White Is A Color, Too

It seems strange to have to say this
After what that great man taught,
Yet I have seen so much amiss
That I fear we all forgot.

I’m here to share an opinion,
Which might be a shock to you:
All human races count as one,
And white is a color, too.

I do not wish to give offense
To those of a different skin,
But, to me, it just makes no sense
To repudiate your kin

For something of so little weight,
A mere happenstance of hue,
And so with urgency I state
That white is a color, too.

Isn’t white viewed as a color
For fabric, paper, and paint?
Then why should it cause such a stir
If I voice this mild complaint?

Since colors come in many strains,
And these shades have tones, it’s true,
Then “whiteness” should not be a stain,
For white is a color, too.

And, white comes in shades of brilliance,
Just like darker color tones,
But beyond this quirk of science,
Does it show the heart one owns?

No pigment predicts the goodness,
Or the badness, that we’ll do,
So ignore the mouths of bias,
See white as a color, too.

And, besides, do these color brands
Even match what they define?
Though called “white,” I have reddish hands,
A complexion like rose wine!

We’re all people of color, friend—
That’s what I must share with you—
And of the godly color blends,
Yes, white is a color, too.

It is sad I have to say this
After what God’s spirit taught,
Yet I have seen so much amiss
That I fear we all forgot.


The Assembly Line: A Public School Monotetra

The students mostly turn out fine
Produced on this assembly line,
For, surely, their views will align—
That’s by design; that’s by design.

We lock them on a rubber belt,
And heat their brains until they melt;
At first the central rule is dealt—
“Truth is what’s felt,” “truth is what’s felt.”

Then add at each progressive stage,
A bar onto their mental cage;
We must conflate the slight with sage
At every age, at every age.

So, when they come out at the end,
They’ll mirror the blueprint we intend,
An army marshaled to defend
Just social trend, just social trend.

A few won’t take cues from our card,
Reading the words as mere canard;
We must for these so gravely marred
Be on our guard, be on our guard.

For thinking undercuts our plan,
The grounds for which forced schools began,
To make the diverse minds of man
Think as one clan, think as one clan.

By far most products come out right,
Fraught with feeling, without insight;
That’s why we workers, day and night,
Keep up the fight! Keep up the fight!

See the graduates at the line,
Clustered like red grapes on a vine!
Oh, this factory can design:
Water to wine, water to wine!



Ron L. Hodges is an English teacher and poet who lives in Orange County, California. His works have appeared in The Road Not Taken, Ancient Paths, Calvary Cross, and The Society of Classical Poets Journal 2015 and 2016. He won the Society’s prestigious Annual Poetry Competition in 2016.

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10 Responses

  1. Joseph S. Salemi

    Concerning “White Is A Color, Too,” it should be noted that the ubiquitous Rainbow Flag of left-liberal partisans has no white in it. I guess that wasn’t an accidental omission.

    • C.B. Anderson

      White was not needed because all those self-loathing ofays knew that inclusiveness should not include themselves. But Hodges is correct, no one is really white except albinos. Imagine the plight of an albino African-American. But what do all the other rainbow colors stand for? Martians, purple people-eaters, blue-bloods, the Orangemen of Syracuse University? There is nothing in “black lives matter” that isn’t constated in “lives matter.”

  2. Joseph S. Salemi

    “White” in political parlance no longer refers to skin chromatics, but to genetic and cultural inheritances. A more accurate description of us would be “Europeans” or “European-Americans.” We are now the only cultural and racial group that may be publicly denigrated and abused without penalty. The broadminded universalism of liberalism doesn’t include us.

    Anyone who thinks this isn’t true has been asleep for the last thirty years.

    • C.B. Anderson

      Right, Joe. And if you happen to be a European-American AND a Roman Catholic (or any type of Christian), then you’ve got two strikes against you.

      • Amy Foreman

        And, God forbid that you should be European-American, Christian, and a successful, driven, heterosexual male. Then your goose is really cooked. 🙁

  3. Joseph S. Salemi

    Amy, add also to your list “conservative” or “rightist” or “Republican,” and the person in question will be the first to be shot if left-liberals take over.

  4. Dave Whippman

    “White is a Color, Too” says a lot. There is a deep malaise in European (and I guess American) society. Being aware that we are not perfect is one thing: grovelling is something else. So well said, Ron Hodges.

  5. David Plantier

    Thank you, Ron Hodges.
    For bringing some sense into a senseless conversation.
    Your plea brought tears to my eyes, as I am white but not a racist, my wife is black but not a victim, my sons are beautiful, no matter what shade they are.

    We are all “colored”; all victims and heroes, one race divided by ignorance.

    Thank you for reminding an old man, there is hope.


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