Anyone in the world, of any age or background, may participate. Among members of the Society of Classical Poets, everyone including Advisory Board members may participate, if not involved in judging the contest. The winner, if not a U.S. resident, must have a PayPal account or a bank that accepts U.S. checks, in order to receive prize money.






J. Thomas Rimer, Professor Emeritus of Japanese Literature, Theatre, and Art at the University of Pittsburgh; former chief of the Asian Division of the Library of Congress.

Margaret Coats, Ph.D. in English and American Literature and Language from Harvard University; retired from a career of teaching literature, languages, and writing that included considerable work in homeschooling for her own family and others. 



Now until September 16, 2023, 6 pm EST (New York time). The original Sept. 15 deadline has been extended for those in other time zones. Results to be announced September 29, 2023 (corresponding with Tsukimi—the Japanese Moon Festival).



Post your entries in the Comments below.



Each competitor may submit up to three haiku of traditional form: three lines per poem with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second, and 5 in the third. Entrants are recommended to conform to other traditional haiku requirements outlined HERE.

IMPORTANT: By submitting haiku to this contest, the contestant declares that the poems are his or her own work, and that they were written after July 2022. Please submit using your first and last name, as we may find it difficult to distinguish between contestants who have similar first names.

If you want coaching on haiku features, please read the examples and explanation before submitting your entries. Once entries are posted, they can be revised or withdrawn ONLY by making another Comment. This is permitted until the competition closes, but do take reasonable care to complete work to your satisfaction before you enter it. Please do not use the Comment area as your scratch pad. That is discourteous to other competitors, to interested readers, and to the judge and will disqualify you.

Entries that do not meet basic traditional haiku requirements may be deleted. Anyone who submits more than three entries will have ALL his or her entries disqualified, unless excess entries are clearly withdrawn by a later Comment.






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CODEC Stories:

492 Responses

  1. James A. Tweedie

    Underneath the rock
    Cricket makes her summer home
    Best to leave alone.

    Summer solstice suns
    Dance beneath the maple tree
    Peeking through the leaves

    Picnic in the shade
    Blue Jay squawks and flicks his tail
    Summer serenade

    • David Annett

      The Kill
      In the blue night woods,
      Moon-colored talons turn red
      On a milk-white breast.

      Goo-Goo Haiku
      Baby, breathing warm,
      Clinging to a moistened breast
      With head, hand and heart.

      • David Annett

        I stepped on a snail
        And crushed my eyes closed
        At the sound of it.

    • Eva Drobna

      Author: Eva Drobná, Slovakia,
      rytmus môjho života
      hlboko v tichu

      the rhythm of my life
      deep in silence

      studený vietor
      pohladil ma lúč slnka
      som v rovnováhe

      cold wind
      a ray of sunshine caressed me
      I am in balance

      blúdiaci spevák
      darovaný kúsok srdca
      predohra dňa

      wandering singer
      a donated piece of heart
      prelude of the day

    • Katie whistler

      Leaves trickle color pumpkin spice is Falls delight, fire crackling night. Screech owls cackle magic tingles in the air hallows eve is nigh.

    • Timothy Stark

      Timothy Stark
      Cheyenne, Wy.


      Inhale and Exhale
      Living breath, the gift from God,
      Read scripture and praise!

      • Refika Dedić

        step by step
        the autumn wind carries

        autumn leaves by the road
        like the homeless

        the first day of school
        for a window seat

  2. Mia

    Whistling wind lifts
    Fallen russet leaves to dance
    Autumn’s last tango.

    Moon peeps from above
    Beams at melodious flute,
    Sheep bathed in moonlight.

    Joyfully transform
    Sand, grit and pain into pearls,
    World is your oyster.

    • Mia P. Solomonides

      Please accept my sincere apologies. I am now posting under my full name and may I take the opportunity to make some changes to the second haiku? Thank you for your patience. The following are now my three entries.

      Whistling wind lifts
      Fallen russet leaves to dance
      Autumn’s last tango.

      Sheep bathed in moonlight
      Lulled by mellifluous flute
      Dream under the stars.

      Joyfully transform
      Sand, grit and pain into pearls,
      World is your oyster.

    • Eva Drobna

      letný orchester
      ľúbozvučné spiežovce
      tanec lúčnych tráv

      Autor Eva Drobná, Slovakia

      • Eva Drobna

        toto jedno haiku je komentár nie do súťaže

        letný orchester
        tanec lúčnych tráv Autor Eva Drobná

      • Federico C. Peralta

        in the summer grass–
        the urge of star apple to
        give itself to me

        in a rolled up leaf–
        the caterpillar expires
        not yet butterfly

        branches quake lightly–
        small flower breaks the stillness
        with violet sound

    • Yasir Farooq

      bread available
      only at deluxe hotels
      climate change ignored

      a train station
      someone’s beloved arrives
      and someone’s letter

      children get relaxed
      seeing the missing mother
      now found the lost rain

  3. Roy Eugene Peterson

    Fragrant early spring,
    Apple blossom wedding scenes.
    Dreamers dreaming dreams.

    Hiding in spring weeds,
    Tiny little mustard seeds.
    Hope is all one needs.

    Wine on my table.
    Spring bugs buzzing around it.
    Fireflies are lit.

    • Paul Martin Freeman

      Wonderful, Roy.

      Shafts of poetic joy
      From Peterson E Roy

  4. Sara Cosgrove

    inside amber’s fire
    rests remnants of regal blood —
    dormant deities

    rain-soaked eyelashes
    batting temptress one-thousand
    obstructing the view

    steer to the left of
    all scenery greenery —
    moat for the kraken

  5. Rohini Sunderam

    The lake clear and still
    Ripples when the geese fly south
    The lake; still again.

    Run! The hydra-head
    The monster, red eyes gleaming
    Tries to trap green spring

    A spring swallow, I
    Came and then went, but lately
    Your well has run dry.

  6. John Sheills

    Hi Guys –

    I was chuffed to find one of my haiku among the Runners-up listing last year. Needless to say I’ve been hanging out to discover if SPC was planning to run a 2023 Haiku Comp. to try my luck again. My x3 new haiku follow.

    Cocooned all a’bed
    Out of pupapural sleep
    Wings of dreams unfurl

    Heavens’ late light show
    Aurora Borealis
    Necklace for Freya

    Grandchildren snuggling
    Bony elbows, fluffy heads
    Sweet little fledglings


    we see the beauty
    but pause to view living wings
    pinned to a cork board

    I picked up a stone
    holding it in my thumbed palm
    it was worried smooth

    circles in circles
    an eternal labyrinth
    make a mandala

    • Ian Richardson

      Sea waters warming
      as our last ship sails away.
      Great heat is coming.

      Huddled in holly,
      cold sparrows without a neck.
      Winter seclusion.

      After all these years
      I see the real you at last.
      Waters of Autumn.

      • Shubhrojyoti Sanbui

        two violets at dawn
        eavesdropping the sunrise
        cocoon cracks open.

        looks at the windmill
        the blades keep repeating
        moths blink at each turn.

        old enchanting house,
        a couple walks in and leaves
        window sills crackle.

  8. Sharon W Hoffmann

    Before the house fire,
    many volumes lined the shelf.
    Only ghost books now.

    Poems that insist
    you leave the shower and write,
    dripping inkblot stars.

    I walk in between
    blooming lime and lemon trees,
    each breath a delight.

  9. Sarah Pridgeon

    Hello bibliophiles

    My 3 haikus are below:

    The Owl and the Cat
    orange peels and Fleetwood Mac
    they sat, claw in paw.

    Neurotic nibbler
    black beady eyes, praying paws
    fiddling pet hamster.

    Engorged medallion
    soaked sponge flesh taut with pink juice
    glistening white gums

  10. Rick Johnson

    Rain pools in laurels
    Gravity pulls the water
    A summer day splashed

  11. Richard Matta

    Moon glow on birch grove
    what better hosts for the night
    before the cold front

    In the oar’s eddy
    swirling on a maple leaf…
    one ant near the edge

    Timber wood trail hike
    the long morning buzz and crack
    shatter a deep shade

    • Federico C. Peralta

      in the summer grass–
      the urge of star apple to
      give itself to me

      in a rolled up leaf–
      the caterpillar expires
      not yet butterfly

      branches quake lightly–
      small flower breaks the stillness
      with violet sound

  12. Anwyn Benson

    Sunshine through the trees
    Dew drops down from autumn leaves:
    Good morning to me

    Orange poppies greet me
    A desert landscape extends
    Sage brush says hello

    The moon smiles down
    Reflecting off the water
    Gleaming is the night

    • Ruddy Gordon

      1: The famalies watch
      the boat sail down the river
      into the crimson sky
      2: The old man sits there
      watching the magnolias-
      lost in yesterday
      3: Yellow fades to red-
      the ball of fire sets slow-
      stars peak their bright eyes

      • Ruddy Gordon

        Correction to my first entry. The other two I would like to keep as they are:
        The families watch
        the boat sail down the river
        into the crimson sky

  13. Paul A. Freeman

    Nigerian prince,
    enthroned with a sceptred phone,
    scams loyal subjects.

    Wind and waves combine,
    their breath an eye-watering spray
    and tongue-tasted brine.

    Patient desert winds,
    grain-by-grain shift a sand dune.
    Thus mountains are moved.

  14. Monika Cooper

    skittering smoothly
    over a muddy black patch
    long-legs looks legless

  15. Monika Cooper

    iridescent glare
    of pinwheels among dusty
    communal gardens

  16. Monika Cooper

    talking of Newton:
    a sudden falling apple
    knocks my ice cream down

  17. Jeanna Cooper

    Swift winds part the clouds,
    Golden shafts cast dark shadows.
    The hero’s’ sorrow.

    Dusted daffodils
    Persephone did you leave?
    Tracks in frozen mud.

  18. Brianna C

    summer set ablaze
    hibiscus tinted sunset
    light suspends the hour

  19. Derek Patten

    Arise yawning moon
    Cicadas and bullfrogs sing
    Love songs to the night

    Sun on turtle’s back
    The busy pond calls his name
    Then only ripples

    Owl haunts the barnyard
    Robins shout their warning song
    Field mouse drops his corn

  20. Stuart Jay Silverman

    a quiet starburst
    camellia petals caught up
    by a summer breeze

    the lizard brain in spring
    across the neural pathways
    looking for the sun

    a cloud sheds its tears
    the old oak shakes autumn ears
    as the earth shifts gears

  21. Ellen Whitehead

    Two tall trees embrace
    despite their differences
    winter forest smiles

    A shy bluebird hides
    behind a bare branch in Spring
    but beauty seeps through

    The songs of the loon
    arias from ancient horns
    stir sounds in my soul

  22. Raymond C Roy

    Raymond C Roy
    August 7, 2023

    a monarch’s shadow
    flitting along the pavement
    disappears from view

    below the feeder
    a mourning dove and chipmunk
    scavenging for food

    after sixty years
    revisiting Vietnam
    for pho and not foe

  23. Mary Ekpenyong

    Mary Ekpenyong

    Scents of blooms in spring
    With jungle ethics unbent
    Lost in wildfires

    Beautiful flowers
    Widows’ sweet sorrow wrapped with
    Wreaths on silent graves

    Rose flower withers
    Thorns growing on our fences
    Father abandoned us

  24. Hla Yin Mon

    Haiku I

    pressed gardenia –
    holding on to mom’s unused

    Haiku II

    honey bush flowers
    the lingering thin fragrance –
    lights over darkness

    Haiku III

    mid-monsoon showers
    over the lands near and far
    rivers in rivers

  25. Hla Yin Mon

    Haiku I

    pressed gardenia –
    holding on to mom’s unused

    Haiku II

    honey bush flowers
    the lingering thin fragrance –
    lights over darkness

    Haiku III

    mid-monsoon showers
    the sound of daily footsteps
    turns into splashes

  26. Cheryl Corey

    Rain, allusive rain,
    Drenches earth with sudden storms.
    The birds fall silent.

    Blossoms on the bough
    Have yet to bear promised fruit—
    Tender is the age.

    Honorable Peak,
    Come Spring I’ll climb Ontake—
    Mystic vision waits.

  27. Cheryl Corey

    I wish to replace my first haiku with the following:

    Rain, pluvial rain,
    Drenches earth with sudden storms.
    The birds fall silent.

  28. Sara Kate Egan

    late July delight
    fresh rain splashes hot blacktop
    silently steaming

    humid air hovers
    icy cold glass in hand drips
    sweet peach tea pleases

    August afternoon
    muggy fog cracks, sky sends treats
    hailstones cool my tongue

  29. Jeanna Cooper

    No dew drops today
    the lawns are set in diamonds
    hands snug in mittens.

  30. Daril Bentley

    Last night I traveled
    the hollows of your face where
    youth hid its mercies

    Sound of a raven:
    Words I should never utter
    to my enemies

    Mayflies in sunlight
    The golden retriever
    haloed with them

  31. John Elkin

    the fields are growing,
    feels the farmer-warrior,
    into battlefields

    the far off mountain
    sheds all but a hat of snow
    when cold winds return

    fox dens and bird nests
    arrive and dissolve around
    the stubborn boulder

    • Joakim

      The full moon was this
      big! she gestures with herhands, under the moonlight.

      A drop no longer
      a drop no longer a drop
      no longer a drop …

      Quick, fill a bucket
      with snow! I am thirsty for
      a cup of black tea.

  32. Joakim

    The full moon was this
    big! she gestures with her hands,
    under the moonlight.

    A drop no longer
    a drop no longer a drop
    no longer a drop …

    Quick, fill a bucket
    with snow! I am thirsty for
    a cup of black tea.

  33. Margaret Coats

    Dear haiku writers, please post poems with your FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME, as directed in the announcement above. Thanks for your help in conducting this large contest.

    • Christina Armour

      Fall hues often vie
      Evening’s glory in the sky
      Waiting winter’s dawn.

  34. Rick Johnson

    Rain pools in laurels
    Incessant gravity pulls
    One summer day splashed

  35. Lana yukyung Min


    My heart jumped in glee

    Because I still haven’t made a decision

    For my part to run away and flee

    Or stay entangled in this friction

    Oh how I imagine some endless days

    Floating in the ocean

    By the salmon drifting away

    In a mindless motion

    But work has carried me away

    From you and everything rosy

    But there’s nothing left to say

    This spell will be broken and mori

    Where no words are left in a phrase

    As you are just a token

    For my limited days….

  36. Maura H. Harrison

    August fills the ditch:
    Lace, goldenrods, and thistle.
    Dowry for the Fall.

    Peaches picked, not ripe,
    Sit on the sill and sweeten.
    Aging, we summer.

    Ice captures a swirl,
    Fluidity in fractal,
    Memory’s curve and line.

  37. Matthew Carr

    The cosmos springs forth
    An eternal liturgy
    Man’s priestly order

  38. Richard Paul Michael Harrow

    While hoeing parched earth,
    a whelk, stone-dead, surfaces –
    cloned by tiers of silt.

    Walking, then standing –
    as summer rattles alder
    egret holds his gaze.

  39. Eavonka Ettinger

    black heron creates
    an umbrella with its wings
    unsuspecting fish

    late afternoon sun
    fills the kitchen with rainbows
    swaying crystal heart

    a visit from my
    grandmother the day she died
    peregrine falcon

    • Eduard TARA

      snowy train station
      my window stopping slowly
      to frame the silence

      • Darrell Lindsey

        hay bales in the barn
        father and son’s slow walk home
        for their cold supper

  40. Jacquie Pearce

    departing rainclouds
    my daughter empties sunlight
    from the old tire swing

    abandoned drive-in
    from your car roof the best view
    of the Milky Way

    abandoned farmhouse
    collapsing into itself
    if not for the vines

  41. Mo Schoenfeld

    sun pierces treeline,
    radiance ruptures the gloom.
    a barren woodland.

    single pale poppy
    stands above a field of red.
    air, ambivalent.

    lunch break, woodland walk.
    the internet underground
    tracking my footsteps.

  42. Joseph Buehler

    A doe emerges shyly
    from the tree line; we watch her
    through silent windows.

    The oak that once stood
    so dark and huge lies crippled,
    toppled by the storm.

    • Keith Evetts

      still warm at twilight
      the soft rustle of starlings
      settling down to roost

      a young stag bellows
      at his face in the water—
      faraway thunder

      the calm of evening…
      a mute swan glides downriver
      through the falling snow

  43. Michael Taormina

    Snowflakes in April
    Like shampoo in the tulips
    What is it doing

    Mote in the moon’s eye
    Is that a crack don’t touch it
    You will spill the milk

    Geese flying upstate
    Honk through the smoggy morning
    You never returned

  44. Janeymi Ramirez-Salas

    one cent copper coin
    pressed pennies memories hold
    a moment in time

    her hue is of bright
    frida kahlo look-alike
    braids she wears with pride

    all she left was wood
    carvings with a dust coating
    keepsakes near her tomb

  45. Linda Arnott

    The Moon’s shadow weaves
    Heaven’s invisible web.
    Busy black spiders.

    Clouds sharpen their swords.
    The horizon splits in two.
    An angry red sky.

    A pink lotus pond
    in solitary beauty
    as the sun rises.

  46. Stefanie Bucifal

    summer afternoon
    floating between grass and sky
    the lovers’ hammock

    as I walk barefoot
    my footsteps are filling up
    with rain, then sunshine

    this is a long night
    some well-known shadows return
    to my memory

    • Colin Dardis

      at thirty-one degrees
      all I want to do is lie
      about the weather

      weathered motorway –
      we drive through the surface spray,
      make fog out of tyres

      from your tree, the pips
      must be taken with the flesh –
      uneasy eating

  47. sharon mueller




  48. Lucia Haase

    while playing hopscotch
    tall shadows of the children
    a stone’s throw away

    On a sunny day
    the bright chirp of a robin
    the laugh of a child

    oh I cannot touch
    that branch of cherry blossoms
    that is touching me

  49. Anushka Dey

    My heart is an ancient manor
    A souvenir of unrequited love and limitless longing
    Haunted by ghost of sighs

    Moon lights tear stained cheeks
    The star seem dimmer in your absence
    Grief and love choke me

    Your eyes hold me captive
    Sweet song of mermaids beckoning me underwater
    Decaying desires drown me

  50. Kathryn Van Bomel

    Air feels of summer
    Sunbathing on the front lawn
    Christmas in New York

  51. Kathryn Van Bomel

    In this autumn sky
    Where birds fly in formation
    Smoke now migrates South

  52. Sondra Rosenberg

    dogwood petals drift
    across my yard like snowflakes–
    Christmas in July

    blanketed by snow
    the city still sleeps–even
    the wren is silent

    April sends showers
    so May can give us flowers
    for June-bride bowers

  53. Daril Bentley

    The shadow of smoke
    ascends a sunlit brick wall:
    The Upper East Side

  54. Rob Crisell

    First warm wind of spring
    caresses the green grape buds
    that wreathe the vine wood.

    Heavy with black grapes,
    the vines hide their swollen fruit,
    summer’s sweet burden.

    Between the vine rows,
    culled fruit ferments, perfuming
    autumn’s early dusk.

  55. Joydip Dutt

    a bolt of lightning
    flashes across the night sky
    distant loud rumbling

    • Joydip Dutt

      Respected judges, my sincere apologies to you. I would like to make a change to my first entry. The other two remains unchanged.

      a bolt of lightning
      flashes across the night sky
      epiphany strikes

  56. Joydip Dutt

    bough of magnolia
    sways to and fro in mild air
    a whiff of sweet scent

    • Joydip Dutt

      I want to withdraw my above 2nd entry and replace it with the below haiku:

      Clouds cover city skyline
      Catharsis of tears

      Thank you
      Joydip Dutt

  57. Joydip Dutt

    solid snow chunks fall
    off the leafless tree branches
    thudding noise on roof

  58. Daril Bentley

    Cancer clicks its claws
    soundlessly in the body
    of the universe

    A great ladle tilts
    in the Milky Way, skimming
    a curdle of stars

    Pillow hill of snow
    on toboggans they went down
    and back up again

  59. Ida Eggert

    Butterflies dancing
    in shadows of cherry trees –
    Venus and Ceres

    Within the wind lie
    wondrous words of flapping birds,
    as spring’s passing by.

    Oh, warm summer breeze,
    rest and put your mind at ease!
    Fall is coming soon.

  60. James Penha

    spring swims in color
    without recalling winter
    scales frozen in grey

    multicolored bloom
    of summer leaves in autumn—
    my family tree

    tropical lagoon
    juicy mangos yield their flesh
    tigers lurking

  61. Alyssa Mae Calaparan

    The snowdrop lies still
    Among frozen, once-green grass.
    The life of those dead.

  62. Lyudmila Hristova

    a very long war…
    the orphan’s jacket loses
    its sky blue color

    moon in the daytime –
    your dark side also remains
    so invisible

    a difficult truce
    the grasses along the path
    are getting thicker

  63. JoyAnne O'Donnell

    Love hugging us so
    guiding our spirits joyful
    embeds tenderness.

    Faith is unity
    from angels calming us true
    light from a rainbow.

    Welcome is friendship
    the stars twinkle genuine
    sailing loves high ships.

  64. Alexander Grutza

    Entropy bears fruit
    Mighty stones erode to sand
    The Sky remains blue

    open heart, closed palm
    vandalized by young bandits
    in past echelons

  65. Janet Tegtmeier

    Summer grows weary,
    Colors cling to written petals;
    Fall eyes victory.

  66. Janet Tegtmeier

    Darn auto-correct! Here’s what I meant to write:

    Summer grows weary,
    Colors cling to worn petals;
    Fall eyes victory.

  67. Alvin B. Cruz

    late summer sunset
    watching the waves wash away
    my first sandcastle

    red paper lanterns
    from the long war a father
    comes home in a box

    falling at full blast
    the last of cherry blossoms
    a farewell to spring

  68. Mantz Yorke

    Hibiscus flowers
    like radio telescopes
    turned towards the sun.

    Mayflies flittering
    above a pool, unaware
    of the trout below.

    Mottling the sunset,
    starlings stream, swirl and return –
    French curves brought to life.

  69. Linda Alice Fowler

    opal opulence
    sun lights on shimmering seas ~
    seagulls soubresaut

    burbling bubbles
    mesmerizing melody ~
    dragonflies descend

    acoustic echo
    zephyr sweeps through the valley ~
    vespers in the dark

  70. Chris J White

    The murmurous strain
    constricts and stunts, this form I’ve
    held three hundred months.

    Does a bent-winged bird
    know more about flight than a
    bird who’s unimpaired?

    In a passing glance
    at the hall mirror I see
    me side-eye myself.

  71. James Wesley Young

    Children on the field
    Dancing daffodils in spring
    Gentle yellow hair.

    Lightning strikes the night
    Day returns for just a clip
    Preview of the dawn.

    Tall tree tops tingle
    Heat hovers high, hunting hoards
    Sweet summer stabbings.

  72. Lawrence Dullea

    They have been in Love from afar Forever.
    Admirers of each other’s Colorful Beauty.
    She is Dawn; He is Dusk.

    Warmer Winds Whisper Secrets.
    Trees Sway with Understanding.
    Too Few are Listening.

    Falling Drop of Water.
    Sunlight gives a Glistening Kiss.
    I See Life; All of Life.

  73. David Whippman

    Seaside in winter.
    Stone and waves camouflage-grey.
    Tourists don’t notice.

    Impassioned protest,
    Treaties, negotiation –
    But war will still come.

  74. Soham Joshi

    Bloody canopy
    Exquisite tropical lunch
    Of chainsaws and smoke

    Vaporizing sheets
    Bidding a frozen goodbye
    To the glued windows

    Palm tree silhouette
    Dropping tender coconuts
    Hoping to bloom friends

  75. Kirsty Mairi Grace

    Ye ken a haiku?
    Aye lad, a coo up the brae;
    Reid beast o’ the mist

  76. Morrison Handley-Schachler

    Threads hang deserted
    Where the spider left behind
    Deserted cobwebs.

    Those stars are gone now
    But like battles fought of old
    Our eyes see them still.

    The light streams constant
    But the troubled water throws
    Its patterns on it.

  77. Molly-Kate Garner


    Jousting with needles,
    Ablur in this midsummer,
    Nectar calls to each.


    Each green creeping thing
    Uproots and down roots the moss,
    Unfurl fiddleheads.


    Ribbons of white drift,
    Transpose pale against shadow.
    Crows fly before clouds.

  78. Megan Devine

    Halo moon in the sky
    The silent road’s horizon
    Wait for me, My Love

    Curling green vines climb
    Blossoms are stars of butter
    Still no cucumbers

    Hot hibiscus tea
    Brewed in Grandma’s antique cup
    My mouth now tastes sour

  79. Morad Afrooz Moein

    Name of the poet: Murad Afrooz Moin
    Country name: Iran
    City name: Tehran
    Type of poem: Haiku
    The text of my haiku poem to be published on your site:


    “migrating bird”,
    before being shot
    it was calling so

  80. Ernesto P. Santiago

    photosynthesis —
    how we are all connected
    to each light of love

  81. Sheila Barksdale

    swans, having cast off
    their indigo hakama
    share grey skymantle

  82. Jonathan Aylett

    fully committed
    to a life in the fast lane
    wing mirror spider

    she just can’t help it
    always chasing the bad boys
    the moth and the flame

    bridal bouquet toss
    the baby’s breath, as ever
    just beyond her reach

  83. Daniela Misso

    glimpses of clear sky –
    over a tree shaded lake
    azure damselflies
    childhood memories
    a sprouting lentil rises
    from the cotton wool
    winter stars twinkle
    the lights of a small village
    on the mountaintop

    Daniela Misso

  84. Alex Malley

    year passes
    maybe I’m still smiling
    in my sleep

    autumn evening
    on a road sign
    a crossed out bicycle

    Alex Malley

    moon in a puddle
    the wet and dark reverse side
    of a fallen leaf

  85. Neil Wittmann

    The present is the
    liminal place between the
    past and the future

    Place to place walking,
    In a time from then ‘till now.

    Liminal spaces.
    A minds eye perspective.
    Liminal places.

  86. Teh Eng Foo

    What constitutes home?
    If broken fragments and pain—
    A mere broken house.

    Our grief is just love
    with nowhere to go, bearing;
    our heart’s a big weight.

    Shall you come or go?
    But if silence awaits still,
    goodbye answers that.

  87. Joe McKeon

    hunger fundraiser
    cucumber sandwiches and
    dandelion tea

    standing room only
    the bandshell concert features
    a solo cellist

    one way ticket home
    a candy stripped scarf around
    the conductor’s neck

  88. John Hawkhead

    leather-winged shadows
    a fine powder of moth scales
    cascades through moonlight

    walking riverwise
    to where the kingfisher darts
    she colours her story

    winging the swing shift
    swifts turn over purpling dusk
    to the pipistrelles

  89. Andy Green Mann

    Light flutter of wings
    Casting quick moving shadows
    Fleeting gossamer
    Fallen orchid blooms
    Lay still upon the dry ground
    Awaiting the winds
    Gathering at dusk
    Swifts prepare to roost on wing
    Screams fading gently

    • Gianna Lucci


      a womb’s workshop weaves
      as a dreaming brain spins, at
      random – or is it?

  90. Jurate Norvaisiene

    lack of words
    we go on stirring
    melted sugar

    who we are now
    amidst fallen leaves
    a candy wrapper

    a hagstone
    teh heart is open
    to the sea wind

    • Monika Cooper

      Though these don’t follow the syllable-count rules for the contest, I like them all very much, especially the candy wrapper one.

      I hadn’t known the word “hagstone” before and I love to learn a new word. That third poem brings me divinely cold wind straight from the Baltic, so good: thank you.

    • Jurate Norvaisiene

      sorry for the mistake
      a hagstone
      the heart is open
      to the sea wind

  91. Gianna Lucci

    winter’s concert is
    silent but for ice cracking,
    moaning beneath boots

  92. Joshua C. Frank

    Sky turns baby blue
    Waiting as green hills give birth
    To a big, red sun.

    Jagged desert crags,
    Spear heads piercing starry dark,
    Encircle the camp.

    Lightning strike at night,
    Writing in a bright, white light,
    Vanishing from sight.

  93. Keith A. Simmonds

    Scent of cherry blooms

    blowing in the morning light…

    end of pandemic

a red butterfly quivers

    upon a daisy

    Splinters of sunshine
piercing the morning silence…
icicles crumble

  94. Gwyneth Solomon

    Pink skies tinged with blue.
    Calm after the hurricane,
    water is pink too.

  95. Sophia Conway

    hot golden acre
    soil cracks like old parchment
    after a long drought

    a lance of sunlight
    quietly pierces through to
    the lush forest floor

    swallows swoop fast in
    harmony across turbulent
    rivers of white foam

  96. Krit venambal

    pleading thin groves
    solemn melancholy cry
    cuckoos of autumn

    Fur grey gnawing out
    nutty red-sun tweaks the clouds
    no more a squirrel

    Tore aside triumph
    seashells rolls to the shore side
    boats to the blue seas

  97. Theodore M Eisenberg

    In a white ice box
    a rigid celery stalk
    readies a lank neck.

  98. Shari Jo LeKane

    August always brings
    dewy lawns at crack of dawn
    dog-day afternoons

    visits to the swings
    last trips to the swimming pool
    young ones starting school

    college kids take wing
    crickets singing in the night
    dance under the moon

    autumn gardening
    schedules become usual
    summer ends too soon

  99. Shari Jo LeKane

    Sun from the heavens
    shines as the light comes this way
    Keen revelation

    Light in the garden
    glows for a happy birthday
    Speaks celebration

    Seen in perspective
    lifelong pursuit of today
    Dreams of elation

  100. Shari Jo LeKane

    Waking in the mist
    falling leaves are damp and gray
    shrouded in a cloud

    Orchestrated twist
    hazard on a holiday
    silence in the sound

    Feel the frosty kiss
    death imparts a dreamlike sway
    memories renowned

    • Margaret Coats

      Shari Jo, you have submitted ten haiku, but only three entries are allowed. Please pick your best three, and withdraw the excess haiku, to keep your chance to win!

  101. J Peazy

    Stream washes a rock,
    Except a lone leaf, trembling.
    What keeps me around?

  102. Alexia Ioana Branzea

    Haiku I:
    Mourning morning,
    The golden sphere is hidden
    And the grass does shine.

    Haiku II:
    On the horizon
    I float – between Sky and Earth –
    Afraid of falling.

    Haiku III:
    Life’s an asymptote
    Near and near but way too far
    Never satisfied.

  103. Neelam Saxena

    Life slouches cornered
    Desperate, dreary, damped eyes,
    A withered flower.

    Existence on ropes
    Moistened eyes, shivering lips
    Rains quiver lilies

    Life withdraws itself
    Sunrise gives no happiness
    Cactuses prick love

  104. G. M. H. Thompson

    thirteen chickadees
    on a snow-covered hedgerow,—
    the coffee’s bitter

    a red-winged blackbird
    sits on a cattail besides
    the highway’s violence

    brand-new concrete pool
    yet thick with moss already
    a frog plunges in

  105. Steven Insalaco

    Flying for the sun
    they seek the warmth of grace –
    a visage of self.

    Windswept golden manes
    flaunt their lordship o’re the land –
    all the feral bow.

    Thus, she flies away,
    fond farewells for thee we bid –
    au ‘voir, good Reason.

  106. Gerald Seniuk

    missiles kill mother
    things fall from Spring sky like rain
    life now in Ukraine
    -Gerald Seniuk

  107. jd

    Hint of periscope
    rises to blue-feathered grace
    Pleasure here on earth

    Birds, high on the wire
    are synchronized no longer
    our feathered mirrors

    Whistles skirt the sky
    winged predator follows
    pity before kill

  108. Jane Vander Velde

    Moonlit oaks in ice
    Spread cursive shadows on snow
    A script for silence

    Summer’s prickly pears
    Sustain thirsty coyotes
    Enflame human tongues

    Crystals from sprinklers
    Spatter through blue August skies
    Jewels for a child

  109. Jane Vander Velde

    Moonlit ice and oaks
    Spread cursive shadows on snow
    A script for silence

    Summer’s prickly pears
    Sustain thirsty coyotes
    Enflame human tongues

    Crystals from sprinklers
    Spatter through blue August skies
    Jewels for a child

    • Jane Vander Velde

      This entry was a mistake. I meant to enter only once.

  110. Jacob E Lippman

    The hearts of the dead
    Might still be pumping if they
    Had exercised more

  111. Judy Ichkhanian

    In Fall he stutters,
    Stalwart legs turned wet noodles,
    Old dog done with days.

    Little hands clasping
    Acorns too large, unwieldy,
    Eyes gleam victory

    Gruff voice in mem’ry
    Fades, time turning your presence
    Into my own voice.

  112. Amy Losak

    ah, blazing blue moon
    why must you pose hazily
    for my camera?

    a squirrel’s tail furls
    around a fallen birdbath …
    the world in my yard

    blizzard conditions
    a young cat circles into
    a wool granny square

    • Amy Losak

      Revised first haiku:

      ah, blazing blue moon
      must you pose so hazily
      for my camera?

  113. Ben Grochowsky

    today the rain falls
    I drive through the shining spray
    where will the clouds go?

    uproar of feathers
    I too heard the distant clang
    birds flee as I freeze

    peony blossom
    the bloom, a flurry of noise
    rambunctious, benign

  114. Henry Joseph

    So falls tired summer:
    Flowers give away their blooms,
    Promises unclasped.
    Deep in the green seed
    Grows a mystery of life,
    Grief in the making.
    Time does not relent –
    Its plough turns upon itself,
    Drives ever onward.

  115. Suraj Nanu

    rectangle phobia
    cocooned in my sleeping bag
    a caterpillar

    brushing on the veins
    of a herbarium leaf
    the rustle of spring

    vanishing skylight
    the cicada’s song softer
    than grandma’s whisper

  116. James T. Struck

    Earth Glowing


    James T. Struck

    Leaves Flying in the Sky

    Birds Glowing around the Ocean

    Earth Burning Ever larger

    Universe sinking always Inward

  117. John Petraglia

    My three . . .

    Mountain waterfall
    Drift off to secluded thought
    The thunder returns !

    With dad at the park
    Roughhouse, tree climes, leaf pile dives
    Mom sips tea at home

    Perseids last night
    After midnight few meteors
    But what cosmic thoughts

  118. Amanda Hall

    Evergreen Slope

    Line of dark green spruce
    Cuts the sky into a graph
    Only birds can read

    Stone Wall

    Rocks shaggy with moss
    Once fit to hold something in
    Now hold only Time

    Full Moon

    Silver ornament
    Illuminating night walk
    Without glare or heat

  119. Vasile Moldovan

    Through the milky night gown
    the summer moon is caressing
    the phoetus in the womb

    The visage of a child
    stuck against the window pane
    o look at the moon

    Sitting all alone
    in the front of a white paper –
    behind me the moon

  120. Mary Sayler

    Mary Harwell Sayler
    (3 haiku written in 2023)

    Summer storm cuts off
    power and credit cards, but
    releases prayer.

    In summer, silence
    can be loud with longing as
    our tears speak volumes.

    Summer moon-drops float
    like *pearls on the water.
    Oysters go to bed.

    (*Note: “pearls” are meant to have 2 syllables here, but if you think not, we can make them “white pearls.”)

  121. Talbot Hook

    Prairie-rose perfume
    Permeates the open road.
    A truck kicks up dust.

    Hermit infiltrates
    Icy cave, lets loose a cry —
    His voice or the rocks’?

    Pine, plum, and bamboo:
    Steady fellow-travelers.
    I go for firewood.

  122. Manfred Dietrich

    In a freak snowstorm
    John looks for the Redeemer
    eyes misting over.

  123. Martin Rizley

    Shy lips at midnight
    Meld as a meddling moon beam
    Lays bare their embrace.

    Beneath dripping trees,
    Geckos dream with open eyes,
    As morning mists rise.

    Through dark depths plunging,
    Brave seamen pray and ponder
    Sunken sailors´ bones.

  124. Jennifer Hinders

    Seasonal Risk

    Crisp weather is here
    It’s that time of year, achoo
    Seasonal hazard

  125. Jennifer Hinders

    Winter acts so mean
    A cold-hearted icy guy
    Go play somewhere else

  126. Tom Woodliff

    Red poppy beauty
    A promise for tomorrow
    Hope crushed by abuse

  127. Anayo Dioha

    Night lights, children’s noise,
    Fast life as dawn reappears,
    Grown folks skipping tea.

    One after the next,
    Feet going in, feet coming
    Out, who knows who’s next?

    Darkness fills the room,
    Silence gets restive with none
    Home to call for calm.

    • Anayo Dioha

      replacing the second haiku in previous comment please with:

      One after the next,
      Warm soil swallowing cold skins.
      Now who knows who’s next?

  128. James T. Struck

    Universe Balloon

    Universe is crashing like a deflated balloon

    I looked at the stars and galaxies moving in

    I hid with my frog in my apartment and he started speaking to me he turned into a prince

  129. Steve Todd

    Grass weeps, crystal grief
    Teardrops for winter’s passing
    Adieu. Spring mourning.

    This stone in my shoe
    Just proves that ‘The Rock’ is in
    everything these days.

    When all ‘The Woke’ sleep
    Wisdom slips silently from
    its priest hole to eat.

  130. Isabel Scheltens

    Poppies bloom reckless;
    Crepe paper skirts thrust aside
    Exposing black hearts.

  131. Sierra Williams

    1. She Waits

    Clouds blocking the sun
    In stillness she waits for song
    A hummingbird’s breath

    2. Allia

    She opened a book
    She found worlds behind a word
    Nothing else as true

    3. Rings True

    A sparrow’s wing
    A baby’s shallow cry
    An angel rings true

  132. Alan Summers

    the tang of blackberries
    picked from low-hanging branches
    last rays of the sun

    kitchen extension roof
    so many neighbourhood cats
    padding across us

    a different moon
    comes to linger over us
    the novel also

  133. Tony Williams

    yellowing petals
    falling without wind, the wings
    of a honeybee

    a slight aroma
    of ripening banana…
    I’m so middle-aged!

    the ragwort plundered—
    cinnabar caterpillars
    make their getaway

  134. Michael Theroux

    mid day touching, now
    your eyes blessing our joining
    such soft, soft spring rain

    finger tips, your sighs
    a slow smile upon moist lips
    summer’s quick rivers

    dreaming now, after
    long deep droughts of lovesweet aire
    perfume of the fall

    we two, together
    desire rekindles love’s fire
    winter’s rose hearth-light

  135. Charles E. Southerland

    talking of springtime
    in the harsh teeth of cold’s breath
    warms the groundhog’s tales

  136. Michael Miller

    the tracks of a fox
    stop at the hint of a mouse
    beneath winter’s snow

    peppermint flowers
    in the warm mid-summer heat
    painting air with scent

    the dragon fly skims
    across the pond snatching prey
    from the cool spring air

  137. Manfred Dietrich

    Seventeen short words
    all of monosyllables
    can paint a picture.

    Salmon leaping high
    fight to do the two main things
    lay your eggs and die.

  138. Debmalya Bandyopadhyay

    Early morning sun
    punches the night’s jaw open
    birds scream and escape.

    Autumn’s hand brushes
    the flags shaking in the wind
    prayers fall like leaves.

    Last winter the cold
    did not dare touch my old bones
    You were still around.

  139. Linda Marie Hilton

    scramble past boulders
    sparse trees on trace of a path
    summit view: verdure
    windshield wipers work
    crawl along icy snow road
    Prime brought xmas gifts!
    heron fishing sole
    riparian currents swirl
    kayakers flush him.

  140. Kathy

    October cold dust
    around falling ghostly moon
    swiftly changing wind

    Orange pumpkin stare
    around October darkroom
    light up autumn moon

    Lullaby of dust
    bedtime especially full
    moon is deepening.

    • Margaret Coats

      Kathy, PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR LAST NAME, as directed in contest rules above. There is already a Kathryn (who did give her last name) and I know another Kathy (same spelling as yours) who may enter. We need to be able to give you distinct credit for your poems. Thanks!

  141. Kathy Bahr

    October cold dust
    around falling ghostly moon
    swiftly changing wind

    Orange pumpkin stare
    around October darkroom
    light up autumn moon

    lullaby of dust
    bedtime especially full
    moon is deepening.

  142. Paul H. Kang

    Verdant umbrella
    The weeping willow dries its
    hair in the spring sun

    Tall glaciers sweating
    A white bear scans left to right
    Neither friends nor foes

  143. K.G. Munro

    winter is alive
    as old crinkled leaves die off
    purple crocus blooms

    mice dance to bird chirps
    on a wooden seed table
    they do pirouettes

  144. Linette Eloff

    A neatly spun web
    Offers early morning pearls
    The sun is thirsty

  145. Linette Eloff

    The withered lone tree
    Gnarled, old, knotted, grey and dead
    Life’s last destiny

  146. Linette Eloff

    Softly sighs the sea
    gently heals unsettled sands
    of our written words.

  147. Judith Murovic

    Lie low lioness…
    let the learning last until
    your leadership lunge.

    • Judith Murovic

      This did not post in haiku format. How can this be deleted and re-posted?

      • Margaret Coats

        If it’s deleted, you’ll lose Monika Cooper’s appreciative comment. Please simply REPLY below the mistaken format, and re-type it, taking care to ENTER after each line, and thus make 3 lines. The mistaken format will still be there with the correction, but that does NOT count against you. The judges understand, and we re-type haiku for the RESULTS page. Remember to check back on September 29 to see whether you are on it.

  148. Julie Gerard

    Naked summer nights
    Stardust falling from the sky
    Contented lovers.

    White caps on green waves
    Darkness of the winter storm
    Shivering sea life

    Rivers twist and turn
    We dam them up for power
    Nature still breaks free.

  149. Philip Sculthorpe

    An empty snail shell –
    Dementia confirmation
    In my trembling hand.

    A silver slug trail –
    My book falls open at the
    Stations of the Cross

    Far-off tsunami –
    A butterfly flutters by
    Looking innocent

  150. Philip Sculthorpe

    I keep getting a message saying I’ve made a duplicate comment – but don’t seem to be able to see any comments I’ve made! What am I doing wrong?

    • Mike Bryant

      It looks like your entry may have just taken a while to post. It is posted now.
      Mike the Mod

  151. Ravi Kiran

    as the act unfolds
    bullets fly and soldiers fall
    unseen puppeteers

    no one to applaud
    and yet under the full moon
    wild cherry blossoms

    in spite of the birds
    scorching sun and rocky ground
    the seed that flowered

  152. Pushan Basu

    those rattling aspens
    I didn’t sleep at all last night
    remembering them

    my pages are bound
    with staples; my sentences
    with semicolons

    early April snow
    it’s a good thing the cherry
    has its pink jumper

  153. Andrew Shimield

    on Easter Sunday
    a great tit out and about
    in his smart black cap

    a fuchsia petal
    endlessly swirling around
    the town square fountain

    a fine spring morning
    only my neighbour’s shih tzu
    is wearing a coat

  154. Alene Sen

    first day of grade nine-
    a turtle in the hallway
    paddles among sharks

    windows are open
    when sandstorm arrives early
    no way to get home

    orange maple leave
    passes along the river
    I go with the flow

  155. Ae Johnston

    ten blocks of cold words;
    soldered worlds of daylight dew
    point through these old locks!

    September shines and
    sure as dust my modem dies
    – Forced little nocturne.

    night and endless screen
    while we wrap a rapt rap now
    the sky rose lingers

  156. Dr. José Luis Solís López

    Haiku 1

    Misty forest
    in the bark of the pine tree
    the moth worms

    Haiku 2

    Sound of the wind chime
    in the maadurga* temple
    monarch butterflies

    * Hindu deity

    Haiku 3

    On the mountainside
    wildflowers everywhere,
    sheep bleating

    I, Dr. José Luis Solís López, declare that the 3 haikus are of my authorship and property.
    I wrote them before July 2022.

  157. Dr. José Luis Solís López

    I correct my haiku´s de Dr. José Luis Solís López

    Haiku 1

    Misty forest
    in the bark of the pine tree
    the moth worms

    Haiku 2

    Sound of the wind chime
    in the maadurga* temple
    monarch butterflies

    * Hindu deity

    Haiku 3

    On the mountainside
    wildflowers everywhere,
    sheep bleating

    I, Dr. José Luis Solís López, declare that the 3 haikus are of my authorship and property.
    I wrote them before July 2022.

  158. Amir Kapetanović

    Full moon with his shine
    freezes down the dreamless sheet.
    Rattles of crickets.

  159. Irma Reeves

    sun flower blooming
    butterfly stopped for a kiss
    law of attraction

    starlings on blue sky
    parades twittering like rains
    migration begins

    say it with flowers
    the language i understand
    beauty of nature

    on my way back home
    floating over pure white clouds
    end of one journey

  160. Radhika De Silva

    the city canal-
    harvest moon’s pale reflection
    on clutter of cans

    humidity high
    summer conference drags on
    the last drop of juice

  161. Tracy Davidson

    rediscovered roots
    watching the white lotus rise
    from grandfather’s pond

    autumn’s magic spell
    the forest’s emerald gems
    turn garnet and gold

    hummingbirds hover
    along a lonely dust road
    desert rose in bloom

  162. Marek Kozubek

    thinning morning mist –
    dewdrops on a spider web
    filled with the silence

    in forest’s shadows
    hidden in the midday heat
    middle of summer

    path in the garden –
    between silence and silence
    the scent of roses

  163. Gigi Ryan

    Farmer laments weeds
    As he scatters summer seeds.
    “Beauty,” poet breathes.

    Daffodils asleep
    Under winter’s blanket keep,
    Eager for their call.

    Waked to August rain
    Soothing is its constancy,
    With it my heart beats.

  164. Sol Etana

    The season’s new coat,
    Dining jacket shade of smoke,
    Mocks yesterday’s strut.

    Think you spoke too soon;
    English summer’s pantomime
    Carries on ’til noon.

  165. Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

    climate change status –
    now all the world is skating
    on very thin ice

  166. Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

    the yin/yang symbol’s
    interconnected balance –
    autumn equinox

  167. McMurray David

    diving cormorant…
    thankful to hear an echo
    paddling on the pond

    military man
    retreats to the hillside church
    catching r and r

    The flowers’ eyes splash
    color around the fountain—afternoon women

  168. Sheena Sarah Winny

    after a dry spell
    rain blessed the earth with tear drops
    sorrowful of greed

  169. Izzy Mahoubi

    What age do we learn
    That we should apologize
    Right after we cry?

  170. Izzy Mahoubi

    Autumn at the door
    When she paints the wild air,
    Everything is new.

  171. Dan Galbin

    porch with memories –
    just the fireflies still fuel
    the old hand lantern

    the childhood alleys –
    all day long roaming among
    the sidewalk chalk suns

    glorious morning –
    from icicles rarely fall
    the drops of cold light

  172. BDW

    Upon the sidewalk,
    ants march in a line to the
    silent cicada.

    A stray monk comes in
    to sip his green, morning tea:
    a mute flowering.

    The infant babbles
    his weaningful expressions.
    A morning dove calls.

  173. Megan LaBarreare

    recycled stardust
    such radiant energy
    deadly in excess

    veils on stone, intent
    botanical acrobats
    whisper dark romance

    by lunar control
    aqueous salutations
    unburden my soul

  174. Carl Bellerose

    through the silver frame
    of my mother’s old mirror
    I see butterflies

  175. Victor Wiebe

    Flitting mother bird
    Weaves a nest to raise her young
    In the church’s eaves

    Crying crickets sing
    Preluding dawn’s symphony
    Of joyful song birds

    Bright starry clusters
    Form a temporary home
    For stars that wander

  176. Paddy Raghunathan

    Trees swaying as one
    Stars sparkling in the night sky
    We all recite Om


    It is an honor
    To kiss leaves and walk the hills
    Where ancestors wept

    To sleep a good sleep
    Lie close to a willow tree
    Near honeysuckle vines.

    The soft rain is late
    Tomatoes slowly ripen
    But God is on time.


    Hurricanes are named
    Female felines bold enough
    To rant and to rage

    The root of a rose
    Remembers aromas when
    fragrance buries deep

    Sun through half closed blinds
    show patterns on things that try
    To ignore the light.

  179. Louise Gabrielle

    Autumn snow falling
    Soft beauty of a white night
    City lights misty

  180. Louise Gabrielle

    The sky above me
    Reaches down and kisses me
    Can I marry it?

  181. Sarinitty Woodruff

    Chilled moth a shadow
    Intrusion under my palm
    Still it rubs its wings

    False sun River Birch
    Stiff leaves hanging low enough
    to absorb my gaze

    Wind ridges my hair
    It makes holes out of plots and
    walks the running time

  182. Ben Michaels

    Thank you for running this competition – here are my entries:

    Bridesmaids’ dresses,
    the colour of the peacock
    which softly creeps past.

    Old house is empty
    (I’m told he died in his sleep)
    At night fox-cubs scream.

    Farmer’s wife smirks: Don’t
    Let the horse out the stable.
    My flies are undone.

  183. Lina María Vidal Gómez

    The brightest skin sings
    a summer afternoon’s dream;
    blind music in grass.

    Dewey light within
    the mimosa plant’s frail eyes
    hums a secret woods

    Alive beads of hush
    glide beneath the city crowd.
    Bosoms trip on time.

  184. Dragica Ohashi

    Bright early evening
    view of the castle garden
    Supermoon appear

  185. Jharna Sanyal

    hyacinth patches
    on meandering river
    all my drifting thoughts

    a flock of parrots
    flies over sunflower fields–
    scarecrow’s long shadow

    pomegranate tree…
    a child takes it for his home
    waiting across seas

  186. Kevin Bohun

    Smooth lake in autumn
    Red leaves reflected color
    The call of the loon

    Street light flickering
    In it’s final death rattle
    No one notices

    Leaves turning colors
    Is like a drawn out goodbye
    That should last longer

  187. James T. Struck

    Ocean Flowing across the Sky into the Bridges

    Insects Flying into Heaven with Many spiders under Rivers and streams

    Animals swimming with the Gods into the fires

    Talking to God with Me and You listening

  188. Estina Spencer

    Gardens overwhelm
    produce, insects, constantly
    weeding. Still my joy.

    Kittens playfully
    chasing crickets, jumping at moths
    bringing toys inside

    Fauna and flora
    breathing, living, reproducing
    cuter than a bug

  189. J. R. Stiefel

    The world is a stage
    The life of theatre inspires
    Thespians bring joy

  190. Shamik Banerjee

    Name: Shamik Banerjee

    Late summer famine
    Roti on her children’s plate—
    Mother’s sacrifice

    Nomad buffaloes
    Croc-infested summer stream:
    A river of horns

    Starless summer night
    Indra’s thunderous outcry
    Toads: His true prophets

  191. James J. Smedley

    Lilacs have arrived

    however will soon depart

    now to be enjoyed

  192. linda rhine

    To small to see them
    Living, breathing, growing there
    The child in the womb

  193. Baisali Chatterjee Dutt

    Baisali Chatterjee Dutt

    the full moon and i
    have a loud conversation…
    we both know heartbreak

    snowflakes on my tongue
    melt away within seconds…
    blink of a lifetime

    after the rainfall
    the world so fresh, so alive
    …and so the birds sing

  194. Peter Q. Kilbridge

    Cardinals and Jays
    Cross fall field in thrilling ways:
    Electrified fans!

  195. Shirley Farmer

    End of Summer drought
    My Lake bed recedes ten feet
    Now sand for small hands

  196. Shirley Farmer

    Motor boats speed by
    I await for six p.m.
    Ahh. My peaceful pier.

  197. Dan “Hotdog” Moschella

    An alien race
    If they exist they wonder
    Do humans exist?

  198. Jeff Howe

    Silent red balloon
    Soars high into blue freedom
    Pop! It falls to earth

  199. Maureen Hildebrand

    Croaking frogs at night
    Curious and active cats
    clearly took a bite

  200. Reena Choudhary

    Dear Editor in Chief,

    I am writing to submit my three Haiku poems for consideration.

    Water leaps and sings,
    In a joyful, liquid dance,
    Splash of life’s embrace.

    Beneath the sun’s glow,
    Flowers’ shadows softly dance,
    Nature’s grace on show.

    Boughs stretch to the sky,
    Leafless trees in winter’s grasp,
    Nature’s grace revealed.

  201. Carolyn Heil

    Spring Cloud Kiting

    A thin contrail
    Tethered a puff of cloud
    To a high floating whale.

  202. Marie Derley

    train in the tunnel
    the cold gaze of a stranger
    in the frosted glass

    all windows open
    what are the good answers to
    voices of the night

    a bird hovering –
    just living in the moment
    as long as it lasts

  203. Neena Singh

    late summer sunset—
    laburnum blossoms scatter
    their scent of yellow


    a cold lonesome night…
    through the half-open window
    climbs the harvest moon


    rice planting women
    hands and feet move in rhythm
    with the old folk song

  204. Carmela Marino

    dirty tombstone-
    olive trees of grandad
    no longers blooming

    night of shooting stars-
    the cries of a newborn child
    in the distance

    immobile dusk…
    a gentle scented breeze
    pushes me onward

    Carmela Marino

  205. Joshua Gage

    evening prayer service…
    with candles and rosary beads,
    light from the full moon

    waiting for the bus…
    a flurry of dawn snowflakes
    tumble past the moon

    a turkey buzzard
    silhouetted by the moon…
    my empty gas tank

  206. Maria Concetta Conti

    talking and talking
    to the grave of my dad
    the summer twilight

    august waning moon
    helping her little daughter
    with a prayer

    evening prayer
    the sea illuminated
    by colours of dusk

  207. Sheena Sarah Winny

    walking on the grass
    her soles crushed the tiny blooms –
    wet soil stuck to toes

  208. Melanie Ehler Collopy

    gold dandelions
    grow old, feather into snow-
    white wishes wind blows.

    How brightly heaven
    Shines! Everyone sees the moon,
    But no one sees mine.

    Blue bottle flies in
    The sky. Mother’s relapse. Glass
    Shatters, and my heart.

  209. Ron C. Moss

    near the bomb crater
    children push their matchbox cars
    away from the war

  210. Laurie Hamilton

    Picking blackberries
    Heat and bugs and thorns torment
    but the pie’s worth it!

    Sweet warm goat milk streams
    into the silver bucket.
    Watch out for the hoof!

  211. Tasneem Hossain

    scented garden blooms
    white jasmine flowers perfume–
    feel mother’s presence

    spring walk in garden
    cocoon sheds shell, a new life
    white dot blue wings flies

    pink cherry blossoms–
    she stands in gloom, tears fall
    leaves on vacant bench

  212. Ragu

    A deep mossy well,
    A Woden bucket falls in,
    Splash!!!!! The sound echoes

    An electrifying lighting!!
    A clamouring thunder,
    The distant rumble…

  213. Richard piechowiak

    The whirling tempest
    With greed seeks water’s hot breath
    Low chance of yielding

  214. Nancy C Fredericks

    The gold finch, urgent,
    flitting. No loneliness to
    cruelly crush him.

    Aging dog and cat
    keep trying. To what avail?
    It’s all in the tail.

    It looks good on paper,
    it should work. Then, like the wind,
    Careless caprice comes.

  215. Ed Bremson

    ducks and geese standing
    on the islands that emerge
    as their pond dries up


    on a scorching day,
    a sparrow tells her babies
    about the bird bath

  216. Benjamin Daniel Lukey

    Cold, unearthly light:
    A herd of deer is grazing,
    It seems, on the moon.

    The wipers can clear
    The water from her windshield
    But not from her eyes.

    Breakfast for dinner:
    A bright smear of marmalade
    On a toasted sky.

  217. Arijit Mishra

    The frail old camel
    Braves storms to leave trail behind
    Smug humans follow

  218. Larry Coltin

    Larry Coltin

    Shelved Books on my shelves
    Some I want to read again
    Some I have not read

    When Cain asked his god,
    “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Dedicated to jp.
    Chaos reigned anew.

    At the beach today
    Three score years, waves pounding shore
    Grand kids, sea the same

    Stunning sunrise dawns
    Refracted sunshine beauty
    Cirrus filtered light

    Dark autumn rain clouds
    Dusting the ground with their tears
    Parching summer done

    • Larry Coltin

      OOPS. 3 is the limit. Please just look at the first 3. Sorry.
      Larry Coltin

      • Margaret Coats

        Will do, Larry. I did also see your thanks to me on another page, on the subject of syllable count. Glad you understand and appreciate.

  219. Pamir Kiciman

    rain bejeweled branch—
    how red the cardinal is
    on dull winder day!

    single leaf curtsies
    on the way down from tall heights—
    lithe its final dance

    white-tail fawns bound off
    after the doe’s ears perk up
    at the hint of me

  220. Robert Trojack

    Churning lightning foam
    Chilling spray of boatman’s line
    Down to quiet pool

  221. Sherrie Metlen

    My entries for the Haiku Contest 2023.

    Storm surge screeching wind
    shrubs shredding sweetgum falling
    son, friends fear the worst

    Burying best friend
    the potent earthy essence
    supersedes the mist

    Slightly salty slough
    manatee manicuring
    the sea savannah

  222. David Bird

    Summer leaves. Fall breeze.
    Cool days, cold nights. Come hard freeze,
    fall; summer leaves leave.

    We disdain the fly.
    But, still, what he can, you can’t.
    I wish I could fly.

    Fresh rain comes down slow,
    Soaks grass with November leaves.
    Then, December – snows.

  223. Carol Suhr

    Fox tracks
    Run through the new snow
    Past scattered grouse feathers.
    Half a moon.
    Silver cloud of warm deer breath,
    The sun rising
    Draws dew from frost
    On autumn grass.

  224. Ann Ungar

    Soft raindrops touch ground
    Another Wildflower blooms
    Fervent kiss of love

    Toss a flat pebble
    It skips across the water
    Achievement comes back

    Mighty winds break trees
    Lightning strikes splitting the sky
    Taiyo runs to hide

  225. Richard Mora

    Dancing for heaven
    Climb aboard my sweet puppy
    Warm snore in my lap

    Rough little basket
    Warm little ones all at home
    Life takes flight again

  226. Richard Mora

    Snowy white orchids
    Silent-screaming nun’s faces
    Come fire come ice

  227. Lakshmi Iyer

    space beyond the clouds
    beyond the peacock blue sky
    crab nebula bursts

    an abandoned house
    the weeds of wildflowers scrolls
    through the red tile roofs


    semi-scattered rains
    a crow’s hard caw splits across
    bottleneck branches


    • Margaret Coats

      Jo, please post your poem under your FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME, as directed in the paragraph above marked IMPORTANT.

  228. Fiona Guertler


    Past: hazy sunshine
    Present: strong winds blow clear till
    Future: winds subside.

  229. Brian Mc Cabe

    Autumn Haiku:

    The red squirrel flits
    from brown bark to golden leaf
    his sleep will come on soon

  230. Peter Howard

    A blackened church bell,
    under the clamouring sun,
    swings, silently.


    Clouds, bruised indigo,
    roll, unflustered, to the east.
    The snow falls gladly.


    The shocking quiet.
    A sorry poet hammering
    word against brute word.

  231. Edward Cody Huddleston

    the faded sunrise
    in our family photo
    just dust in Mom’s eyes

    choosing a photo
    for the obituary
    manicured roses

    karaoke night—
    the cicadas coming out
    of their shells to sing

  232. Nur Azlan Bin Zainuddin

    children in the field –
    running in a full circle
    and reaching nowhere

    Arctic aurora –
    beautiful light in the sky
    magical displays

    frogs and toads croaking –
    the heavy rain drenches the earth
    so cold, yet soothing

    – Lanzz

  233. Jeffrey Ferrara

    seeming Jurassic
    the sand dune with a snow fence
    barely protruding

  234. Barrie Levine

    autumn equinox
    a morning chill reminds me
    to prepare for change

    a bin of cortlands . . .
    selling the scent of autumn
    at the roadside stand

    ready with ribbons
    I weave a winter rainbow
    through my daughter’s hair

    • Margaret Coats

      Marta, please follow above instructions marked IMPORTANT by using both your FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME. Thanks!

  235. Celeste M Wheeler

    Lurking behind a
    gauzy veil of clouds, the moon
    casts a ghostly vibe.

    Storm clouds gather to
    powwow while chanting rhythms
    of thunder and rain.

    A tsunami of
    coastal fog threatens to breach
    peninsula peaks.

  236. John Leidy

    Departing the cold,
    she casts her stemline adrift
    amidst leafy seas.

    The rhythmic beat of
    summer’s rolling waters, now
    iced into silence

    Gathering needles,
    she deftly stitches them round
    the warbler nursery.

  237. Ed Bremson

    chicken restaurant…
    angels have no need of wings
    to fly to heaven

  238. Glauco Saba

    a naked willow
    leans over the frozen pond
    no sound of water

    over the white clouds
    the whiter snows of Fuji
    and the rising sun

    each single snowflake
    building the difference
    in the endless white

  239. Kara Urban

    A Haiku for Fall
    Sweet gum leaves changing
    little golden stars cast down
    falling in my yard.

  240. Pam Erselius

    in thick morning mist
    a yellow leaf flutters down
    the earth’s falling star

  241. Maggie McKenzie

    1} Your words cut deeper
    Deeper than the ocean floor
    Sorry won’t fix it

    2} Only three letters
    Yet it pains me to say it
    So I’ll stick to James

  242. Finn Mac Eoin

    I tried to join Men –
    sa but my haIQu was a
    wee bit too low

  243. Finn Mac Eoin

    I tried to join Men –

    -sa with a sixteen sylla-

    -ble haiku IQ

  244. Daria Doandes Folenta

    first colourful leaf,
    dancing through the stormy wind,
    searching so-called “home”.

  245. Daria Doandes Folenta

    piece of liquid pearl
    banished from the above, falls,
    dries, losing beauty.

  246. Daria Doandes Folenta

    the water dances,
    while lots of candles, above,
    begin to twinkle.

  247. Adele Toth

    Inviting waters
    heron confirms well-being
    accept the healing

    Winds direct bamboo
    defeating adversity
    empowered vigor

    Language of the trees
    windblown pines whispers linger
    engaged listener

  248. Annette Akkerman

    February sun
    the little wren takes a bath –
    the sound of splashes

    cherry blossom time –
    the homeless man sleeps soundly
    under a pink sky

    above the rough sea
    albatross floats on the wind without a single move

  249. Sally Worthing

    Warm bright days return.
    Cold rivers run high and wide
    Redolent of snows.


    autumn loneliness —
    our photos in the album
    still stuck together

    anniversary —
    autumn rain clearing the dust
    off her epitaph

    winter solitude —
    a pencil slowly rewinds
    grandma’s lullaby

  251. Jaamir Suber


    1. Antagonizing
    Ants assemble aimlessly:
    Aged Autumn Army

    2. Bye-bye butterfly
    Buried by branches bough, born
    Beside backyards brook

    3. Cautious carriages
    Cantor carelessly cross cold,
    Chilled Christmas currents

  252. John R. Boname

    River-girdled Birch
    On stranded Isle _ what secrets
    Might your parchment yield?

    Billows in the night _
    Campers ride their wind-swept tent,
    Drunken elephant

    Umbrellas marching
    In rain-soaked skies _Lilly pads
    Swimming in a sea

    Like peppermint sticks,
    Spinnakered sails of varied hue
    Separate the blue

    Mexican sunflowers
    Host hovering hummingbirds _
    Suspended motion

    • John R. Boname

      Please cancel poem #1, River girdled birch
      and poem #5, Mexican sunflowers

  253. John R. Boname

    River-girdled Birch
    On stranded isle _ what secrets
    Might your parchment yield ?

    Billows in the night _
    Campers ride their wind-swept tent,
    Drunken elephant

    Umbrellas marching
    In rain-soaked skies _ Lilly pads
    Swimming in a sea

    Like peppermint sticks,
    Spinnakered sails of varied hue
    Separate the blue

    Mexican sunflowers
    Host hovering hummingbirds _
    Suspended Motion

  254. Alena Casey

    Swallow, an arrow,
    bursts across the burnished blue.
    I cannot catch time.

    Honeysuckle heart—
    the beat of the hummingbird—
    drink and pollinate.

    Little girl, barefoot
    in summer’s last sunshine, stirs
    a cup of acorns.

  255. Margaret solon

    Girl squirrel statue still
    Holding tight her acorn hat
    Late for the moons dance

    White egret, blue sky
    Mirrored in the sea below
    Beauty reflected

    Fog heavy and wet
    Moves slowly into the night
    A mourners black veil

  256. Nancy Mitchell

    The sunbeams reach through the cloudy sky —spreading God’s love to all below

  257. Nancy Mitchell

    Early morning soft and still—promises of the joy filled day to come

  258. John R. Boname

    I mistakenly entered 5 Haiku. Please disregard #1, River-girdled birch
    and #5, Mexican sunflowers

  259. james dritt

    Funeral today
    Business as usual
    Kidney breakfast

    To speak from rich crypts
    Fills minds with more than just air
    Point made to grand stand

    Upon sweeping wind
    Wings and pressure start flight
    Reflecting sunlight

  260. Blake whistler

    When i look skyward an old friend looks back at me eternity waits. Life is a river flowing to the ocean immortality.

  261. Steven Shafer

    Middle of winter….the snapping of red fire place…obsorbs books riffle

  262. Steven Shafer

    Middle of winter….the snapping of red fire place…obsorbs books riffle

  263. Janet Evans

    Butterflies are free
    Unlike slaves of long ago
    They can fly away

  264. Janet Evans

    Butterflies are free….Unlike slaves of long ago…..They can fly away

  265. Jared Vawter

    When will the leaves start
    To turn: the days are still warm
    But the nights are cold

    From dying piles of
    Almond trees white blossoms are
    beginning to burst

    Purple with sunrise
    Robed in mist Bear Mountain I
    wish I could paint you

  266. Dean Fleischmann

    autumn leaves ablaze
    resplendent colors amaze
    God giving a gift

    slither, startles me
    as scared of me as I he
    deep breath, heart settles

  267. Kathy Kosek

    Haiku is succinct
    Paints a picture in few words
    Poetic shorthand

    My car needs new tires
    An oil change and new brake pads
    Cars are expensive

    Slumbering sweetly
    A bird’s song awakens me
    I listen and smile

  268. Janice Canerdy


    tall ancient oak trees
    majestic in all seasons
    squirrels playing tag

    windy snowy day
    park benches clothed in bright white
    squirrels occupy

    cat food in a bowl
    intended diners absent
    stealthy squirrels feast

  269. Finn Mac Eoin




  270. Finn Mac Eoin

    Backpack and snow boots

    waiting on weather report

    girl seen in hike queue

  271. Robert Witmer

    an empty birdcage
    the dust in the living room
    drifts through the window

    the indolent smile
    of a summer afternoon
    fish poles in the grass

    November morning
    an early frost on brown leaves
    crouching in the sun

  272. Monica Kakkar

    lull of setting sun . . .
    last lily of the valley
    leaves its shadowed curl

    blue notes of blue hour—
    languid lotus lullabies
    deeper inky pink

    silver slivers splash
    silhouette of sycamore—
    mallard in moonglade

  273. Thomas Joseph

    Geese know to take flight
    With autumn’s lengthening nights
    Nature’s pendulum

    Dew drops hanging free
    From that leaf on summer’s tree
    Rainbow refracted

    Winter’s thaw is here
    Purple crocuses do cheer
    Earth awakening

  274. Thomas Joseph

    Winter’s thaw is here
    Purple crocuses do cheer
    Earth awakening

  275. Thomas Joseph

    Dew drops hanging free
    From that leaf’s summer tree
    Rainbow refracted

  276. Thomas Joseph

    Geese know to take flight
    With autumn’s lengthening nights
    Nature’s pendulum

  277. Imran Jamalulhak

    pacific brush strokes
    dancing lightly on my skin
    no longer ticklish

    enlightened firefly
    radiant amid ruin
    a tenacious spark

    lemongrass trimmings
    skydiving into my tea
    i cry chamomile

  278. Miguel Francisco

    The girl and myself
    Fell in love under a sky
    Where birds can’t fly

  279. John T Gasner

    Slowly the rain stops

    Dark clouds pass to show sunlight

    The rainbow is seen

  280. Rubi Kellgren

    Autumn is upon us
    The sun has changed its coat
    The leaves have followed suit

  281. Joseph Valese

    Huge trees wag their heads
    Leaves take flight across the air
    A storm is brewing

  282. Joseph Valese

    My haiku entry

    Huge trees wag their heads
    Leaves take flight across the air
    A storm is brewing

  283. Susan Katz Clark

    The wind through the trees
    Awakens me with its breeze
    A new day to seize.

  284. lin ohara

    Burned by rays all day
    flowers wilting, skin dripping
    waiting for the storm

  285. Engin Gülez

    departing autumn
    the wall clock of late grandma
    in sync with silence

    answers turn into
    the monosyllabic words—
    winter seclusion

    nothing compares to
    the imprints of our children—
    pomegranate seeds

  286. Wyatt Huggins

    Walk tropical night
    Full moon vibrant tower cloud
    Deep heaven background

  287. Chen-ou Liu

    snowflakes on wet snow
    the heaviness and lightness
    of being alone

    deer leaping into
    the cover of prairie grass
    those three words uttered

  288. Jack DesBois

    cicadas shimmer
    late summer thin air quivers
    a chainsaw cuts through

    sunflowers in bloom
    search the south skies: ten thousand
    soldiers in array

    a plastic shopping
    bag waving from a tree branch
    whose leaves are changing

  289. Donna Miros

    Wild asters blooming
    Beside an angel in prayer
    A splash of purple

  290. Melissa Collie

    Staring, standing close,
    the two friends await morning’s
    halters in my hands.

  291. Alexandra Getto

    On a summer day
    The bluebirds come out to play
    While singing their songs

  292. Jeffrey Ferrara

    solo at the bridge
    the itinerant sax man
    performs for the stars

  293. Christopher Lorello

    roasting marshmallow
    comet streaks across the fire
    summer’s afterglow

  294. Michael W Howe

    Milk cows once filled a
    Dilapidated old Barn,
    With the Milk of Life.

    Michael W Howe

  295. Paul Wenz

    I gave a Eulogy to my Dad in haiku.. He passed away last fall at age 93.

    Born in ‘29
    What great fortune lies ahead?
    The Great Depression

    Farm living is hard
    It’s cold inside this morning
    I can see my breath

    A one room schoolhouse
    Half of my class is absent!
    Angie must be sick

    No more Christmas tree candles
    Or kerosene lamps

    Autumn, back in school
    Most are grieving summer’s end
    I rejoice, no chores!

    All study and work
    At the U of M except
    Football Saturday

    Post war in Berlin
    As counterintelligence
    Some of the best years.

    Terry peak ski trip
    Red sweater girl, you play bridge?
    I do, name’s Mary.

    Wedding and marriage
    Let us start a family
    Now Cathy then Paul

    First day to last day
    Commuting to work in style
    Black Mercedes Benz!

    Remington, Sperry
    Unisys, Lockheed Martin
    Same job but new name

    Working 30 years
    Using precious vacation
    Fixing or camping

    Pinewood derby built
    With Dad’s engineered design
    Not fair to others

    Baseball game tonight
    Pitcher Paul needs to warm up
    Dad to the rescue

    Same house on Charlton
    New kitchen, yard, and basement
    Pride of ownership

    Schematic sketches
    Adjusted by plans A through Z
    Persistence pays off

    Measure twice, cut once
    With the right tools and knowledge
    Everything fixed

    Oh, random device
    How old are your batteries?
    Yellow sticky note

    Oh, random yard tool
    Where is your proper storage?
    Labelled in garage

    Looking for advice?
    Five researched articles here
    But your decision

    New mattress needed
    Choice made easy by
    Consumer reports

    Growing tomatoes?
    Variety, soil, water
    Details in my book

    Shoulder surgery
    Won’t my tennis game suffer?
    I’ll play left-handed.

    Ah retirement
    Travel, tennis, read, relax
    There was time to work?

    Box wine, terra chips
    Ipad, freecell, recliner
    Happy hour at 4

    Patient, loving, kind,
    Gentle, strong, meticulous,
    Words to describe Dad.

    My work is complete
    93 years, time to rest
    Thanks, well done my child

  296. Ann VanVolkenburgh Chang

    synchronous in flight
    well-schooled, these summer fledglings
    bird-brained should be praise

    nothing constant here
    only motion and flux, yet
    still sand, still water

    sunset through white pines
    our soup will need reheating
    eyes feast first tonight

  297. Nickie White


    Liquor infuse tear.
    Daylight merge to nightfall rage.
    Sunrise will come soon.

  298. Farah Ali

    Thank you for reading my haiku:

    snow-laden branches
    his easel and paintbrushes
    are gathering dust

    white jasmine flowers
    stud the twirling dancer’s braid
    stars trail the full moon

    midwinter stillness
    the stone angel embedding
    in moss and silence

  299. Urszula Marciniak

    in this fall silence
    still raindrops and healing drops:
    drip, drip, drip, drip, drip

    the autumn full moon
    I’m beginning to think what
    the other side is

    the crowded ballroom
    and snowflakes swirl quietly
    outside the window

  300. Tomislav Maretić

    I am waken up
    by the song of a titmouse –
    the alarm clock’ sound

    a water lily
    in the sky… the clouds sailing
    somewhere under it

    lamp on the terrace –
    shadows of the moths flutter
    on the wall behind

  301. Thomas Joseph

    To Classical Poets Society
    Please note that as I was uncertain whether all 3 of my haiku submissions could be entered under one comment or each required its own comment submission I entered them both ways, In either case I only submitted three haiku not six which would disqualify me from the competition
    Thank you

  302. ruhallah ghasemi

    Winter morning’s sun
    The park Yellow-red roses
    Are still burning

    The park’s Autumn morning
    Some old’s men, some old’s women
    Some old’s leaves, some old’s deaths

    The ivy withers
    The mirror cracks
    when they meet

    • ruhollah Ghasemi

      excuse me. correct form of my second haiku is so that I have written below.

      The park’s Autumn evening
      Some old men, some old women
      Some old leaves, some old deaths

  303. Philip Foley

    rose hips gently tap
    the fore-arm and the arm-rest
    the chair is creaking

    vibrant summer sky
    something flits between its hue
    black trees and white stars

    a distant tractor
    calls me out of thoughts to Now
    a plough recalls me

  304. Portly Bard

    cracking desert crust…
    skies reclaiming silent clouds…
    summer humbling earth.

  305. Marcellin Dallaire-Beaumont

    leafless cherrytrees –
    the same world as yesterday
    but with no more love

    English-style garden –
    what’s the accent of lilac
    language of flowers

    morning nightingale
    answering with a whistle
    I petrify it

  306. Stuti Sinha

    Submission by Stuti Sinha

    Fistfuls of yellow
    drip from sticky summer hands;
    Mango stones lay bared

    Beads of sweat collect
    on summer beaten faces
    crying for respite

    A fog eclipses
    Kilimanjaro, till dawn
    crowns its peak with light

  307. Carey Jobe

    Out of parched corn-rows
    fly fat, black ears—the wind reaps
    a harvest of crows.

    Fish and butterfly
    at the pond’s brim, eye to eye,
    share infinity.

    Clouds of melting ice
    swirl my tea of garden herbs
    —winter ending twice.

  308. Mirela Brailean

    in the parents’ house
    as if they were never been
    people I don’t know

    for cicada’s song
    I will leave the door open
    even if it’s frost

    nights with double moon
    she use to swim in the pond
    without any clothes

  309. melissa collie

    Once green, the pasture’s
    crackled yellow shelters life
    forever still more.

  310. Bipasha Dutt

    Reflection of fall
    Scenery in the still lake
    Reflecting inward

    Sparrows chrip by my
    Window on a June morning
    Kettle whistles too

    Wildfire engulfing
    Environment entirely
    Battling breathlessness

    • Bipasha Dutt

      Dear Judges,

      My apologies. Changing one word in the first haiku.

      Reflection of fall
      Scenery falls in still lake
      Reflecting inward

      Thank you for this contest.

  311. Julie First

    Thanks for your time.

    the farm machines left
    under a round harvest moon,
    still cast their shadows.

  312. M.E. Winters

    Hummingbird in flight
    Wings and heart beating as one
    Fly tiny angel

    Seeking true love pure
    Brown eyes cold nose wagging tail
    Found true love pure dog

  313. M.E. Kienast

    Hummingbird in flight
    Wings and heart beating as one
    Fly tiny angel

    Seeking true love pure
    Brown eyes cold nose wagging tail
    Found true love pure dog

  314. Nancy Brady

    rivers of lava
    flash red against the night sky
    Mount Fuji erupts
    the tumbleweeding
    of dried hydrangea blossoms
    –birdsong in the air
    looking deep within
    a pistil and stamen mate
    –an orchid corsage

  315. Leland James

    freak warm wind, chinook,
    scythe of spring, windrows of snow,
    exposed earth startled

    moonlight in the dock
    silver minnow darts that laugh
    crickets owl tick-tock

  316. Victor Puertas

    Winter flees the earth,
    Leaving the world as in birth,
    The new spring blossoms

  317. Diana Woodcock

    one tiny house wren
    with an insect in her mouth
    still sweetly singing

    bulbul wind-swinging
    on a branch of the flame tree
    shamal teasing it

    palm doves snapping beans
    from brittle brown pods of vines
    no longer climbing

  318. Patricia Czachowski

    September 14 2023
    “Compass Plant “Title
    Glowing, swaying blooms
    Captured sunlight in petals
    Touch my head beneath

  319. Lauren Kearbey

    seasons are changing
    cold breeze, color changing leaves
    wind whispers goodbye

  320. Jaycob Roth

    I love football games
    favorite team is the Jags
    Jaguars on top

  321. Coco Noble

    Ocean waves crash in
    Surprising me from behind
    Sun bonnet floats out

  322. nadya

    cats are furry fun
    snowy white and dark as night
    soft paws comfort me

  323. Ann Streett-Joslin

    Bees on Spring’s blossoms
    with sun, rain, wind, hail coming.
    Late summer peaches.

  324. Dev Patel

    best sport basketball
    bouncing orange balls, free throws
    shoot the winning point

  325. Emma Parfitt

    Past becoming flesh,
    my ticking grandfather clock
    springs a carmine tear.


    Morning light through sky
    Eyes deep in shadow so bare
    Hands to her so fair.

    Raised up to see her
    Flashing colors bathing me
    her name is beauty.

    Flying hand in hand
    Hair flowing voices clearing
    Shouts of joy rising.

  327. Nolo Segundo

    reluctant leaves fall
    from an old tree showering
    an old man walking

  328. Nolo Segundo

    the orchids dazzle
    beauty stealing air and sun
    some unknown painter

    puffy summer clouds
    float across eternity
    so high no birds fly

  329. Judith Swain

    Crispy leaves afoot
    Faded sprays of rose petals
    Flower gardens pass

  330. Cristian Matei

    Alone in the night –
    only a few crickets sing
    one final concert

    Night in the country –
    now and then a black owl
    upsets the quiet

    Padlock on the gate –
    at night in the neighbor’s yard
    lots of fireflies

  331. Brian Palmer

    in the autumn dawn
    creaking limbs cradle the moon
    an old woman’s voice

    trees stand finely still
    and bear mute carved bird statues
    a dull ax chops wood

    night swallows embers
    rising in the quiet cold
    I stir moonless soup

  332. Mike Bryant

    These are three entries that have gone astray…

    Gordana Kurtović – haiku poems:
    acacia flower
    on a May evening
    smell of memories

    human negligence
    I fear more and more
    for our Earth

    haiku poet
    the builder of the bridge
    from East to West

  333. Alexandra Getto

    What a pretty bird
    With a red crest on his head
    Tweet-tweet-tweet, he says

    In the summertime,
    I like to swim at the pool
    With my family

    Look an oriole
    What a sweet colorful bird
    I love orioles

  334. Barbara Strang

    twilight gardening
    a grey and white mosquito
    flits ever closer

    summer afternoon
    a lone seed of thistledown
    drifts languidly by

    dead sunflowers droop…
    and a charm of goldfinches
    suddenly appear

  335. Donna U. Vitone

    Early dusk descends
    Awakening the nighttime
    Fall is drawing near

    A leaf butterfly
    Flutters and floats to the ground
    Then flies with fall winds

    Night window open
    Crickets’ lively song outside
    Sleepy summer dreams

  336. Patricia Olson

    Haiku entry

    As summer ends and
    cool breezes blow, leaves change color
    yellow, orange and red

  337. Patricia Olson (86 urs. old)

    Haiku entry:

    As summer ends and
    cool breezes blow, leaves change color
    yellow, orange and red

  338. Peter F. Pepe

    The mighty oak falls
    Thud then it all is silent
    Acorn to table

    Ripe grape on the vine
    Crush to become a fine wine
    A toast and to dine

  339. Jack Wood

    Late snow storm abates
    Orphan lambs’ cries pierce the air
    Non-responsive ewes

  340. Sunny McG

    Outside there is dew
    Rays of sun peak through the clouds
    And birds chirp and sing

  341. Noreen E Haas Lephardt

    Hazy autumn morn
    Loons calling through mystic fog
    your ashes set free

    Heat-stroked red roses
    weep in anticipation
    evening dew on your lips

    Stately white aspen
    quaking with the restless wind
    Fall tap-dances in

  342. Poppy McG

    Flowers start to bloom
    Spring cleaning? I’ll grab the broom
    Goodbye school classroom!

    Weather starts to cool
    I have started in with school
    I will miss the pool

    Family is there
    Presents, presents everywhere!
    Joy is in the air

  343. Ron Mitchell

    bees swarm blossoms blue
    hum of effort so divine
    harvest liquid gold

  344. Amy Asseff

    Dark morning turns bright
    Slow light leaks through window glass
    Summer takes her leave

    Hydrangea! All green
    Full of life yet not one bloom –
    Why on strike this year?

    Roses, so demure
    Armed, dangerous, offended
    I need a bandage


    “5-7-5” The five to seven five
    They do not have to rhyme
    But sanctioned some do.
    “Haiku 2” ‘Four Roses’, lime, and ice – Drink prune juice and do crossword – It can be very nice.
    “German Haiku”
    Go drink some hot tea – Und gehe zu baden zimmer – Badly I must pee.

  346. Wayne Asher

    Like a knife through air
    His hands and feet fly switly
    To his opponent

  347. Ivan Gaćina

    autumn rain . . .
    to the rhythm of its drops
    my long life

    spring stream . . .
    mixed in its nuances
    all my carelessness

    petrichor . . .
    memories of our sins
    in its soul

  348. Brigitta Anjelia

    Hi, April fools’ day 
    the sunshine waking up soon 
    happy cherry blossoms 

    each light brings power 
    bounce the beats in the cold wind 
    just relax, my friends 

    above us a struggle 
    Mastering Frost is a friend 
    do with longer days

  349. Monica Segreti

    Rippling cool water
    Birds flying between blue pools
    Sparkling reflections of summer

  350. Ankur Goswami

    long dry spell of cold
    saintly orchid braves the storm
    pushed but just holds on

    old man squints through fog
    spring dream beyond iron grill
    giggling kids on swings

    winter morning green
    bicycle waits in the dew
    warm croissant and tea

  351. Doris Gingerich

    Dome of blue on blue
    Canadians the pepper
    And snow geese the salt.

  352. Doris Gingerich

    Brown stalk, slain and robbed
    Of its amber offering
    Rests now on spent sod

  353. Mike Keirstead

    Gaze upon the night
    heavens full of countless suns
    -dark a mystery

  354. Lauren Scott

    consumed in dirt your
    head, or tail, wriggling with
    frantic exposure

    Your orange fur is
    brown now, but your head is soft
    like when you were new.

    Thursday Afternoon:
    Boots fill with water
    as I jump, jump, jump,
    in shallow puddles.

  355. Alexandra mora

    Moving my body
    A concert of cicadas
    In the trees above

    Bright blue skies above
    As far as my eyes could see
    Yellow flower fields

    Cicada sounds and
    Summer heat bathe my body
    As i rest in grass

  356. Susan Hilton

    tiny ants dodge tears
    crawling through the crevices
    – my son’s name in stone.

  357. Susan Hilton

    Wild flowers bloom, sway
    shadows play ‘cross dates too close
    sun rays warming stone.

  358. Susan Hilton

    Dry leaves near your stone
    Resting, rustling, reassuring
    sing you lullabies

  359. Christopher Calvin

    the moon at fullness
    radiance offers comfort
    in the cold darkness

    • Christopher Calvin

      silent pond reflects
      golden smile of autumn moon
      thoughts struck in fullness

  360. Christopher Calvin

    gold wheat’s gentle hush
    bathed in the full moon’s glory
    tsukimi embrace

  361. Linda Cuzzo

    One broken branch sways
    As two squirrels race, unconcerned
    Flaw flavors their fun

    Cantankerous storm
    Swirls the serene countryside
    Into a challenge

    Autumn’s breathe lingers
    Kissing rose petals goodbye
    Romantic ending

  362. Sharon Rousseau

    Now the river’s soul
    stirs with surface blue, changing—
    each hour, each new day.

  363. Sharon Rousseau

    The morning paper
    arriving before birdsong
    in robin’s egg blue.

  364. Sue Courtney

    first dawn of autumn
    dew studded strands of cobweb
    stretch over the moon

    spring awakening
    a butterfly emerges
    from its sleeping bag

    restless volcano
    an alpine flower garden
    erupts through the snow

  365. Sharon Rousseau

    The simple screen door
    that rain has clung to all night:
    a meditation.

  366. Benjamin Bläsi

    a blanket of dew
    on the bright morning glories…
    autumn-colored sun

    a bad summer cold—
    defying the scorching heat
    this blue butterfly

    incessant drizzle
    stretching out over the town
    a cuckoo’s soft call

  367. Kelly Sargent

    winter solstice wind
    a snowshoe hare warms its coat
    in the waning sun

  368. Joshua Eric Williams

    growing full, the moon
    swearing the seventeen sounds
    it wants, i’m wanting

    another cold front
    the heated language clinging
    to so many doubts

    blackberry winter
    reading a dead author’s work
    about time travel

  369. David Jacobs

    five years of ivy
    somewhere still in the tangle
    is a stone angel

    a new supermoon
    down along the waterfront
    all the talk is work

    R. Abramovich
    standing still outside his house
    a cherry blossom

  370. Gillena Cox

    listening to dawn –
    songs of kiskadee emerge
    clockwork from the sky

    still delighting me –
    all my tropical flowers
    in this year’s heat wave

    a heart shape cloud fades
    its memory remains well etched –
    fine inspiration

  371. Mircea Moldovan

    playing Solitaire
    at war veteran’s window
    autumn full moon

    roasted chestnuts bowl
    grandfather plays the cello
    on the Christmas Eve

    the train from the north
    does not stop at our station
    impossible love

  372. Randall Wise

    Each and every one
    Particular as snowflakes
    But all from water

  373. Suraja Menon Roychowdhury

    rhododendron bloom
    my child learns how to spell her name
    using syllables

    mother’s walking stick
    all the times she holds my hand
    while making dinner

    rose petals scatter
    a crow’s dark feathers ruffling
    in the autumn breeze

  374. Kelly Sargent

    apple-scented breeze
    through the dried sunflower stalks —
    bidding sweet adieu

  375. Coco McG

    Beautiful night sky
    Moon and stars so big and bright
    Bright beautiful night

  376. Lev Hart

    summer evening . . .
    the call from minarets
    & cathedral bells

    a rusted cauldron
    deep in the autumn forest
    where birds never sing…

    A praying mantis
    Stands motionless in the grass—
    There’s hundreds of them!

  377. Zachary Pierre

    Ravens. Screaming birds.
    Always coming into view
    When meals are in sight.

    Water. Streaming down.
    Moving, shifting, splashing, repeat,
    Always a good sight.

    Uprooted. Replant.
    Growing fruits and vegetables,
    Then starting over.

  378. Zack Martin

    Horny churches sit
    on the curves of rapeseed fields
    piously erect

    Dear fish, caught and plucked
    from life by a daybreak hawk
    good morning, goodbye

    Sidewalk dandelions,
    defy your masters to death
    hold fast for the wind

  379. Seth Pace

    Late frost on hayfields
    The old horse recalls the colt
    And bucks the darkness

    Pregnant clouds rumble
    Pecans trees dance wildly
    In the falling rain

    Old beagles in hay
    Snuggle against the cold wind
    Waiting for sunbeams

  380. Stacey Clark

    kill all your close friends
    drink their water, steal their sun
    leaves still end in dirt

    feed me stuffed grape leaves
    pour olive oil down my throat
    sweet oblivion

    space is musical
    here between our sundrenched skin
    where words are not said

  381. Stevo Leskarac

    flower in the dark –
    nature became agitated
    waiting to wake up

    the branch is moving
    in a cloud of silence
    just a breath of wind

    summer has arrived
    the stone and the thirsty sod –
    dream has dried up

  382. Trisha Barr

    Tears join melting ice.
    The bears simply trek inland
    and join other kin.

    The calm lake still hums –
    buzz of deadly mosquitoes
    adds to nature’s song.

    Lone wolf stalks the deer.
    His stealth never betrays him…
    Stomach growls loudly.

  383. Peter Lee

    Cherry blossoms bloom
    Then fall slowly to the ground
    Longing to be free

    Patterns intertwine
    To form a spider’s artwork
    Complete masterpiece

    Lone cocoon hatches
    One more inch left to complete
    Make it in the world

  384. Patricia Allred

    September 15, 2023

    Haiku Entries

    smoldering, dark clouds
    a forest fire is burning
    sirens in the night

    egg yolk of a sun
    with peace, settles in the West
    first blue star just winks

    bees’s legs, snugly embrace
    surface of the sunflower
    warbling robin, sings

    • Patricia Allred

      To Judges, please note…..

      Correction..Haiku #3:

      Line 1 should be…

      bee’s legs do embrace

      I apologize for my oversight!
      Patricia Allred.

  385. Madeline Male

    The evening sky glows
    with orange swirls and pink puffs.
    Dessert is now served.

  386. Madeline Male

    Shivers in a tree —
    My fingers grip, turning white.
    All the wolves growl.

  387. André Wilson

    Alexa replays
    Elvis crooning the blue moon
    I linger alone

    a blue moon distracts
    from after-dinner cleanup
    the dishwater chills

    a billion wishes
    power the golden module’s
    journey to the moon

  388. Patricia McLoughlin

    NINE ELEVEN – a chapter of Haikus

    War demons descend
    Shocking to reality
    Our purpose and truth

    This great upheaval
    Born to shake complacency
    Awakes a stunned world

    The sky exploding
    On September Eleventh
    Ignites the whole world

    As fireballs rise
    To a bright sapphire sky
    Smoke snuffs out the Sun

    Terrified, frozen
    The Earth huddles in shadows
    And shudders in fear

    We must stay alert
    Amend our complacent ways
    Save democracy

    Let nothing destroy
    Civilization and peace
    Man’s right to live free

    • Patricia McLoughlin

      Please edit the second Haiku which should read:

      This great upheaval
      Born to shake complacency
      Wakes up a stunned world

  389. Kimberley Cullen

    A duet of hoots
    serenades under moonlight.
    Table for two, please.

    Amid swirling flakes
    a red cardinal perches–
    nature’s own snow globe

    smooth frosted sea glass
    starfish feathers driftwood shells
    treasures lost and found

  390. Mona Iordan

    the first snowflakes melt
    on the chestnuts in the fire
    autumn equinox

    the displaced village
    in the long overgrown grass
    just leaning crosses

    a drop of nectar
    the lightheaded butterfly
    flying in zigzag

  391. Prade Sethupathi

    As windmill of dreams
    On plains of everyday life
    We survive, we thrive.

    A droplet on leaf,
    A spill on wooden table,
    joy leaves, regret roots.

  392. J. Edward Hindman

    Crunch of frozen grass,
    Chukkars blast off strong and proud.
    Eyes and smiles connect.

    Years of handmade skill,
    gentle flame ignites senses
    Vitola’s great gift.

    Dogwoods open act.
    Sunrise bold proclaims the news,
    All changes this morn.

  393. Noah Patullo

    Great, beautiful lake
    Pristine, untouched, reflective
    Symbol of beauty

    A tall vantage point
    Overlooking trees and hills
    And a great blue sky

    A delicate seed
    Sapling sprouting from the earth
    Size does not matter

  394. Jon Holt

    Twirling through the air
    Mother above and below
    How does forever work?

    Soar ever upward
    On illuminated wing
    The still puddle smiles

  395. Wendy Toth Notarnicola

    rare stories from Dad
    about his refugee years…
    hailstones in summer

    wedding procession –
    the groom pauses to admire
    the cherry blossoms

    clanging harbor bells
    fishing trawlers return home
    in the autumn mist

  396. Doug

    a hibiscus blooms
    on the anniversary
    of the day she left

    the world condensed on
    a dew drop on a bamboo
    the old gray cat snores

    3 in the morning
    staring at the ceiling fan
    half-life of a dream


  397. Doug

    3 in the morning
    staring at the ceiling fan
    half-life of a dream


    a hibiscus blooms
    on the anniversary
    of the day she left


    the world condensed on
    a dew drop on a bamboo
    the old gray cat snores


  398. Florin C. Ciobica

    refugee convoy
    a lassie stops to gather
    corn silk for her doll
    living the hospice
    winter clouds deepen into
    her window mirror
    first dream of the year
    my mother emerging from
    the induced coma

  399. Cristina Stanescu

    new treaty of peace
    the wind leaves through the ruins
    cherry tree blossoms
    cherry trees in bloom
    looking over the color
    of pregnancy test

  400. CAE Wood

    Natures silent grace
    Whispers in a quiet placeLife’s beauty we embrace

    Moonlight on the sea
    Waves sing a soothing melody
    Nature’s harmony

    Autumn leaves take flight
    Colors blaze with pure delight
    Natures final rite

  401. Susan Cappellari

    Fall bees drink the bloom
    Dance and thread at nectar’s loom
    Spring waits, workers’ tomb

    Tree to earth winds blow
    Thrash and gnash its spirit woes
    Ant and ilk abode

  402. John Leidy

    I am making a revision to my prior submissions by adding titles to two of the haiku. I am fine submitting these with or without a title. The contest rules do not mention titles, and I have seen poets taking positions on both sides of whether or not haiku should have a title, though none of your examples include titles.

    Autumn Leaf

    Departing the cold,
    she casts her stemline adrift
    amidst leafy seas.

    Pine Warbler

    Gathering needles,
    she deftly stitches them round
    the warbler nursery.

    The rhythmic beat of
    summer’s rolling waters, now
    iced into silence