Thank you to every one who participated! The quality of the high school poems submitted this year was stunning. 


First Place ($100 Prize): Luke Hahn, twelfth grade, homeschooled in Waupun, Wisconsin
“Victus” “To a Murdered World”

Second Place: Erin Jeon, tenth grade, University High School, Irvine, California

Second Place: Dania El-Ghattis, ninth grade, homeschooled in Melbourne, Australia
“A Letter to Sir Grammar” “My Midnight Garden” “Crepuscular”

Third Place: Michael Zhao, eleventh grade, Lynbrook High School, San Jose, California.
“Moth, Angel of the Night” “Fallen Arbor”

Third Place: Sancia Milton, tenth grade, The Bishop’s School, San Diego, California
“Three Hundred Spartans” “Mother Teresa”

Third Place: James Preston Pack, eleventh grade, Killian Hill Christian School, Lilburn, Georgia.


The following Fourth Place winners and Honorable Mentions have been published here.


Fourth Place: Martina Preston, twelfth grade, Covenant High School
“Piece of Mind”

Fourth Place: Nada Cheaitli, twelfth grade, Mercy High School
“The First Date”

Fourth Place: Jerry Dalrymple, eleventh grade, Seton High School

Honorable Mentions

“Icarus Indomitable” by Lauren Haines, twelfth grade, Jesuit High School, Oregon

“Light of Salvation” by Yoel Soibelman, twelfth grade, Yeshiva Ohavei Torah

“A Treasure for a Lady” by Lucia Fisher, twelfth grade, Kolbe Academy Online

“Wind” by Elizabeth Thompson, The Academy of Classical Christian Studies

“This I Had to Do” (A Sestina) by Melissa Molano, twelfth grade, Bishop Kenny High School

“A Modern Republic” (A Rondeau) by Sophia Gottfried, eleventh grade, the Harker School, San Jose, California



Evan Mantyk, editor of The Society of Classical Poets Journal and website



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