Worth Disguised

The hammer lifts, the anvil rings,
The room with screaming noises brings
__A torture, here inflicted.

The bellows pump, the fire smokes,
A prodding chisel pries and pokes.
__This trial seems unscripted.

The flames blaze hot, the subject melts,
No pain like this has e’er been felt
__In testing, deep afflicted.

The searing kiln, the scorching stone,
Has broken to the inmost bone.
__A downfall here depicted.

In silence now, the flames dead cold
__Once melted stone
____Now precious gold.



Christiana Thomas is a homeschooled 12th grade student in Oregon.

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13 Responses

  1. Paul Buchheit

    Anthropomorphism and Alchemy in one poem…love it! Good job, Christiana.

  2. Norma Pain

    I really enjoyed your poem Christiana. So descriptive, I could feel the heat. Thank you.

  3. jd

    Really good, Christiana. You even had me worried for a while.

    Your first name is very beautiful.

    • Christiana Thomas

      Thank you!
      (I was named after John Bunyan’s character, Christiana 🙂 )

  4. Joshua C. Frank

    Christiana, this is really good, especially given that you’re still in high-school-level education! It makes a very strong case for homeschooling…

  5. Mary Gardner

    Christiana, I could hear the noise and feel the heat of the gold refinery. Your poem is very well done.

  6. Roy Eugene Peterson

    Christiana, you have produced a beautiful poem with great imagery and wonderfully rhyme scheme. You have a great future as a classical poet.

  7. Morrison Handley-Schachler

    A beautiful image, very well described and developed. Well done, Christiana.

  8. Sally Cook

    You already have a good grasp of meter and of rhyme — it only remains for you to spread your ideas wide, and fly !!
    I would like to see more of your work on this site.


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