Un-Justice Merrick Garland

“Garland is a moderate,” Obama swore,
We all can see his moderation now—
The Trump raid tactics never used before,
Which Garland must have learned from Chairman Mao.



You Know It’s Coming

Which will it be?
A new outbreak?
Whole new disease?
What will it take?

Protest poll sites
Months in advance?
Spur mail-in votes,
Can’t take a chance!

They’re testing now
What they devise,
To be their next
October surprise.

Dems crave control,
So votes they’ll reap,
By all means if
Our side’s asleep.



Useful lnstruction Manual

The manual that came with his new hearing aids,
Said if he’d like to still hear something clearer,
One strategy that’s worked quite well for decades—
If possible is get up and move nearer.


Russel Winick recently started writing poetry at nearly age 65, after ending a long legal career. He resides in Naperville, Illinois.

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19 Responses

  1. Cheryl Corey

    I like the play between “moderate” and “moderation”. All three poems are spot on. Your witty gems never fail to disappoint!

      • Cheryl Corey

        Russel, I mis-spoke. I meant to say they never disappoint, not fail to disappoint.

  2. Paul Freeman

    So Trump didn’t hoard classified documents at his resort-home. Or:

    Trump’s visage could not have been redder
    when docs with the White House’s header
    were found in profusion
    through legal intrusion
    before he could reach for the shredder.

    Thanks for the reads, Russel.

    • Russel Winick

      Paul, thank you for reading my work and providing your response. I truly appreciate that, regardless of how differently we may view matters.

  3. Norma Pain

    “You know it’s coming” rang true for me. Hopefully we are not all asleep at the time. Your poetry is succinct, clever and funny. Thank you Russel.

  4. Margaret Coats

    Thanks for these deftly styled and entirely accurate epigrams. The first is a high-caliber example, and though the second might be considered long for the genre, I’ll call it an expansive epigram full of pith in punchy lines. Keep up the good words!

    • Russel Winick

      Thank you Margaret. I’m glad you liked them, and truly appreciate your reaching out with kind words.

  5. Conor Kelly

    Chairman Mao Visits Mar-a-Lago

    My lawyer, named Russell, will clearly state
    I’m not FBI, so I’m thereby free
    to rummage through papers, while the Feds wait,
    as long as I pay Trump my entrance fee.


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