Be glad and smile, for they revile,
The Truth they mock and put on trial,
The Beauty they do not possess,
The Good, they curse, and will not bless,
For Christ foretold this world’s own bile.

Sit back and watch your mirth beguile,
A culture which has no lifestyle,
Exposing their banal demise,
__Be glad and smile.

Our friends are few, our foes hostile,
Yet if our Faith moves one more mile,
Those shafts of light stretch from the skies
To dry our tears and win the prize.
__Be glad and smile.



Gregory Ross is an emerging poet and a pilot who lives in Stafford, Virginia.

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6 Responses

  1. Margaret Coats

    A beautiful rondeau, Gregory (and please, moderator or editor, add “Rondeau” as category to the post headings). I particularly like “a culture which has no life style, and I suggest separating the words that way to make the point and emphasize the rhythm. Another little suggestion is to change “win the prize” to “grant the prize.” Those shafts of light from the skies are not winning the prize, but awarding it to the faithful few whose tears they dry. Overall, the poem is admirably clear and profound.

  2. kathy


    your poetry sounds like, Alexander Blok.
    this poem you wrote, was like reading him.
    “The Faithless Shadows”
    I’m giving you a compliment.


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