I go, I go to the lake so blue,
Tree-lined shore in autumn hue.
This place, my heart, my Shangri-la-da—
The deep blue lake of Sacandaga.

The morning dawns upon the scene;
Its peace replaces every dream.
Loudly geese and crows adore
The sun’s first rays upon this shore.

We are but guests beneath these trees
The day begins upon our knees.
The silky quiet of the day
Requires soft footsteps to the bay.

Boat nor jet ski can upset
The inner quiet I now beget.
Embrace the lake, kayak and swim
In tree filtered light, I rest within.

I shall return to leafy glade
To sit beneath the dappled shade
My peace returns, my mind remade
By the shores of Sacandaga.

—October, 2023



Brian Cook runs a cleaning company in the hospitality industry in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

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