A Requiem for Suzi

She fed the birds, she knew them all by name;
She cried to see a small dog hurt or lame;
She stroked stray cats and even wild ones tamed.
__She was wonderful, we loved her.

She loved all children, love without a stain:
From tip of toe to top of busy brain
Her fond love knew no bounds, she loved love’s game.
__She was wonderful, we loved her.

Her laugh, sound of angels, sunshine’s refrain,
Brought joy to all, a most magical gain.
All grass was thus greener, birds sang again.
__She was wonderful, we loved her.

Her smile reached hearts that they beat strong again;
She healed torn lives that they could laugh again,
All who had been hurting made well again.
__She was wonderful, we loved her.

The stress of life became far less a strain,
For dearest Suz’ love made the world seem sane.
The joy of that love overcame, killed pain.
__She was wonderful, we loved her.



Tod Benjamin lives in Bournemouth, England, and is a retired businessman who, after years of globetrotting in the chemical business, wintered in Florida as a retiree golfer until forced to give up golf. He has written, for his own pleasure over many years, short stories, essays, novels, and, whenever he has to express a cry from his heart, poetry.

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10 Responses

    • Michael Pietrack

      Tod and Roy, it pains me to learn you’ve endured such a loss. Writing helps, doesn’t it.

  1. Paul Freeman

    An unfettered celebration of a unique life.

    Thank you for sharing this, Tod, it reminds us of what’s most important.

  2. Sally Cook

    I read this and think of my mother. Thank you so much for calling back her memory.

  3. Joseph S. Salemi

    Writing about a loved one whom you have lost has to be the hardest poetic task.

  4. Jeff Eardley

    Tod, a lovely tribute to a wonderful lady. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Margaret Coats

    Thanks for presenting us with the face and the wonder of Suzi! Many condolences.

  6. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Tod, what a beautiful gift for your beautiful wife… you have immortalized Suzi in words that capture the very essence of her caring nature, and I can feel your love lighting up every line of this poem.


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