In Memory of Romeo and Juliet

by Victor Tyne, St. Peter’s Preparatory School, Jersey City, New Jersey

These twain ephem’ral lives were fraught with woes
When they, a boy and girl in morn of life,
Defied their due inheritance as foes
And chased a star-crossed love as man and wife.
Belovéd by their family, kin and friends,
To honest, faithful vow of love they swore;
Walked fortune’s path to meet their self-willed ends
That ended ancient hate and true peace bore.
Each fain would drink the pois’nous sip of death
Or by the sting of dagger sharp depart,
For entering the grave’s eternal rest
Proved better than to live with broken heart.
The sword of fatal love spared neither child,
But through their deaths were households reconciled.


My Somber Saunter

by Rhea Mitr, Quarry Lane School, Dublin, California

Rosy faces plastered with joy and cheer,
Ambush of powder orbs dappling the haze,
Wide-eyed legions exploring for reindeer,
Imagination ablaze: holidays.
Chestnuts roasting in the woolen fire,
Vines draping the alabaster mantle,
Resonating harmonies of choir,
Faint flames waltzing atop a pine candle.
Frail boughs sagging under crystallized chalk,
Frozen spires clinging to withered wood,
Fallen wreaths, stiff hinges, fractured sidewalk,
A silent and deserted neighborhood.
Life’s tender lattice is rather brittle,
Easily slashed with my frigid sickle.


Made in China

by Deborah Ogunsanwo, St. Bedes High School

Truthfulness, compassion and tolerance;
the epitome of ‘the land of the divine’.
Deceitfulness, hatred and indifference,
have permeated the land of mine.

A system with legally binding vow,
to protect our fortune and fate.
A light filled journey to attain Dao,
leads instead to torture and hate.

Your immoral jealousy is subject to,
your too far-lefted point of view.
Our peaceful motives you misconstrue,
To forge an inducement good for you.

You have no right to ruin lives!
To carve our chests with surgical knives!
To support a financial enterprise!
To laugh and gain at our demise!

You snigger and sneer at our heightened fall,
Whilst sitting on your golden thrones tall.
You bash and beat us as we bawl,
and leave us to bleed after you maul.

Why must your insecurity lead to our defeat?
When it is our lives that you mistreat?
Care you not to give us a break?
To free us from the constant quake?

Tibet, Catholic, and protestant alike,
you incarcerate without feasible reason.
But if we discourse to save our lives,
to your holy stature, we commit treason.

To countries worldwide you sell your stock,
yet overlook your flesh and flock.
You trade and smile, and they acquire
a label stating ‘Made in China’.
As we suffer in silence for years and long,
Dreaming to return to our Falun Gong.


The Forest

by Kaley Henyon, Linganore High School, Frederick, Maryland

In the forest, dark and daunting, shadows sneak so ever haunting
The sun is gone there is no light, I’m all alone in the forest tonight
Shadows deft with grapes of wrath, streak across the unmarked path
My fear, it sears, my beat brain’s might, upon this eve I think of flight
Filled with trenchant thoughts of plight, my heart, my skin, all gone white
In the forest, on this night

As I walked the rigid ground, in the distance, a crackling sound
A moment of vivacious light, I see a chance to make wrongs right
I know it’s tempt within the fire, appealing to my deep desire
I impugn this glow, its florid light, it ever stretches within my sight
The sound, it grows, no longer slight, the temptation calls, no fear, no fright
In the forest, on this night


Creed of Communism

by Jacyln Kennedy, Cactus Shadows High School in Cave Creek, Arizona

Crimson hands, roses drowned with might
With plucks and pricks, their thorns in flight
As stems dwindled, wilted, they bled
For who grew keen of raging Red?

Cease the glow, gleam of glory
Rise, cosmic purgatory
Let its chains ring, surge with bones
Bound as one, we weep alone

Was it the Youth, palms thawed in blue?
Blazing fingertips, softened Truth
Hallowed hearts and high-handed heads
Kindle the thirsts of the ill-fed

Beyond these ashes, coast to coast
Upon the West, a fruitful rose
Bloom, blossom this sermon of fair
A veiled vow to leave us bare

Surely, in time, idolatry of blight
Would grieve in seconds, the minutes finite
Yet a hammer, They use, to slice the saved
Even the Devil spits upon His grave

To Reds, may I so kindly inquire
Your hue’s scare ablaze, a rampant fire
Why continue, lust for bedeviled buds?
Blink a bitter tear, taste our salt and blood?

Whistled from those flush, decayed petals for lips,
“To let our thorns branch into dictatorship”



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