Race Then and Now

Race did not matter,
The way we were taught.
It never should influence
Judgments or thought.

Just look at the person,
We’re mostly the same,
With stereotypes
Cause for nothing but shame.

We certainly know
Treatment’s not uniform.
And cultures can vary
In penchants and norms.

But race causes everything
Some feel today,
While folks raised like us
Simply can’t think that way.

We won’t deny history,
Hate’s still a curse.
But making race paramount
Might just be worse.




“It couldn’t be more simple.  A vote for Republicans
is a vote to destroy Democracy.” —Rob Reiner

Perhaps someday psychiatrists
Will solve how this occurred—
The Leftists’ predilection for
Whatever is backward.



Back At You Mom

His woke mom often told him:
“It’s just fine if you are gay,”
But finally, annoyed, he said:
“Mom—I like girls, OK?”



Russel Winick recently started writing poetry at nearly age 65, after ending a long legal career. He resides in Naperville, Illinois.

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12 Responses

  1. Cheryl Corey

    Three more winners, Russel. Evidently Reiner is unaware that post-Civil War newly freed slaves overwhelmingly voted Republican. I’m reading a book, “The Last Slave Ship” about the Clotilda, and came across this little factoid: The Democrat Party platform for Pike County, AL in 1874 advocated “social ostracism of all those who act, sympathize or side with the negro Republican party.”

    The current maniacal obsession with race and identity politics only serves to divide people into further tribalism, creating unnecessary hate and resentment. From what I read not too long ago, even Rwanda enjoys greater peace today ever since they removed tribal identity from their national ID cards.

      • Joshua C. Frank

        I’m not the least bit surprised. When I lived in California, I knew a mom who hoped her son would turn out gay.

        To answer the question posed by your second poem, I think the Left is all about rebellion against God; everything the Bible says, they say the exact opposite (even when they quote the Bible, they’re taking it out of context, as Satan did when tempting Jesus). As a Christian, I’ve found the Left to be a good barometer of what things are good and bad; whatever their opinion on a thing, the opposite is usually the truth.

      • Russel Winick

        Thanks for your view, Joshua. For whatever reason(s), there seems to be a lot of lunacy out there.

  2. Margaret Coats

    “Race Then and Now” is powerfully expressed common sense, with a keen point of wisdom at the end.

    • Russel Winick

      Thanks Margaret – your thoughts are much appreciated.

    • Russel Winick

      I’m glad that you enjoyed them, and grateful that we have this site to submit such work to.

  3. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Russel, I am a fan of your wisdom-with-a-wink poetry. It makes me nod in agreement while smiling in the knowledge that I am not alone in my thoughts. Your poetry is a must for all those out there wondering if they’re going insane. Your wonderful poems will set them straight and have them standing up and speaking sense with abandon. Well done, O Wise One! Thank you!

    • Russel Winick

      Thank you Susan, for such kind (and rarely heard!) words.


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