Uninvited Guest

A man came by my house one day.
I smiled and said he couldn’t stay.
He smiled right back and said “OK,”
but then he didn’t go away.

Instead, he walked right through my door
and put his clothes inside a drawer.
He took the room least often used
and then he just laid down and snoozed.

At first, of course, I was surprised,
but that was when I realized
that though I owned my bungalow,
I had no right to make him go.

Illegal is a hurtful name.
Although it’s true it causes shame.
The label that described him best
was as an Uninvited Guest.

I let him stay but I confess
the cost became a source of stress.
Apart from that I didn’t care.
I barely knew that he was there.

A month went by, or maybe two,
then he called everyone he knew.
As they arrived, I screened each one,
but I was quickly overrun.

I thought perhaps I’d build a fence,
but then thought that might cause offense.
So as the line grew more and more,
instead I just removed my door.

Although some guests brought Fentanyl,
I was assured that overall,
despite small crimes now and again,
my guests were mostly noble men.

That may be true, but I can’t tell
since I don’t track them very well.
I do not know who comes or goes
or count them as their number grows.

My house now full, as is my lawn.
My bank account is overdrawn.
My actions worthy without doubt,
but now I think that I’ll move out.



Warren Bonham is a private equity investor who lives in Southlake, Texas.

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33 Responses

  1. Roy Eugene Peterson

    I wrote a book on this titled, “American Made Crisis: Aliens in our Midst.” You have captured the essence of what this means for our country that is allowing unvetted aliens (criminals, diseased persons, undesirables, and terrorists, among others) to enter our house!

    • Warren Bonham

      You were ahead of your time. We need more and more people to catch up to you quickly.

      • Patricia Allred

        An effortless, smooth read!
        I kept thinking of Donald Trump, reading the poem, The Snake, this country has so many deaths from Fentanyl.. add rapes, and terrorists.
        Not only that, our country is in deep debt. Plus we support nations at war. Our children and their children will carry this debt. I am with Salemi on the pompous Pope! And, he wears rainbow colors. Ugh! I almost fainted when I saw that!

  2. Phil S. Rogers

    Very well done, and 100% right on target! You made a terrible situation into an enjoyable read. Thank You

  3. Mike Bryant

    While people fuss and worry that we aren’t doing enough for the immigrants, the Mexican Cartels are making billions bringing in children for sex trafficking and body parts, fentanyl and other deadly drugs, and (mostly) young men of military age for who knows what. I’m afraid we’ve gone way beyond the camel’s nose.
    You say all of this perfectly.
    Also, these young men get a nice $2,200 monthly government check, about $500 bucks more than tha average Social Security check. I wonder what they are expected to do in order to earn it.

    • Warren Bonham

      I didn’t even know about all of the economic incentives we’re providing. Our policy makers have no clue.

      • Mike Bryant

        Pity the real immigrants. I’m sure the Mexican Government and the cartels know exactly what types of people are required. So where are the old men and women who have saved their money and tried to come to the USA? The cartels, after collecting the coyote fee, simply kill them and then take their valuables. Oh we are so righteous to have set up this killing field!
        The really sad part is that many church organizations are being paid handsomely to assist the flow in innumerable ways. Just ask the Pope… we are working out God’s righteousness.
        Even red state governors are flying and busing these invaders to their hotels in New York, Chicago, LA, etc.

      • Joseph S. Salemi

        Mike, my rage against my own Catholic Church here in America stems from the fact that the hierarchy is raking in millions from the U.S. government by sponsoring and encouraging this invasion of aliens.

      • Mike Bryant

        Also, Joe it’s not just Catholics… at least since 2013 many Protestant churches have joined with this Progressive idiocy:


        How many deaths are the “well-meaning” people responsible for?
        Look at the graph on drug deaths here:


        Please note the catastrophic rise since 2013, the beginning of the big HOLY push.

        The drug deaths don’t count all those immigrants that didn’t meet the progressive specs.

        I guess… if you want to make an omelette, you have to break some heads… actually, millions and millions of them.

        If you’re a retired priest or preacher you have to keep quiet about this. Those retirement checks depend on new money.

    • Evan Mantyk

      Mike, you may correct me on this, but regarding the Red State governors, isn’t it the case that they are not allowed to deport the illegal immigrants. I thought their busing was a stroke of political genius because it puts pressure on the Blue State governors who put pressure on the Biden administration, which is finally capitulating.

      • Joseph S. Salemi

        Yes! Sending those busloads of aliens to various left-liberal “sanctuary cities” was an inspired piece of real-world propaganda. The chaos and damage and expense that it caused in these Democrat enclaves produced utter embarrassment and tongue-tied consternation for liberals. The mayor of Noo Yawk has been made to look like a totally incompetent fool — which he is.

      • Mike Bryant

        I think you’re right, Evan. The move does seem to have opened many eyes. But in the long run, those governors are only spreading the poison more quickly. I wonder if Texas can legally figure out a way to deport them.
        I did look it up and apparently, Texas and other states would need a new law passed by Congress to make it legal. Don’t hold your breath for that to happen.

  4. Cheryl Corey

    Great analogy, Warren. Ironic, isn’t it, that the elites who claim walls don’t work most often live in gated communities and behind their walls of their own.

    • Warren Bonham

      Great point! Now that some of the big cities are being impacted, maybe there’s a tiny chance that things may start to turn around?

  5. Jeff Eardley

    Warren, this is effortless to read and sums up the immigration situation for the Western World. Over here, we are being overrun by waves of illegal migration via people-traffickers. So many of our English hotels have been requisitioned to house so many economic opportunists. Perfect rhyme and scan, a great read. Thank you.

    • Warren Bonham

      It’s a very small silver-lining in our otherwise dark cloud that we’re not alone in this mess.

  6. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Warren, you manage to highlight powerfully and poetically the plight of the Western world… and I’m certain it’s leading to a place of horror. Let’s hope it’s not too late to repair our broken system and restore law and order… I may be an optimistic fool, but I’m still hopeful. Thank you for your creative and sane eye on yet another subject we’re not allowed to have our own personal opinions on.

    • Warren Bonham

      I promise not to cancel you for what too many people consider to be wrong-think.

    • Warren Bonham

      I will definitely check out the English version. The Wikipedia summary sounds spot on.

  7. David Whippman

    A witty comment on a worrying trend. Same thing is happening here in Britain. Our services are at breaking point, the housing shortage is worsening, but we are reassured that “diversity is a strength.”

    • Warren Bonham

      I wish we could learn from mistakes made by others but everyone seems to like making their own. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Joshua C. Frank

    What a great metaphor for illegal immigration in Western countries!

    Sadly, it’s far worse even than you describe. I read (in the book Catholic and Identitarian by Julien Langella, a Frenchman writing about the same problem in Europe) that in Sweden, in 2015, a family welcomed an illegal Eritrean into their home, and in return, he killed their 7-year-old daughter. Also that in Saxony, the same year, a little girl the same age was raped by illegals in a park dedicated to “victims of fascism.” Also, an Italian “No Borders” activist was raped by illegals and told to keep quiet about it so as not to hurt the cause. The list goes on.

    • Warren Bonham

      If tragedies like that ever saw the light of day, things might change. Thanks for doing your part.

      • Joshua C. Frank

        You’re welcome, Warren. Sadly, such horrors will never see the light of day among the general public as long as our culture agrees with the basic elements of leftism… but hopefully bringing them to light for my readers will help some.

    • Warren Bonham

      I’m a big fan of walls. For some reason, I couldn’t get the link to load (probably some firewall issue).


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