Climate: The Movie

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It shows there is no basis found in science for its fare.
The film exposes the alarm as an invented scare.
We are not witnessing extreme events in weather’s realms,
nor do the levels of carbon-dioxide overwhelm.
It counters claims high temp’ratures reveal a virgin birth,
compared to the last billion years of history on Earth.
In fact, it claims that we are at the end of an ice age,
and thus, there is no catastrophic man-made climate change.
The film depicts the climate scare as frenzied, funding fix,
an anti-freedom, anti-capital, green-market mix,
that wants to censor anyone who does not buy its lines,
an inquisition fighting heresies of the divined.



Bruce Dale Wise is a poet and former English teacher currently residing in Texas. 

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15 Responses

  1. Roy Eugene Peterson

    Excellent poem and message perfectly targeted on the myths that politicians are circulating and attempting to sell at great cost to us as taxpayers and attempting to give us all guilt complexes! Bravo!

    • BDW

      Although the poem is basic’lly, polemical in limn, predominantly just a comment on that recent film, what excellence that Mr. Peterson suggests it has, is chiefly in its brevity and touch of modern jazz.

  2. Mike Bryant

    Bruce, thank you for bringing this information to the SCP. I have seen this documentary and it is a “must see” for every truth-seeker. I believe that it is telling that Ganjing World has recommended it, since they understand better than anyone the evils of tyrannical governments. We can’t forget the human cost of Lysenkoism. Science should never operate at the behest of government.

    Since YouTube often cancels critical thinking, here is another link to Rumble that, for the moment, has not fallen to the censors.


    • BDW

      Mr. Bryant brings up one theme of this brief critique: perversion of hard science in our present day Newspeak. He mentions the biologist whose bogus research caused
      imprisonment and death of many, including Vavilov, whose work on centers of plant origins was criticized by said biologist, thence placed in prison, where he died. A dedicated communist insisting in one way:
      Trofim Lysenko would fit nicely in the present day.

      Trofim Lysenko (1898-1976) and Nikolai Vavilov (1887-1943) were Soviet agronomists.

  3. Paul Freeman

    Maybe we should believe the evidence of our own eyes rather than warring factions of corrupt politicians, greedy corporations, compromised scientists and conspiracy nutjobs.

    • Joseph S. Salemi

      Would the “conspiracy nutjobs” include the left-wing bitch Sunny Hostin (a co-host on The View), who claimed that “climate change” caused recent earthquakes and an eclipse?

    • BDW

      In Store for 2024
      by Eber L. Aucsidew

      Another year, another end. Imagine there’s no war
      in the Sudan, Ukraine, Burkino Faso or Myanmar…
      that antisemitism will be exorcised as well,
      and Climate Change—the Cult—will go back in to its grim Hell,
      that thé EV electric-hogs, will leave “green” energy,
      from coal, wind farms, gas, nuclear, and solar paneling.
      [The dirty lies in where pollution’s really coming from,
      child labour mining cobalt, aquifers for lithium,…]
      Indeed the water and the air grow strange with all of this.
      Improbable? The answer is a grand, resounding Yes.

  4. Cheryl Corey

    Ask a climate zealot – what climate would they have us preserve? That of the age of dinosaurs? A thousand years ago? A hundred? Today’s? I guarantee you, they can’t answer.

  5. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Thank you for drawing attention to this elephant in the room, Bruce. The film is a must-see for the simple reason that we rarely get to hear the alternative view on mainstream TV or in the MSM.

    With my own eyes, I have seen that hundreds of predictions based on the “existential threat” of “climate change” have fallen flat. I believe in keeping the planet clean and preserving the flora and fauna. I don’t believe in taxing the pips out of people and endangering human life in the name of a tyrannical scam.

    The fat cats of the Western world are preventing the use of fossil fuels in Africa. Many Africans die because they are using dung to cook their food. Not only is it unsanitary, the smoke from the dung destroys lungs. If we truly cared for African people, we would assist them in modernization. We helped China modernize and they burn through fossil fuels faster than any other country with no consequence. Perhaps we should be asking why they get a pass when we don’t? I don’t happen to think they need a pass… CO2 is NOT a poison. It’s plant food and we’re at very low levels. During the time of the dinosaurs the CO2 levels were up to 6,000 parts per million. We’re now at less than 450 parts per million. At these numbers, we’re near CO2 starvation levels for plants. People should know this. They don’t by design.

    “Climate Change” has everything to do with money and nothing to do with saving the planet.

  6. David Paul Behrens

    How about a viewpoint from left field? In the whole scheme of things, it would not matter if the entire planet were to blow up and scatter like dust. Earthlings take themselves too seriously. Nothing lasts forever, but forever.

  7. Lannie David Brockstein

    On April 22th, 2024, Mike Bryant wrote:
    >>> “Hey Joe, global warming does cause earthquakes. The Guardian said it’s so.”


    Mike, have you studied the theory that describes the Earth as growing/expanding whenever there is an earthquake or volcanic eruption, and thus that the planet is a four-dimensional hypersphere, rather than a three-dimensional sphere?

    The Expanding Earth theory was first hypothesized by Darwin, but he abandoned it. Nonetheless, others have further developed it.

    As for the UN and the WHO that are always “following the science”, their flags depict the Earth as a two-dimensional disc, which clearly goes to show those organizations believe that the Earth is flat.

    nealadamsdotcom – “Neal Adams – Science: 01 – Conspiracy: Earth is Growing!”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJfBSc6e7QQ

    From Lannie.

    • Mike Bryant

      Lannie, that four-dimensional, hypersphere stuff is so last century. I know that you know that today it’s all about multiple upon multiple dimensions that are all tied up with string.

      As far as the flat earth thing goes, it doesn’t surprise me that the UN goes along with that.

      I am aware of the expanding earth hypothesis and I’ve seen some pretty spectacular animations that illustrate the theory. Most of the people I know have actually expanded to the point of obesity and beyond, so there may be something to it.

      • Lannie David Brockstein


        Speaking of multiple dimensions, perhaps you already know this; if not then I suppose the “you” of another universe does…part of the puzzle that is required in order to see the whole picture as to the cause of obesity, is the little known fact that most people who are obese typically have a much less diverse microbiome in comparison to those who are not obese.

        As all roads lead to Rome, all diseases lead to Big Pharma. That is why nobody should be surprised to learn that a lack of microbiome diversity is caused by the use of Big Pharma’s probiotics-killing products.

        Not only does that include the use of its antibiotic and vaccine products. That also includes consuming Big Pharma’s probiotics-killing junk-food products, which are laced with its antibiotics, vaccines, pesticides, artificial preservatives, and genetic modifications products. Furthermore, that also includes consuming unfiltered tap water that is laced with Big Pharma’s chlorine and chloramine products.

        There are many online articles and videos about “obesity and the microbiome” by licenced naturopathic doctors, who teach about this little known but nonetheless important part of the obesity puzzle. If you haven’t yet researched that, and thus learned there are less than six degrees of separation between every disease and Kevin Bacon, I mean between every disease and Big Pharma, then I hope for you to consider doing so:

        YouTube search engine “obesity and the microbiome” keywords: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=obesity+and+the+microbiome

        From Lannie.

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