Soulless, Warped, And Monstrous People
look at us as smelly “sheeple.”
Easily manipulated.
Otherwise, we’re mocked and hated.

Those revolting, loathsome creatures,
all have normal-looking features,
and since each one’s always lying,
they are hard identifying.

They’re well-practiced at concealing
what their blackened hearts are feeling
as they dress in sheeple clothing
to conceal their utter loathing.

But if searched for indirectly,
we can judge each one correctly.
They’re betrayed by how their labors,
show how much they hate their neighbors.

All their words suggest they’re caring,
while each one’s at work preparing
ways to profit swamp-like people
on the backs of “we the sheeple”.

Sheeple may smell like manure,
but smell better than the sewer
which loosed from its deepest levels
all our country’s swampy devils.

Washington’s now over-ridden.
Monsters there do not stay hidden.
Who can drain this putrid region
and trump this demonic legion?

There’s just one who’ll face the dangers
and drive out these money changers.
We’re saved from their vile behavior
only by our Lord and Savior.



Warren Bonham is a private equity investor who lives in Southlake, Texas.

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13 Responses

  1. Roy Eugene Peterson

    Warren, great perceptive poem! I love the well-designed tagging and the creative abbreviation!

    • Warren Bonham

      One of our kids attended the College of William and Mary. Someone clever there came up with TWAMP as an acronym for “typical William and Mary person”. That got me thinking about possible SWAMP acronyms. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem!

  2. Phil S. Rogers

    Soulless warped and monstrous people. So much said in one little line.
    The use of the word trump is interesting. Great job.

    • Warren Bonham

      I had to throw a “trump” head-fake in there. Interesting is an apt description.

  3. Gigi Ryan


    I was carried off in the waves of your words. Toward the end I thought I knew where you were going; you surprised me and I was thrilled. I am reminded of Zechariah 4:6.

    Thank you.

    • Warren Bonham

      I’m glad the ending was surprising. I didn’t want to be too obvious. I’m going to go back a read the Zechariah reference. I must admit that Zechariah hasn’t been cracked open for quite a while.

    • Warren Bonham

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Our Swamp could definitely use a thorough cleaning.

  4. Daniel Kemper

    Darkly hilarious. My great-grandfather, DC native, used to say, “Congress is the only whorehouse in the world that LOSES money!”

    • Warren Bonham

      I keep thinking the Swamp is a new development but I guess that DC has always been this way. I don’t know if that should make us feel better or worse, but I think I would have liked your great-grandfather.

  5. Margaret Coats

    The English colonists thought the river shores of Virginia were fever-inducing, and adding people with power to the sickly atmosphere naturally speeds up disease and corruption. Your final point is the correct attitude, Warren, but it is incumbent on those who lead any department or office to persevere in attempts to clean up the tangled mess. Glad your word choice gave some credit to Trump for trying, and hope he has another chance.

    • Warren Bonham

      It sounds like the Evil has always been there which is very disconcerting to hear. Trump is the best bet to chip away at the Swamp but I agree that it will take some real heart-surgery to truly eradicate the swampy behavior that is eating away at the soul of the country. Thanks very much for that additional context!

  6. Joshua C. Frank

    I like it! It drives home a serious point while being very entertaining.

    However, I don’t think the last stanza works. You could have left it out, making use of the word “trump” as a pun, implying that Trump being back in office would turn things around.

    As it is, the last stanza elicits the response:

    Do you think your God and Savior
    Saves you from their vile behavior
    Tramping on your rights inviolate?
    God gave power to Pontius Pilate!

    (See John 19:11.)


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