Until You Try

“You’ll never know
Until you try…”
Make this mindset
Your battle cry!

Your first few steps,
A paper route.
Try out for sports.
Doors all about!

Reach out your hand,
And make a friend,
And when you fail,
Make true amends.

A summer job,
A new book read,
A question asked,
New paths ahead.

Apply to college;
Roommates choose.
Ask more of self
In all you do.

Apply to work
With those admired.
Find causes true,
Goals now desired.

Ask her to meet
For your first date.
The worth of love,
Don’t underrate.

Then say “I do”
To wedding vows.
Make rich the life
That they allow.

Bring forth a child,
Your lasting gift.
Embrace new friends,
Their spirits lift!

What friends around
Need your advice?
Take steps to help
Those on thin ice.

Run for office,
And take a stand.
Enlist to fight,
And take command!

Keep in mind
Those souls alone.
Reach out to them,
Invite them home.

Write a poem,
Or write a book.
With just your words
Enhance outlooks.

And trust in God
When end times near.
With gifts well used
Grace will appear.

“You’ll never know
Until you try…”
A way of life—
Your battle cry!



Michael Charles Maibach began writing poems at age nine.  Since then he has continued writing poems, and sharing them with friends.  His career has involved global business diplomacy.  He is a native of Peoria, Illinois.  Today Michael resides in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.  More of his poems are found at www.MaibachPoems.us or on Facebook.

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10 Responses

  1. Paul A. Freeman

    I’m still trying, Michael. I’m still trying.

    Thanks for an uplifting read that puts life in perspective.

  2. Roy Eugene Peterson

    This is an uplifting poem that challenges everyone to not only take advantage of the good life, but aim for higher things regardless of the outcome. At least one has tried.

  3. Geoffrey Smagacz

    Well put, home-spun wisdom. But in some quarters you could be deemed a heretic! Reminds me of that Chesterton quote: “We shall soon be in a world in which a man may be howled down for saying that two and two make four, in which furious party cries will be raised against anybody who says that cows have horns, in which people will persecute the heresy of calling a triangle a three-sided figure, and hang a man for maddening mob with the news that grass is green.”― G.K. Chesterton

    • Joshua C. Frank

      In many ways, we’re already there, especially with regard to gender, faith, family, race, the right to life, and all those topics that could only be controversial in such an evil world as today’s.

  4. Hari Hyde

    Delightful poem. I wish I would’ve devoured every morsel of advice on this list. I’m reminded of the 1900 poem by Frank L. Stanton, “Keep a-Goin’.” I can’t get that poem out of my head, and I’ll remember this one too.

  5. Daniel Kemper

    An important message. I like poems like these to remind me to, “Drive on!” and not be discouraged.

  6. Joshua C. Frank

    I like it. Each idea is short, sweet, and to the point, and the overall tone is encouraging and uplifting. Well done!


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