Spring’s Here!

It’s sprung in the branches and springs home to me,
It soars through the sap and the buds in the tree.
The geese have returned and the flowers and bees
Are buzzing with life and perfuming the breeze.

The fields are all wet with the fresh-fallen rain,
The clouds have rolled by but will come back again.
The geese they fly home in their vigorous skeins,
And the flowers are blooming in colours insane.

The rivers and streams are all swollen and grey,
They’re waiting for sunshine to brighten the day.
The geese and the crows and the cheeky blue jay
They’re waiting for Nature their fears to allay.

They’re waiting for Nature to tell them at last,
That Summer is coming, and Winter has passed.



Rohini Sunderam is author of Corpoetry – Desert Flower – Five Lives One Day in Bahrain published by Ex-L-Ence Publishing. She is a Canadian of Indian origin, and a semi-retired advertising copywriter. Find out more about her on her blog or on Amazon

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16 Responses

  1. Paddy Raghunathan

    Spring’s indeed here and Summer is coming!

    Thanks for reminding, Rohini.

  2. Paul Freeman

    An exuberant poem heralding in spring.

    Alas, here in the Middle East, spring ended several weeks ago and it’s now hot as Hades. Your poem, though, brought back the memories and nostalgia of a temperate spring.

    Thanks for the read, Rohini.

    • Rohini

      Thank you! Having left the Middle East about a year ago, I am discovering the magic of Spring here in BC, Canada.

  3. Roy Eugene Peterson

    Your poem is a fresh take on a time of year dear to us. I enjoyed reading it.

  4. Norma Pain

    Thank you Rohini for writing about my favorite time of year. A most enjoyable read.

  5. Cynthia

    Rohini. You know I love your writing. This poem had so much joy and laughter in it. It was really lovely.

    • Rohini Sunderam

      Thank you, Cynthia!
      It’s so good of you to leave a comment here. You know your support for me as a writer has helped me so many times.

  6. Oliver

    Rohini – Unlike me, it is quite clear
    That to you the language of poesy is dear;
    The trouble wiv us english is that we cannot spell,
    Which means writing ✍️ in rime is sheer ruddy hell!

    Good luck and miss you!

  7. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    What an uplifting and beautifully crafted song of a poem, Rohini. Thank you! You have done this marvelous season every justice with your delightful poetic tribute in words that have left my heart singing. I particularly like your “cheeky blue jay” – we have a couple of those in our backyard… they’re easy on the eye but harsh on the ear.

  8. Margaret Coats

    Bright and springy meter, Rohini, giving rhythmic life to a happily composed array of images from nature. We easily comprehend the impatience expressed in the final couplet of this lively couplet sonnet.


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