Andrew Benson Brown has had poems and reviews published in a few journals. His epic-in-progress, Legends of Liberty, will chronicle the major events of the American Revolution if he lives to complete it. Though he writes history articles for American Essence magazine, he lists his primary occupation on official forms as ‘poet.’ He is, in other words, a vagabond.

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10 Responses

  1. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Andrew, I thank you wholeheartedly for your tireless endeavors to breathe technological beauty into the words of those who love words. You lift poetry to a higher level. My effort is way better when surrounded by visuals that add eye-candy to rhyme and rhythm… and for that, I am most grateful. Never stop!

  2. Brian A. Yapko

    These are an absolute delight, Andrew. Well done. And I have to say that the everything bagel at the end of Susan’s poem was an absolute hoot.

    • ABB

      Ha glad you noticed that detail. In the E-bagel lies the secret of the universe.

  3. Cynthia Erlandson

    Thank you so very much, Andrew! You are an excellent reader, and your pictures (both the beautiful ones and the humorous ones) are always so good.

  4. James Sale

    Wonderful readings, wonderful graphics, wonderful poems: a real feast of poetry. Well done all, especially you, Andrew, in resurrecting these poems from the page to these wonderful images and sounds. Quite fitting that you end with Monika Cooper’s Elijah poem, transported as he is – poetry transports us too!

  5. Monika Cooper

    Thank you, Andrew Benson Brown.

    All glory to the Muse of fire who translated the prophet!


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