The words the school kids speak are not their own—
Fiends mold the untrained brain till every thought
Is hostage to their noxious sexual drone.
Their toxic tongues are rife with hype that’s wrought
To prey on pliant minds and sully souls—
To torture and contort truth to the core.
These grotesques push their grim and ghoulish goals
By pumping tender hearts with gender lore.
Their sick and wicked myth, it sings of joy
And wonderment that swapping sex will bring
To every transformed girl and transformed boy.
This saccharine patter hides a bitter sting…
While sugar coating chemical castration
These monsters never mention mutilation.


Aargh, Jim Lad:   
A Current Cautionary Tale 

 “Genderfluid? Kids are fluid about everything. If kids
knew what they wanted to be at age eight, the world
would be filled with cowboys and princesses. I wanted to
be a pirate, thank God nobody took me seriously and
scheduled me for eye removal and peg leg surgery.”

Bill Maher  

When Jim was just an addled lad,
There was a dream he often had
That thrilled him to his callow marrow.
As a fan of Captain Sparrow,
He dreamt he’d sail the seven seas
And feel the bold and brackish breeze
Set skin and timbers all ashiver.
Perhaps a wizard would deliver
A perky parrot, fair of feather,
A cutlass and some gusty weather,
A sloop and Jolly Roger too,
To let Jim know kids’ dreams come true.

He didn’t have too long to wait.
Next day a van drove through the gate
Of Jimmy’s elementary school—
The Trans Team came with lots of cool
Ideas of entertaining change,
No matter how unhinged or strange.
Midst joys of gender-bending splendor,
Jim’s pirate was a hot contender.

Such transformation held the key
To everlasting jollity.
Jim’s Treasure Island was in view,
Post-chop and just a snip or two,
Plus, potent pills to sprout a beard—
A pirate’s chin is never sheared
When telling thugs to walk the plank.

The Trans Team is the one to thank
For peg-legs and each gouged out eye,
Keen crow’s-nest schemes now gone awry,
And parakeets, all foul of beak,
That poop upon kids’ shins of teak.

Although too young to hit the rum,
Jim knows his wish was rash and dumb.
No treasure chest or piece of eight
Will free him from his tragic fate,
Along with all his friends who took
The crooked path of Captain Hook.

If you consider Jim’s plight bad
There is a tale that’s twice as sad.
Jane chose to be a unicorn,
With rainbow mane and spiral horn.
She bucked one morning in her bed
Till blood and guts and gore were shed.
She kicked her transformed self to death
Before the dawn had drawn first breath.

The moral of these words of woe
Is: Leave the kids to play and grow.
Let Supermen and fairies fly
Within the wide and childish eye…
Never let an angel revel
In the pledges of a devil—
They flay the flesh and slay the mind
All in the guise of being kind.



A Word with The Devil  

a villanelle  

How dare you plot our children’s fall from grace
By telling them foul deeds are fine and fair—
You’ll pay for selling sin as commonplace.

Don’t desecrate each infant’s sacred space
With pornographic muck for them to share.
How dare you plot our children’s fall from grace.

Quit thrusting smut in every trusting face—
Twerking drag queens aren’t a kid’s affair.
You’ll pay for selling sin as commonplace.

Renounce transgender dogma used to lace
Young brains and veins with poison pushed as care.
How dare you plot our children’s fall from grace.

No angel should be lured to trawl and pace
The labyrinths of sexploitation’s lair.
You’ll pay for selling sin as commonplace.

In times when truth is rare and hard to trace,
Lies mesmerize and maim the unaware.
How dare you plot our children’s fall from grace—
You’ll pay for selling sin as commonplace.



Susan Jarvis Bryant has poetry published on Lighten Up Online, Snakeskin, Light, Sparks of Calliope, and Expansive Poetry Online. She also has poetry published in TRINACRIA, Beth Houston’s Extreme Formal Poems anthology, and in Openings (anthologies of poems by Open University Poets in the UK). Susan is the winner of the 2020 International SCP Poetry Competition, and has been nominated for the 2022 Pushcart Prize.

NOTE TO READERS: If you enjoyed this poem or other content, please consider making a donation to the Society of Classical Poets.

The Society of Classical Poets does not endorse any views expressed in individual poems or commentary.

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32 Responses

  1. Brian Yapko

    Susan, I love your poetry and yet I’m infuriated by the fact that these poems are even necessary. I want to comment on your clever use of language and form, I want to tell you what a triumph your villanelle is and what an instant classic your pirate poem is. But, at least for the moment, I’m left with questions rather than the ability to critique. Why can’t this be a world where you could write poems that celebrate children being taught hopscotch or learning to read from “Curious George” or the wonder of trying out a teeter totter for the first time? Why must we face a world in which young children are being poisoned with concepts that are so far ahead of their cognitive or emotional capabilities? Why must the talents of a poet like Susan Jarvis Bryant, who should be writing about birds and flowers and Shakespeare and Keats and lovely things, have to be marshalled to fight this type of evil? Alas, we have entered into a Brave New World that I no longer understand. Your poetry helps me to understand it and I hope it makes a difference to those who are in a position to influence the agendas of teachers and schools. But forgive me if I say that I wish it wasn’t necessary.

    All that being said, your poems — especially “Aargh Jim Lad” simply knock the ball out of the park. This one made me laugh despite the underlying tragedy. Let people be forced to see the absurdity. Let their noses get rubbed in it. And, Susan, I’m glad you’re on our side!

    And — as if I needed to say it — well done. Well done indeed!

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Brian, I have tears in my eyes after reading your comment… tears of relief and tears of joy. I am relieved that you, a kind and beautiful soul, knows our children are being manipulated in the most horrible ways imaginable, and tears of joy because you understand where I’m coming from… and that is from a place of truth and care.

      I agree with you on the subject-matter front. I would much rather write about the wonders of the world and share my love of nature, language, and the splendor of God’s gifts… but, at the moment, I am pulled in a different direction. Dr. Salemi has taught me never to be ashamed of writing fearlessly… but, I have a frisson of fear run through my veins every time poetry like this is published. That is because people are punished for speaking the truth. Thankfully, my fear is outweighed by a compulsion to wake people up to the harm inflicted on young minds and bodies. I want to help in every way I can. I really hope the pen is mightier than the sword because I’m wielding mine with abandon and won’t stop splashing my ink in outraged faces until I see a difference.

      Brian, thank you very much for your continued support and your compassionate heart – powerful assets in this age of lies and cruelty.

  2. Cheryl Corey

    These are all excellent, Susan. It’s sickening what they’re doing/trying to do to little kids. I hope it changes before my niece’s baby grows up.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Thank you very much for commenting, Cheryl. I hope things change too. If ever society needed to stand up for the children, now is the time.

  3. Joseph S. Salemi

    Go back in your mind the space of one generation (say thirty years). It’s 1992. Anyone at that time who suggested that a proselytizing pack of perverts, drag queens, and trannie freaks should be given the right to hold prepubescent children as a captive audience in public schools would have been excoriated as a public menace, and thrown in jail.

    How about allowing known pedophiles to come into the classrooms, and orate on the joys of underage sex? How about letting pimps and prostitutes (of both sexes) come in, and tell the kids how rich they can get by selling themselves in brothels?

    I’m not a prude about sex, as anyone familiar with my magazine and my poetry knows quite well. But singing the praises of perversion and self-mutilation to helpless and immature children is morally sick. The people who do it — and more importantly, the people who allow it and defend it — are human garbage. In a sane country, we would be shoveling these creeps into lime pits.

    These are great and relevant poems, Susan. If anyone objects to them, tell him (or her) to bugger off.

    • Sally Cook


      I am in complete agreement with you, Brian, Cheryl and Joseph.

      On a personal level, I am horrified almost beyond words for both you and your talent. Children are the key. Get your kids out !
      They are building an army from the ground up.

      Poems are stirring and excellent as usual.

      • Susan Jarvis Bryant

        Sally, I never thought I would say this, but sadly your wise words are a warning we all need to heed: “Get your kids out! They are building an army from the ground up.” What on earth has this world come to?!

    • Joshua C. Frank

      Don’t worry, pushing pedophilia and prostitution on children is probably coming soon (pun intended). After all, if they’re old enough to decide to be neutered like dogs, surely they’re old enough to consent to sex?

      If I hadn’t already decided that I would homeschool my children, this issue would make me decide that.

  4. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Thank you very much, Joe. I thoroughly appreciate your forthright and honest views and your support of my poetry. We should all be speaking up for the children before transgender mania sweeps the Western world leaving many young lives ruined in its wake. My heart aches for parents today. Any concerned parent questioning and calling out this insanity at schoolboard meetings is now labelled a ‘terrorist’. I’m certain the majority of people are unaware that the puberty blockers given to children are the same drugs given to pedophiles in prison to chemically castrate them and the side effects are horrendous… this is before surgery is even considered. That comes with a set of lifelong complications as well.

  5. Martin Rizley

    These poems are not only very well written; they burn with a passion for truth and justice that is white hot. The satirical wit you employ to disembowel human sophistry cuts with razor-sharp efficacy through all the hell-worthy hype that is used by predatory groomers to justify the sexualization of children. Underlying your wit is a sense of deep pain over the injustice of what is being done to children. There is a need for a united outcry against all this madness by artists of every stripe. I am glad you have taken a few bold steps as part of this “artistic vanguard” by employing your poetic gift to expose the ugliness of moral evils that have been “dolled up” by the powers that be with pretty words– empty euphemisms that are as powerless to hide essential ugliness as lipstick on a pig.

    Now, if only more Christian pastors would speak out with the same bold and unflinching clarity about the evil being inflicted on children as you have in these poems!

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Martin, your spot-on and strikingly phrased analysis is full of heartfelt wisdom and a perceptivity that lets me know that there’s still hope in today’s depraved and insane world. There is indeed need for a united outcry. The more we can get the truth out there, the more we can open people’s eyes to the horrors behind the caring mask of ‘social justice’. It will make the likelihood of keeping the devil at bay and away from our children much higher.

      I too wish more Christian pastors would speak out with clarity on this subject… sadly, many mentioning the evils of the transgender movement are quickly and firmly put in their place by these pastors. I know from personal experience. Martin, thank you very much for giving me hope and encouragement. I am heartened by it.

      • Joseph S. Salemi

        The great majority of Christian pastors in the mainline denominations will not speak out, either because they are ideologically sympathetic to what’s happening, or because they are scared of offending their superiors in the higher levels of church administration. This includes a great many of the clerics in my Roman Catholic Church.

      • Susan Jarvis Bryant

        Joe, you are so right about the majority of the clergy. I saw this happen in the UK. I naively thought the USA was blessed with a greater respect for Christianity, bearing in mind the country’s history. I have reached the conclusion that any person of the cloth who looks to humankind as their ultimate boss is looking in the wrong direction… and, instead of wearing a cassock and a dog collar, should be wearing a full suit of armor to protect them from the wrath of their real boss!

  6. Jeff Eardley

    Susan, once again you have spoken with passion and incredible bravery on this vile warping of childhood. “Jim Lad” in particular is up there with your best, and that is a very high bar indeed. Only this week, our grand-neice, aged 9, remarked that when she grew up, she may choose to be a Lesbian. I think I’ll stick with pirate. When you reach a certain age, being a Keith Richard lookalike is most acceptable.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Jeff, I thoroughly appreciate your words on my “Jim Lad” poem. Thank you very much. Sometimes there’s nothing like a slice of biting humour to get the point across… Bill Maher (I’m not normally a fan of his) did it so well, I had to turn his words into an attention-grabbing poem.

      I am so sorry to hear the words of your grandniece. At the tender age of nine, kids shouldn’t be preoccupied with homosexuality… hell, I didn’t even know what a lesbian was when I was nine, and why at that age should I even care?

      Jeff, a Keith Richard look alike is more than acceptable and less painful than the Kath Richard route. 🙂

  7. Mike Bryant

    These poems are powerful, truthful and a call out to everyone that cares about children. We are not powerless unless we refuse to speak up, unless we refuse to act.
    Hope and prayers are necessary, but they are not enough. Make a difference wherever you can.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Mike, thank you very much for your continued support and for your words. It is absolutely necessary that we do all we can to make a difference. The difference starts with the truth, the plain, immutable truth… let’s get it out there.

  8. Norma Pain

    Thank you Susan for these amazingly spot-on poems that should wake more people up to what is happening to our children’s childhood. I enjoy listening to Bill Maher (apart from his superfluous language), as he is also not afraid to speak his mind on various issues, on air…. but for how much longer I wonder. His observation that, if we continue on this trajectory, by 2045 we will all be gay, evoked a laugh from the audience!! Funny but not.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Norma, I’m glad you appreciate this serious message. I know you know the power of humor gets a point across, and I simply couldn’t resist Bill Maher’s pirate observation. As for his gay trajectory… I have a feeling that gays will be wiped out in the name of transgenderism. Under this brainwashing idiocy how are kids to know if they’re male, female, gay… or just trapped in the wrong body. I say follow the money… the government are funding sex change operations… need I say more.

  9. Roy E. Peterson

    Susan, I am deeply grateful and moved by your poems on such a distasteful subject. They need to be shouted to the high heavens and driven like a stake into the heart of these transgender and other sexually perverted demons. I could go on a diatribe about their agenda being pushed down to otherwise innocent children, but you have done an admirable job of skewering and exposing their evil contemptible desecration of the human race. Now I see the American State Department is flying the flag of perverts overseas. Your talk with the devil is particularly incisive and insightful. Suffice it to say I wholeheartedly agree. My concern is personal—it is for the safety, and physical/ mental health, not to mention religious stance of my grandchildren.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Thank you so very much, Roy. The ‘flag of perverts’ is everywhere these days and I believe everyone’s concerns are personal because this evil impacts everyone’s lives on different levels. We need to stand up and stand up now in any way we can. I’m grateful this platform enables me to so – The SCP is the place to be for the sane and humane.

  10. C.B. Anderson

    You have hit so many nails on the head, Susan, that I’m surprised that there is anything left of your hammer. Like you, I am unwoke and seriously proud of that fact. It constantly amazes me how stupid certain individuals can be, with no shame and no compass whatsoever, except the one that always points to perdition. I’ve just gotten started, which means it’s time to put an end to my rant.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      C.B., sometimes a good rant is what’s needed, especially when you’re wonderfully unwoke and ranting from the same page as I am. Thank you very much for making me feel sane… I’m off to buy another new head for my hammer. 😉

  11. Adam Wasem

    Thank you for putting so much inventive thought and care into “Argh, Jim Lad…” I’ve often gone back and forth myself, as to how to handle the rank evil in such topics. As emotionally satisfying and cathartic as angry denunciations may be, I’ve over time come to believe the deadpan irony you employ in “Argh, Jim Lad…” to be a much more effective method of getting the point across, especially in cases like the current school grooming crisis, where there is such a substantial cohort dedicated to obscuring and justifying said evil. Nothing shuts the wicked up faster than seeing their own logic carried to its absurd extremes, while at the same time convincing the uninformed or wavering, so deep thanks and hearty congratulations for that.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Thank you very much, Adam. You make a very valid point on pitching a poem when it comes to getting a searingly important point across. “Nothing shuts the wicked up faster than seeing their own logic carried to its absurd extremes, while at the same time convincing the uninformed or wavering” is the perfect approach. I think many comedians are employing this tactic, Ricky Gervais being the latest. When held up to the light of scrutiny, the absurdity of this ideology has the pushers fired up and fighting and those who’ve missed the theatre of the macabre staring in horror. You’re right. This is the way to go.

  12. Joshua C. Frank

    Wow… just, wow. All three are brilliant. They all rip the smiling mask off those devils incarnate who entice our children to let themselves be mutilated, the parents who encourage them, and the leaders in government, education, religion, etc., who look the other way. (Any sane parent would rather let himself be mutilated in this way without anesthetic than let his children be damaged beyond repair like that.) The Internet needs to be flooded with these.

    I had a draft of a short story about a boy like Jim Lad, but your poem is far better written. I’m planning to memorize it. To think, there are actually adult versions of him who call themselves “trans-abled.”

    When I ask myself where all the madness will end, all I can think of is what happened to Rome.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Thank you very much, Josh. Your astute observations speak volumes. The saddest point is the parents – those who stand up at school board meetings to speak out against this evil and are labeled “terrorists”, and those who have been brainwashed into thinking they’re doing the right thing by agreeing to drugs and surgery as a preferable alternative to suicide… the current lie being pushed to coerce confused parents. As for the ‘trans-abled’ – this further proves that mental impairment is certainly in play when it comes to such decisions. No surgeon should take a scalpel to a healthy body… especially a healthy, young body. As for the fall of Rome… I’m reminded of that too. Let’s hope speaking up will shut this evil down… soon!

  13. Shauna Checkley

    Bravo! Bravo! All hail Susan Jarvis Bryant!
    I live in Canada and it is so “Woke” here under Trudeau that I would never be able to present a brilliant poem like Groomers. In fact, I’d be lucky if i wasn’t charged with a hate crime over it. Not kidding. The poem is awesome and thank you for being brave enough to write it.

    • Joshua C. Frank

      Shauna, I believe it. I heard about Robert Hoogland getting arrested for refusing to call his daughter male when she identified as such.

      Are there more conservative regions of Canada, like there are here in the States? I moved from California to Texas, in part because California is also hyper-woke.


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