admirably highlights the allure of a trucker’s life, and most importantly, shines a light on people willing to stand up for freedom.
    I saw today on the “Outsiders” T.V. program that there is also a truckers protest in support of the Canadian truckers, here at our old parliament house. However, you won’t find any mention of this peaceful protest in the
    mainstream news.

  9. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Jack, your poetic support of the truckers’ collective voice for freedom is wonderful. Thank you! They’re telling us we can do far more by standing together and making our voices heard than handwringing alone in silence. Let’s hope their actions make a difference where the Government’s draconian measures are concerned. They have certainly made a difference to me… my voice will be louder, bolder, and braver from here on in!

  10. Lannie David Brockstein

    “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” ~ Abraham Lincoln.

    Jack, thankfully, Canadians have begun to stop being fooled all the time. As a result, something special is happening in Ottawa, Canada.

    The “Canada Speaks Freely” website features links to more than a dozen live streaming video channels of the Freedom Convoy protest at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, as filmed by independent journalists (such as Ottawalks, Viva Frei, and many others): https://canadaspeakfreely.com/freedom-convoy-2022-live-streams-video

    By viewing their broadcasts, one can see for oneself what is actually going on there (including the speeches that begin around noon, as well as the evening dance parties which are an important part of how we patriotic Canadians protest).

    The “Canada Speaks Freely” website also shows when each independent journalist is live-streaming.

    Furthermore, at each independent journalist’s own channel’s Videos page, one can view the previous live streaming videos they filmed every day since the Freedom Convoy protest began on January 29th, 2022, and during the rest of that week when the horns of the truckers as they blared them non-stop sounded so musical, and like the ancient Israelites blowing their shofars as they crumbled the walls of Jericho.

      • Lannie David Brockstein

        Last night at the peaceful Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa, a disabled, elderly, First Nations woman was seriously injured after having been trampled by a herd of centaurs, I mean by mounted police officers who for everybody’s safety were just being Nazis, I mean, who were “just doing their job”.

        Afterwards, Ottawa Police took a page out of Darth Brandeau’s playbook, by weaponizing its Twitter page to flat-out lie about what really happened.

        But the entire incident was filmed by at least two different independent journalists at the scene, and their footage is now online, including both videos being featured in one video by Marcel Irnie of IrnieracingNews that also features the Ottawa Police’s Twitter post.

        IrnieracingNews: https://rumble.com/vvas1n-police-horses-trample-over-elderly-lady-with-stroller-police-terrorize-cana.html

      • Jack DesBois

        Thank you for these updates, Lannie. I’ve been following the livestreams over the past couple days. Thank God for them; without this live social media coverage, I think the police atrocities would be far worse. Even so, this is pretty awful. And what for? The Freedom Convoy organizers have pointed out that every time Trudeau’s government does something tyrannical to try to thwart the Freedom Convoy, the world sees it and more people show their support for the Convoy. These police maneuvers will be no different.

  11. Lannie David Brockstein

    Hey Jack,

    On February 19th, Jack DesBois wrote:
    >>Thank God for them; without this live social media coverage, I think the police atrocities would be far worse.

    Yes, thanks to G-d; also, thanks to the decentralized group of independent journalists who organically formed to film footage of the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa, and no thanks to the centralized mainstream media that is “brought to you by Big Pharma”, the Special Investigations Unit in Ontario is now investigating the Ottawa Police having seriously injured the aforementioned disabled, First Nations woman who was peacefully protesting there.

    How are Draco Malfoy and his Slytherin House, I mean Darth Brandeau and his Liberal Party, going to virtue signal themselves out of responsibility for that? By pretending, as the perjurious Ottawa Police did, that nothing of the sort happened?

    The following video by yet another independent journalist who was on the scene has additional footage which clearly shows what really happened regarding the aforementioned bicycle that the Ottawa Police flat-out lied about when it disingenuously mentioned that a “bicycle was thrown at the horse”: https://twitter.com/amagdala/status/1494919732558016514

    Not only did the use of smartphones by civilians document militarized police brutality (including their unprovoked brutal attack on Alexa Lavoie of Rebel News); the independent journalists there also documented how peaceful and loving the Freedom Convoy protest at Parliament Hill in Ottawa actually was. For more than three weeks, it was though everyday there was Canada Day. I have never felt more proud to be Canadian in seeing so many superheroes there wearing the Canadian flag as a cape. Along with patriotism, there was so much warmheartedness and kindness on display. The beautiful Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa that has expanded to become an international movement, has regrouped at the Canadian National Holocaust Museum.

    Jack, many of the truckers had immigrated to Canada from having lived in oppressive communist countries. That is one reason they have a fondness for the freedom of the road, as expressed in your “Ottawa Ho!” They damn well know totalitarianism when they see it. Hearing their stories as they were being interviewed by the independent journalists there, as well as the stories of locals in Ottawa who themselves had immigrated from Poland, Romania, and other former Soviet Union countries, many of whom cared for the truckers during their three-week marathon of sitting in their trucks, by bringing to them their morning coffee, and offering to them a place to shower, homecooked meals, and a cozy bed to sleep in for the night, is something that every radicalized leftist needs to hear as much every Holocaust denier needs to visit a Holocaust museum.

    After the barbarian Darth Brandeau used the military, I mean the militarized police, to brutalize the truly peaceful protestors, he ordered his goons to install the Berlin Wall, I mean fencing, on all of the many streets that lead to the Parliament buildings. Furthermore, there are now hundreds of police checkpoints in East Germany, I mean in downtown Ottawa, where ordinary citizens are subject to being carded by the Gestapo for simply choosing to walk along those streets to their place of residence or business, or for any reason as is their constitutional right. All because millions of Canadians, after having been oppressed for two years by the fascist Big Pharma Party’s unscientific mandates, decided to peacefully protest in the spirit of peace and love, which resulted in their being nightly dance parties in front of Parliament Hill.

    Now, that area is literally being called “The Communist Zone”, I mean “The Red Zone”. It is like an episode of The Twilight Zone. That illegal fencing is probably going to remain in place until there is a new government that is actually proud to be Canadian has been elected. In all likelihood, it is going to be led by the Conservative Party’s Pierre Poilievre.

    Hopefully, that happens before Canada Day.

  12. Lannie David Brockstein

    Hey Jack,

    As a result of the Freedom Convoy at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, there is now the Freedom March protest every Saturday throughout downtown Toronto, which is also being live streamed by independent journalists.

    Yesterday, there were thousands of people in attendance. Many of them were adorned in their famous superhero Canadian flag capes as they chanted “FREEDOM!” At times, the “om” part of “freedom” as it reverberated off of the skyscrapers sounded similar to the meditative “Om” of Hinduism and Buddhism.

    When the crowd reached the CTV building, which is a mainstream media outlet, everybody there stopped and chanted “TELL THE TRUTH! TELL THE TRUTH!”

    Something special is happening in Canada, and now it is happening in the U.S.A., too.

    The SupportFreedom website lists the channels of many independent journalists who are live streaming the People’s Convoy that is traveling from California to Washington D.C.; it also shows when each of them are online: https://supportfreedom.net/

    It is heartwarming to see how many people there are lining the highways and overpasses in support of the truckers.

    From Lannie.


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