So Much for Legitimate Women’s Sports

Vladimir Gonzales, a young Italian athlete,
With 28 inch biceps and a 68 inch chest,
Entered competitions where he knew he wouldn’t find
Even a tiny—you-know-what—dangling from the rest!

Afraid to state the obvious, the girls—who’d turn their eyes
When Vladdy’d flaunt the proof that his equivalency was a sham—
Sadly found their coaches, who were cowed by higher-ups,
Too afraid to challenge what we all know is a scam!

When Vladdy told the football coach he’d really love to play
But added, if he did, he’d have to do so as a her,
Coach McCoy explained to him, “That ain’t a good idea,
‘Cause I can guarantee you, sonny, if you actually were,

“Given the girls you’ve showered with and cheated out of trophies…
Are, in fact, I’m proud to say, going with my guys,
Unless you’ve had your—you-know-what—entirely removed,
Once they’ve learned the truth about what’s down between your thighs

“Terms like inclusivity, diversity, and tolerance
Will, and rightly so, you dumb-ass, fall on stubborn ears,
And, hopefully, your evil lie that kills their aspirations,
Tramples on their dignity, and disregards their tears

“Winds up, as I pray it will, costing you your future,
Teaming you with only twisted fools who share your views,
And leaves you one day struggling with your conscience, as it should,
And makes you—for the pain you’ve caused so many—pay your dues.”



It’s Dangerously Close to—Too Late

Virtually assaulted by countless disciples,
__Trolled by their merchants of Hate,
We, who obligingly counter their tactics,
__Impassioned to join the debate,
Must, with our poetry, furnish our young
__With the strongest of weapons required
To cope with the onslaught of absolute evil
__The Democrat party has sired.

Sharing opinions that highlight the dangers
__In trusting their ploys to refine
What has, for decades, dissuaded dissenters
__From recklessly falling in line,
Rescues the innocent victim from suffering
__The too common fate of our youth,
Succumbing to left-leaning rogue politicians
__Who constantly bury the truth!

The Pen in the hand of a right-leaning poet
__Exposes what liberals conceal,
And stiffens the spine of the innocent mind
__The deceivers are fighting to steal.
Rampant corruption has sullied D.C.
__To the point where the void is so great
Many believe that—for saving our country—
__It’s dangerously close to too late!



Mark Stellinga is a poet and antiques dealer residing in Iowa. 

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27 Responses

  1. Roy Eugene Peterson

    Your two well-phrased and powerful poems are perfect critiques of our times sullied by the corrupt political organizations and the sadly expanding counter-culture that must be stopped before it is “too late!” Bravo, for the penetrating thoughts and analysis.

    • Mark Stellinga

      Thank you, Roy, I reluctantly sanitized them a tad before submitting them. Many more like them composed. Glad you appreciated them – Mark

  2. Joseph S. Salemi

    The current takeover of female athletics by mediocre male nonentities who couldn’t make it in their own sex category is a multi-faceted absurdity. First, it is grossly unjust to women athletes; second, it is intellectually indefensible on any grounds; third, it has split feminism into warring factions; fourth, it has established a new ideological litmus test for being a good left-liberal; fifth, it has become the Holy Grail of trannie-dom; and sixth, it has made the United States the laughingstock of the entire world.

    The only thing that comes close to it in rank stupidity was the American Army’s attempt to get recruits to wear high heels, to help them “understand” women. I don’t know what brilliant military strategist though up that — most likely General Milley.

    Both poems are fine work, Mark. I only wish you hadn’t sanitized them. We’re adults here, and this isn’t a Sunday School.

    • Mark Stellinga

      Thanks, Joseph, Up until Biden took control, illegitimately IMO, my 60 years of penning rhyme had been comprised of mostly, by far, what I call – ‘family-friendly’ verse, but since the Democrats stole the White House I’ve addressed many aspects of what they and their ilk have done to the country. I’ll send one of the more caustic ones in and see if Evan feels like sharing it. It’s a scorcher! As an authentic formalist, I’m admittedly academically-deficient, but I do have a knack for getting my messages across. 🙂 And, YES!, both Milley and Austin definitely need to be replaced.

    • Joshua C. Frank

      The stuff you mention is just nuts. Sadly, the United States won’t be the laughingstock of the world for long; other countries’ objections will die down as the insanity metastasizes.

      Really, the only silver lining is that feminists who tried to replace men with women and leave men with no place to go are seeing these same women replaced by men and left with no place to go.

      I don’t see a problem with using “you-know-what.” Brassens once called it “… a precise place/That rigorously my mother/Forbade me from mentioning here.” (Literal translation, no attempt at making it poetic.)

  3. Sally Cook

    So good to see more and more poets speak up on the current insanities, of which there are many!

    • Mark Stellinga

      Sally, so glad you liked them, and I agree, pieces exposing the relentless vermin persistently gnawing away at our country’s many vulnerabilities is, sadly, in short supply.

  4. Norma Pain

    Two really good poems that lay out the depravity and/or stupidity of all the madness that is happening these days. Thank you for these enjoyable reads Mark.

    • Mark Stellinga

      You’re so welcome, Norma. It’s feels good to vent every so often! I pray things can somehow be turned around, and soon, and I hope I’m here to celebrate it.

  5. C.B. Anderson

    The view from Iowa seems to be the same as the view from here. Thank you for describing it in forms that delight the mind’s ear.

    • Mark Stellinga

      C. B., It’s not hard to tell I was raised in the ’50s, which fashioned my right-leaning views, and nice to know someone who also pens verse seemingly hears the same Muse. Glad you liked them…

  6. Russel Winick

    Thanks for these reads. I’m glad you still have some optimism, Mark. Between the open border, men in women sports, censorship, and a hundred other things, including the total corruption exposed by the Durham Report (which has already been buried), I’m afraid I’m not clever enough to envision how this gets turned around.

  7. Mark Stellinga

    Russel, I share your pessimism. Our opposition is well armed, ruthless, and massive in number. The prospect of recovering the safe and honest lives we conservatives once enjoyed grows farther away by the hour, but I’ll be resisting ’til my final breath. Glad you liked them –

  8. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Mark, I applaud you for this double dose of poetic truth in these dark ages of deceit. I love the title and the message of the second poem, but like Russel, I have my doubts that we-who-know-better have time to claw our way to the surface of this pit of despair… at least, here on earth. But, we can keep the truth alive for the next generations, in the hope that they will have the courage and strength to do so. In fact, we must do just that. Thank you for your poetic antidote to the evil lies that ruin lives.

    • Mark Stellinga

      Susan, ever the optimist, I view the cultural state of our world as ebbing in and out of abject depravity. Gradually becoming more civilized, then many, and in unbelievable numbers, leaping off the wagon with almost predictable regularity! Today’s seemingly-insane powers-that-be are blindly fiddling with several truly ‘Evil’ agendas whose damages, I’m convinced, will be, in most cases, irreversible! The societal turbulence we’re currently coping with will, as you say, is bound to only get worse. I’m so glad you enjoyed these 2 pieces…and, as you know, I have many more like these, but I’ll also be submitting some of the 850 apolitical poems I’ve spent the last 60 years penning.

  9. Joshua C. Frank

    Mark, these are both good, and I love the subject you chose. Because of my love for women, I hate seeing men replace them and crowd them out like kudzu.

    The one silver lining is seeing feminists getting angry at women having to suffer what men have been suffering at the hands of feminists for decades. Feminism hates both men and women, as it’s all about having women take over men’s roles and leaving men with no place to go. Transgenderism is the natural conclusion of feminism.

    As for the second one, I really like the last stanza. I’m afraid you’re more optimistic than I am about the whole thing, though. I think it’s already too late and has been for a long time. Instead of trying to stop the ship from sinking, I’m focusing on getting people into lifeboats.

    I also really like the picture Evan chose!

    • Mark Stellinga

      Joshua, glad you liked them, and, yes, Evan’s image is perfect. For the record, I, too, am not expecting things to ‘culturally’ ever truly turn around, but I’ll be doing all I can, in any way I can, to pack the lifeboats!

  10. Margaret Coats

    It is ironic that not long ago, feminists were demanding to be allowed to play major league men’s sports (presuming that they proved themselves capable). Now capable males are in the process of taking over women’s sports (the main requirement being to claim female identity). Just a bit of resentment yesterday as two women cyclists refused to stand in 2nd and 3rd places on the podium for the awards in a New Mexico race–but the international cyclists union say the winner met recently changed biochemistry standards, and will keep the prize. Still, the union will think about changing standards again, if “The Science” changes again.

    • Joseph S. Salemi

      I think it’s important to note that the real women athletes are the ones who object to all this gender-bending asininity, but it is the overarching administrative authorities that insist on surrendering to the LGBTQ freaks.

      What’s behind their willingness to surrender? Money, avoidance of lawsuits, and a dread of bad publicity on social media. Today, all administrative authorities live in pure terror of not being in step with whatever is the current thing.

      • Mark Stellinga

        Joe, it works both ways of course, but gathering a consensus to effectively retaliate these days is a ‘don’t hold your breath’ fantasy.

    • Joshua C. Frank

      Yes, I do love the irony. Women being athletes is in itself unnatural; as the saying goes, “a woman’s place is in the home.” That even to say this is to sound like a wife-beater is a sign of how insane our culture has become, but the Bible places the origin of a woman’s role as a man’s helper at her creation. Once a woman can abandon this post and take a man’s role, anything goes.

      As an aside, we wouldn’t have so many women in any kind of man’s career if it weren’t for contraception and abortion; the success of feminism demanded both. Many of these women’s careers are built on their children’s shallow graves. (In addition, women’s careers have made divorce a whole lot easier.) While transgenderism is horrible and twisted, I think these male-to-female athletes are only stealing something that wasn’t licitly obtained in the first place.

      • Joseph S. Salemi

        Joshua, many women would like to stay at home in the role of traditional wives and mothers, but cannot because of sheer financial necessity. This is true even when their husbands are gainfully employed. Capitalism, and the inflation that capitalism lives on and battens on, is the driving force here. If you get married and want your wife to stay at home, you had better make sure that you have one helluva big income.

        I don’t dispute that feminism and its ideological poisons have also played a part here. The venomous contempt that feminists have for women whom they call “breeders” and “housekeepers” is shocking. “Sisterhood” goes out the window when they talk about those ladies.

        An example: at one university where I worked, one female faculty member spoke up IN OPPOSITION to a proposed call for a salary raise at a union meeting. Her reason? “More money for male faculty means that their wives will have an even stronger excuse to stay home! We need to get those smug bitches OUT OF THE HOUSE!”

        Capitalism, of course, wants more persons competing for a smaller number of available positions. And the ideological obsessions of feminism play right into this.

      • Joshua C. Frank

        Even in this day and age, there are families that manage to have the mother staying at home despite the father not having a high income. I saw a meme from such a stay-at-home mother that summarized it well: “‘How can you afford a large family?’ Do without a lot of things. Buy a small home. Have only one car. Kids share rooms. Eat at home. Buy little clothing and repair instead of replace. Get rid of cable and smart phones if need be. Love your children more than a career and stuff.”

        I think this is the real sticking point for many working mothers. (This is not aimed at single mothers.) I’ve had quite a few tell me they worked because they couldn’t stand to be with their children all day. It makes me sad that they have so little love for them. We make excuses for modern culture because we assume they can’t possibly be that depraved; in reality, just the fact that they consider abortion to be acceptable and even somehow a right should tell us all we need to know.

        We have no trouble thinking of Nazis, Communists, and Muslim terrorists as depraved, but somehow, when it comes to our own compatriots, we assume they think as we do deep down just because they were born in the same country. I think this leads to a lot of misunderstandings on both sides.

      • Joseph S. Salemi

        Yes, of course some families can make ends meet and do that. But you have ignored my points about capitalism. Sure, some women and men may be depraved and indifferent to their kids, and too selfish to make sacrifices. Yet nothing on this planet is more depraved than Big Business and Global Capital, which have strangled and squeezed our lower and middle classes into wage-slavery and virtual peonage.

        The invention of the limited-liability corporation in the 19th century, and the metastatic growth of commercial advertising, were more lethal to humane existence than any thing ever penned by some feminist loudmouth.

      • Joshua C. Frank

        Of course capitalism is evil, and the root of much of the evil in our culture, along with industrialization. Evil makes more money than good, and so the rule of money will turn a country evil. The only argument for capitalism is that Communism is even worse.

        The reason I focused on feminism and frugal living is because these are decisions an individual family can make. But capitalism is forced on us, and we can’t change it short of overthrowing the government, convincing the people that capitalism is bad (most people support it), and then coming up with a new system.

        I would go for a return to the agrarian household economy that existed before capitalism, myself. But an individual family can’t choose this on their own; they need an entire small, autonomous, low-technology community for this.

    • Mark Stellinga

      Margaret, we recently watched a high school female wrestler defeat her male counterpart. He was in tears before he made it back to the bench and the small crowd of moms and dads was clearly disturbed. IMO – both rule-bending exceptions are a huge mistake. Thank you for commenting –

    • Mark Stellinga

      Margaret, we recently watched a high school female wrestler defeat her male counterpart. He was in tears before he made it back to the bench and the small crowd of moms and dads was clearly disturbed. IMO – both rule-bending exceptions are a huge mistake. Thank you for commenting –


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