Douglas MacArthur, Et Al.

Douglas MacArthur waded through the surf,
Unafraid to lead his men in battle.
Today, they’d rather write a book, tattle
On their bosses, and walk on Astroturf.
Just sayin’: MacArthur, Nimitz, Halsey—
You gotta give ‘em credit: those men were ballsey.



Joe Biden, Workaholic

Joe Biden works from nine to five:
He works and works and works all day;
When Friday finds him scarce alive,
He’s off to Delaware to play.

He rides his bike along the beach,
Maybe even eats a peach;
He tries to walk, he swims, he runs—
Being Prez is so much fun!

And then it’s time to take a nap;
He dreams of kiddies on his lap.
When Monday comes he gets the blues.
“Jill, where’s my goddamn shoes?”



Creeping Joe

Biden creeps on little girls;
He likes the ones with pretty curls.
He says he’d like to take them home;
Maybe share an ice cream cone?
He touches here, he touches there;
He leans way in and sniffs their hair.
Someone tell the moms—Beware!



Cheryl Corey’s recent credits include the current issue of Iconoclast and www.grand-little-things.com. Other publications include Iambs & Trochees, Deronda, The NeoVictorian/Cochlea, The Comstock Review, Mobius, and Time of Singing. In 2007 she received 1st Place for the Dylan Thomas Award and Honorable Mention for the June Kraeft Memorial Award in The World Order of Narrative and Formalist Poets contest.

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4 Responses

    • Cheryl Corey

      Thanks, jd. I hope people get a good chuckle. I suppose I shouldn’t be mocking the leader of my country; but sadly, this administration deserves it. I had checked out a library book of images from WWII, and when I saw the iconic photo of MacArthur returning to the Philippines, I couldn’t help but contrast that with today. The military leaders that I do admire are not part of the current regime. I think the wokesters would wet their pants before they got their pants wet. We need more Patton and less patent leather.

  1. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Great stuff, Cheryl! I thoroughly enjoyed every hilarious one of them, “Creeping Joe” (great title) being my favorite. The sad insanity of today’s society needs to be pointed out, and what better way to do it… with poetry and a smile. Thank you very much for these… you’re a poet after my own heart!

  2. David Whippman

    Very readable poems. The first one reminded me of Gen. Mark Millie waffling on about “white rage.” A far cry from the warlords of yesteryear. Let’s hope the Russians and Chinese don’t find out!
    And Biden…I’ve seen videos of him around young girls, and I can’t understand why your press (I say “your” as I am a Brit) gave him such an easy time.


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