Some skies stark and vivid,
But others milky white.
Sometimes lovely azure skies,
Or pale with fading light.
Some skies gray and gloomy,
Yet others black as night.

Skies! Their authenticity—
No falsehood to conceal.
O, that stormy politics
A pure intent reveal,
That truth and honor win the way
Beyond this mad ordeal.



Margaret Brinton has lived in San Diego’s inland valley area for over forty years where she taught and tutored. Her poems have recently been published in California Quarterly and Westward Quarterly and The Lyric with upcoming work in the greeting card industry.

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7 Responses

  1. Roy Eugene Peterson

    This is more than a vividly colorful poem. It is a call for authenticity, for “truth and honor” in politics, something that is now lacking in our shrouded world of hidden agendas! Well-said in a crisp, stark, creative way.

  2. Norma Pain

    I love this poem. Short and spot-on and says it all about the current “mad ordeal” we are experiencing. Thank you Margaret.

  3. jd

    A lovely poem, Margaret. Would that it were true. They are even busy blemishing God’s beautiful sky with their own clouds of aluminum and other earthly delights.

  4. Paul A. Freeman

    The skies can be very changeable these days!

    Thanks for the thoughtful read.

  5. Warren Bonham

    Looking up at stars that were there billions of years before any of us existed and will still be there long after we’re gone creates some much needed perspective but it’s hard not to get caught up in all of the stormy politics underway down here on earth. I really enjoyed this one.


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