Dog Tired, Cat on Top

The cat sat on the mat,
Been there, seen that.

The cat sat on the chair,
Seen that, been there.

The cat sat on the dog,
Well, that’s odd.

The dog snored on the floor,
Tell us more.

The cat slept on the dog,
They slept as one.

They dreamed a winning dream,
They were a dream team.

The snoring dog was large,
The cat was in charge.

The dog wondered at that
Under the cat.



Damian Robin is a writer and editor living in the United Kingdom.

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13 Responses

  1. Martin Rizley

    Love the playful whimsy expressed in these lines! Refreshingly simple– like the minds of the two protagonists involved! Reminds me a bit of the inspired silliness of Edward Lear’s delightfully eccentric limericks.

  2. Paul Freeman

    The cat curled up on the dog –
    what a death wish mog!

    Thanks for the mind-mashing read, Damian.

  3. Jack “Michael” Dashiell

    A witty poem and even better for the humor it was completely succinct, yet revealed what mattered.

  4. Roy E. Peterson

    Cute one. Enjoyed it. Although the dog is large, the cat thinks he’s in charge.

  5. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Damian, what huge grin of a poem and a picture… pets never fail to surprise me with their quirky, unexpected traits. I once had a cat who made friends with a blackbird and roamed the neighborhood with a fox. I think he was channeling St. Francis. Thank you for the smile!

    • Damian Robin

      Thank you, Susan, :^). That’s quite a cat. We saw a fox here in our flowery urban garden a few mornings ago. My cousin, who lives in a house with a big garden out near Bristol/Wells, has never seen a fox there. The foxes must have too many places to hide and feed in the woods around. His wife did find a wasp nest in their lawn. And then the hole left by an (unseen) badger who had dug it up to eat the contents and probably part of the nest as well.

  6. Greg love

    Absolutely bloody marvellous,.
    A poem that has been written by someone that has felt no obligation to tick boxes.
    Poetic purity at its finest.
    An absolute joy to read.
    To you Damien sir I doff my hat.

    • Damian Robin

      Thank you, Greg.
      The poem came as a verbal illustration of the photo.
      While I have kept away from the grand necessities of most classical verse, there are some ticks involved in this poem : invisible diacritics or accents above the words to indicate the stresses : three in each first line of each couplet, which have three iambs, except the last one that is changed to slow the pace at the end.
      The second lines are more varied but have two stresses.
      There is also the bareness of sentence construction, mainly noun verb noun, that helps keep it simple and so, perhaps, helps towards the purity you mention.
      And we must remember the editor’s part in publishing the poem.
      I am very grateful for your enthusiasm. Thank you so much.

  7. Patricia Redfern

    Damian! So well penned! I just adore the poem and your wit!
    I sense you know cats! Thank you.
    Patricia Redfern

    • Damian Robin

      Thank you, Patricia. My son has recently got a kitten, as small as a rodent but softer to the touch. Good luck, Damian


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