The Society of Classical Poets Journal XI has been published! It features poetry, translations, and essays selected from those published on the SCP website between February 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023. See a complete list of poetry, art, essays, and reviews below. It also features exquisite color art created by living artists who are at the top of the fine arts field today.

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Journal Editors:
Evan Mantyk
C.B. Anderson
Dusty Grein
Daniel Magdalen



Ode to Winter by Susan Jarvis Bryant

The Wind by Martin Rizley

In Winter Some Find Beauty by Carl Kinsky

Yet by James A. Tweedie

The Spring by  Charles d’Orléans (1394–1465) / translated by Margaret Coats

ART: Proserpine by Nicolàs Fasolino, 2022, oil on linen, 29 1/2 x 17 1/2 in., Art Renewal Center Collection. (Instagram.com/nico_fasolino)

May Day by Cheryl Corey

The Canterbury Tales—General Prologue Lines 1-18 by Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400) / translated by Evan Mantyk

The Recollected Dream by David Watt

ART: Spirit-bird by Herman Smorenburg, 2008, oil on panel, 23.6 x 19.6 in. (Hermansmorenburg.com)

Elysium by Adam Sedia

Ever Flowing by Dusty Grein

For Love of the Sea by Catherine Lee
ART: Jason and the Argo by Eric Armusik, 2019, oil on birch, 20 x 16 in. (Ericarmusik.com)

Valiant Men by Angel L. Villanueva

Deschutes River Reverie by James A. Tweedie

The Stars by Théodore de Banville (1823-1891) / translated by Margaret Coats

Dark Sky by Joseph Stuart

The Stonechat Listens at the Asylum Window by Charles Southerland

ART: Landscape at Dawn (霧曉圖) by Xiaoping Chen, 1990, watercolor on rice paper, 16×30 in.

Haiku by Ngo Binh Anh Khoa, Ezeifedi Chibueze, Hannah Lee, Srini, John Sheills, Benjamin Bläsi,, Urszula Marciniak

What Geese May Teach by Sally Cook

The Cricket by Jeffrey Essmann

ART: Looking Them Over by Tim Cox, 2020, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 in., cropped image. (Timcox.com)

Toward Yehuling, 1211 by Talbot Hook

The Agony and The Ecstasy by Gail Kaye Naegele

From the Tower by Francisco de Quevedo (1580-1645)
/ translated by Elwin Wirkala

Sumo’s Winning Ways by Margaret Coats

The Tartini Tones by Joseph S. Salemi

A Glass for My Father by Joseph S. Salemi

Carcassonne by Gustave Nadaud (1820-1893) / translated by Joshua C. Frank

Byron Swims the Hellespont by Joseph S. Salemi

1914 Sierra Honeymoon by James A. Tweedie

Rendering Ruins by Leland James

ART: Time… by Victor Mordasov, oil on canvas, 25 x 22 in. (Victormordasov.com)

Media by Norma Pain

Ottawa Ho! by Jack DesBois

La Bandera: A Poem Commemorating January 6th and Ashli Babbitt by Monika Cooper

Playing with Matches by Aiden Casey

For My Queen by Susan Jarvis Bryant

Yet Another Exhibition Opening by Shaun C. Duncan

After Observing the Working Methods of a Very Important Artist by Shaun C. Duncan

No Extra Lives by Joshua C. Frank

The Tech Addict’s Lament by Joshua C. Frank

An American Tragedy by Phil S. Rogers

Your Agony Is Mine -What Jesus Might Say to a Teenager Who

Maliciously Cuts Herself by Jeff Kemper

Alone Together by Joshua C. Frank

Groomers by Susan Jarvis Bryant

Pick Your Pronoun by Susan Jarvis Bryant

Genderosity by Margaret Coats

A Villanelle for Robert Hoogland by Joshua C. Frank

I’m Not Too Keen on China Nowadays by Cheryl Corey

Amends to the Innocent by Brian Yapko

ART: Brightness of Night by Xiaoping Chen, 2011, oil on canvas, 30 x 40 in. Description: On this dark night, a Falun Gong mother and her child post flyers exposing the communist regime’s persecution. (Shenyunshop.com)

A Villanelle for Falun Gong by Bethany Mootsey

Honor’s Song by Susan Jarvis Bryant

Shanghai’s Robo Dogs by Maura H. Harrison

Shhh… by Susan Jarvis Bryant

Science or “The Science”? by Mike Bryant

Parallel Man by Roy E. Peterson

Swimming with Dreams and Memory by Pippa Kay

Writing a Poem by Sally Cook

ART: Shakespeare by Gary Lee Price, sculpture, 2003, bronze, 53 in. high x 74 in. wide x 42 in. deep. (Garyleeprice.com)

Serious Poetry by James A. Tweedie

Ode to Poets of the Past by Joe Kidd

While Pondering Alexander Pope’s ‘Ode to Solitude’

Tomorrow’s Poets by Enrique González Martínez (1871-1952) / translated by Cheryl Corey

Erasing Me by Sally Cook

Two Poems by Stephen M. Dickey

The Linguist by Maxim D. Shrayer

Gloucester in July by Patricia Rogers Cozier

Lullaby of New Mexico by Brian Yapko

What I Learned from Tolkien by Brian Yapko

Apollo in Retirement by Margaret Coats

Inviting Some Friends to a Birthday Dinner by Jeremiah Johnson

ART: A Cup of Tea by Susan Paterson, 2022, oil on board, 30 x 18 in. (Susanpaterson.ca)

Meditation by Rachel A. Lott

The Drive to Reconcile by C.B. Anderson

Continuation by C.B. Anderson

Worth Disguised by Christiana Thomas, High School Poet

Freedom in Forgiveness by Daniel Tuton

There Is No God? by Michael Charles Maibach

ART: Reflection by Steven J. Levin, 2021, oil on canvas, 12 x 9 in. (stevenjlevin.com)

“In God We Trust” by James A. Tweedie

The Problem of Good by Jeffrey Essmann

El Pescado by Monika Cooper

So Close By by Warren Bonham

Justification by Russel Winick

Uncontrolled by Russel Winick

Wisdom by Russel Winick

Tone of Voice by Russel Winick

Do Not Return by Martin Rizley

For Then by Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera (Mexico, 1859-1895) / translated by Cheryl Corey

This Side of Eternity by Anna J. Arredondo

Tongues as of Fire by Phillip Whidden

ART: My Version of Hope by Esther Huser, 2022, oil on dibond, 39 x 59 in. (Estherhuser.com)
“Where Ever-present Joy Knows Naught of Time” by Cynthia Erlandson

Hanging Harps by Cynthia Erlandson

ART: Taking Flight by Anna Rose Bain, 2022, oil on linen, 30 x 24 in. (Artworkbyannarose.com)

A Holy Picnic by Sally Cook

A Broadside by Peter Lillios

The Bard of Babel by Anthony Watts

The Way of the World by Jeffrey Essmann

“I met Death today. We are playing chess.” by Royal Rhodes

The Departing Year by Satyananda Sarangi

Autumnal Wind by Daniel Howard

—To My Beloved Husband by Isabel Scheltens
Lines on the Autumnal Eclipse by K.S. Anthony

ART: Back to the Tang Dynasty by Fei Meng, colored pencils on paper, 11.7 x 16.5 in. (Feimengart.com)

Revelation by Russel Winick

I’m Here by Mike Bryant

Little to Regret by David Watt

In the Market Square by Morrison Handley-Schachler

Unrequited by Susan Jarvis Bryant

Bergerette by Marguerite de Navarre (1492–1549),
/ translated by Margaret Coats

ART: Shepherdess by David Teniers the Younger (1610–1690), circa 1651-1660, oil on canvas, 22.8 x 20.4 in., The Hermitage.

Stasis by Adrian Fillion

ART: In A Bind by Jacob A. Pfeiffer, 2011, oil on panel, 14 x 11 in. (Jacobapfeiffer.com)

Sonnet to a Friend by Johanna Donovan

The Errant Knight by Cara Valle

Crimes Against My Sanity by Anna J. Arredondo

ART: Portrait of a Girl by Gustavo Ramos, oil on panel, 12 x 15 in. (Gustavoramos.art)

Time Machine by Anna J. Arredondo

The Education of Wisdom by Mary Jane Myers

Clerihews by Geoffrey Smagacz, Paul A. Freeman, Paul Buchheit, Lucia Haase, Talbot Hook

Snow in Buffalo by Phil S. Rogers

Nil Carborundum Illegitimi by Susan Jarvis Bryant

Food for Thought by Anna J. Arredondo

Don’t Laugh at a Christian by Roy E. Peterson

Mother Nature Is Bipolar by Roy E. Peterson
By George! by Paul A. Freeman

ART: Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky by Benjamin West (1738-1820), c. 1816, oil on slate, 13 3/8 × 10 1/16 in.

Lightning Ben by Andrew Benson Brown

The Modern Cardinal’s Song by Adam Sedia

Pope-Lion by Giuseppe Gioachino Belli (1791-1863) / translated by Joseph S. Salemi

Time Is of the Essence by Norma Pain

Dr. Quack by Norma Pain

Cat Versus Christmas Tree by Roy E. Peterson

Christmas Rules and Promises by Roy E. Peterson

The Spoonerisms Man, or The Moonerisms Span by Jeff Eardley

Quatrains by Russel Winick

A Tribune to Mrs. Malaprop by Brian Yapko

An Oldie’s Valentine Love Poem by Jeff Eardley

Abiding Senescence by C.B. Anderson

Back in My Day by David Whippman

ART: Icon of the Bridger Mountains by Robert Schlenker. (Robertschlenker.com)

Pets and People by Julian Woodruff

On Sighting a Marsupial by C.B. Anderson

CDC: Save the Planet from Poison CO2!! by Mike Bryant

The Simplest Way to Save the Earth by James A. Tweedie

In a Soviet Gulag by Evan Mantyk

Redbeards by Damian Robin

Asinine by Damian Robin

An Anti-Evolution Song by Evan Mantyk

Think (Ideo)logically by Daniel Magdalen

Hell Rising by C.B. Anderson

Identity Crisis by Susan Jarvis Bryant

Song of the Wokester by C.B. Anderson

Drunk on Compassion by Brian Yapko

“Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing” by S.A. Todd

Classical Camouflaged by James Ph. Kotsybar

Shaving Directions by Joseph S. Salemi

A Complaint by K.S. Anthony

Mistress by Michael Pietrack

Free Verse by Clive Boddy

Poetry 101 Lecture by Mary Gardner

The Poetaster’s Plight by Kenneth L. Horne

Decolonizing the Curriculum – Dual Scenario by Paul A. Freeman

Iambic Barktameter by Mark F. Stone

Clowns Teach Writing Classes by Janice Canerdy

Judge Not by C.B. Anderson

ART: David by Michelangelo, metallic replica of the original sculpture, 2005, Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence.

Last Letter from Florence by Lionel Willis

Elegy for an Unremarkable Man by Shaun C. Duncan

Moments from Dante’s Inferno by Paul Buchheit

ART: Canto 7: The Wrathful on the Shores of the River Styx by Eric Armusik, 2020, oil on AlumaComp, 60 x 48 in. (Ericarmusik.com)

Canto 8: Covid-Priest by James Sale

Letter from a DC Prison by Adam Wasem

Give and Take by Norma Pain

ART: Lilies After a Storm by Jeffrey Vaughn, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 in. Gallery representation: George Billis Gallery, 1700 Post Road, Fairfield, CT. (Jeffreyvaughn.com)

ESSAY: What Makes a Good Haiku? by Margaret Coats

ART: Daedalus and Icarus by Anthony van Dyck (1599–1641), circa 1615-1625, oil on canvas, 45.4 x 34 in.

ESSAY: Creativity, Originality, and Eccentricity by Joseph S. Salemi

ESSAY: Classical Poetry and the Martial Ethos by Andrew Benson Brown

ART: More Are with Us by Mark Keathley, oil on canvas, 2020, 60 x 48 in. (“the Art of Mark Keathley” on Facebook; Mark Keathley on Instagram)

ART: Fortitude by Neilson Carlin, 2010, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 in. (Neilsoncarlin.com)

ESSAY: A Call for Secession by Adam Sedia

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  1. James Sale

    Fabulous news – great to see such an impressive list of poets – can’t wait to buy a copy. Thanks Evan et al for a great job in doing this.

    • Damian Robin

      And well done all those who sweated or perfumed the air with beauty to crack out the poems and art

  2. Roy Eugene Peterson

    I really love the artwork on this cover that encases all the wonderful poetry that I can easily read as much as I wish! I look forward to receiving my copy.

    • The Society

      Good question, Monika. No, no paperback this year, but if people want one, please let me know. Post your thoughts here or email submissions@.

      Evan, SCP Editor

      • Monika Cooper

        Thanks, Evan! I would prefer a paperback to match my copy of last year’s but I have no problem with renewing my membership in hardback either 🙂

  3. jd

    I would like a paperback if that’s a possibility, Evan.

    Many thanks to you and the remaining Editors for the work in assembling the latest journal. I know it will be an excellent read no matter what the form.

  4. Patricia Allred

    Congratulations to all poets listed! ~ you carry on the torch for classical poetry. Thanks to all who contributed to this latest version, you make a difference in the universe. And..in my part of it.

    Patricia Allred

  5. Steve Todd

    I realise that I am several months late to the party, but well done to everyone involved in putting this together and many thanks for including one of mine.


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