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They “battle for the soul of the nation”
And have their voting registration
As Democrats—it’s true, at least
They’re spiritual, for they’re deceased!


The news is in, Joe Biden’s got
The perfect pick for a key spot:
Ambassador of China goes
To Hunter—it’s a place he knows!


Are turning to veracity—
They say there’s too much competition
From all the fake news repetition.


—From circulating jokes, adapted into poetry by Evan Mantyk




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31 Responses

  1. Kathleen M Farrell

    Most of us do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.

    • C.B. Anderson

      And that, Kathleen, is how YOU see things, which, accordingly, must be as you are. Absolute relativism is a slippery slope that affords no traction.

  2. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Dear Trump Chumps,

    Daily I vent and cement my position
    In expert and erudite words.
    Democracy fails if each crucial decision
    Is left to the whim of the herds.

    For deplorable plebs are flawed and naïve
    When it comes to electing a path
    That aligns with MY mind and all I believe –
    If it wasn’t so sad, I would laugh

    At the fact that the foolish, the witless and wrong
    Might win the determining vote.
    But because I am right yet my vote’s not as strong
    It may make it much harder to gloat.

    I aim to resist, I will use every trick
    I possess in my rancorous store
    To thwart the ill-will of the thick and the sick,
    And the morons whose views I abhor.

    I’m a tolerant soul who upholds human rights –
    Everyone has a right to be free.
    I’m gracious and peaceful and shun vicious fights…
    Unless you’re not voting LIKE ME! 😉

    Sincerely (I identify as truthful today)
    Biden’s Bitch

    • C.B. Anderson

      I’m glad you’ve found your true identity, Susan. Inside every conservative there’s a demon who speaks the truth as embodied in the Democrat platform. Embrace this demon, one and all, and thus ensure pandemonium forever.

      • Susan Jarvis Bryant

        My inner demon is embraced and unleashed… mwah-ha-ha!

  3. Mike Bryant

    I went to cast my vote today.
    I’ve even got the sticker.
    I think I heard somebody say,
    “If you don’t vote, don’t bicker.”

    But bickering is what I do.
    It’s my God-given right.
    So if I don’t agree with you,
    I won’t kowtow, I’ll fight.

    • C.B. Anderson

      It sounds like you’re from Texas, a Texican to the core. God bless you.

  4. Jeff Eardley

    It’s raining here in England
    And the news is misery,
    As we gaze at your election
    Far across the rolling sea.
    We hope you chose your leader well,
    A man of skill and pith.
    But worry if you don’t, just look
    At who we wound up with.

    • Susan Jarvis Bryant

      Jeff, today I voted for the future of America, the UK, and every EU country that values freedom over authoritarianism. I hope my vote made a difference.

      As for the blonde buffoon, the guy whose brain I was once in love with (he can quote from Homer’s The Iliad in Greek!) he is no more than a career politician – my adoration was misplaced. You have diplomatically (as any Englishman would) avoided mentioning your American presidential preference. I wonder if my vote is in keeping with your political vision.

      • Jeff Eardley

        I quote a line from my favourite American movie, “Oh Brother where art thou”…”I’m with you guys”

    • Joseph S. Salemi

      There’s nothing wrong with Boris Johnson. Imagine if that left-wing pillock Corbyn had been elected! You’d be totally buggered by now.

      • Susan Jarvis Bryant

        Joe S, I keep a very keen eye on British politics and listen to friends and family living there. Boris (whom I would have voted for) was voted in on two key issues: immigration and Brexit. Yet, the nominally Conservative government said that by January 2021, it would lower the threshold for skills and salaries of migrants, meaning that even with the UK leaving the European Union, net migration will increase. In fact, there have been record numbers of illegal migrants crossing the Channel during the Covid lockdowns – so many, the ones that aren’t occupying hotels are being sent to disused army barracks until housing can be provided. As forBrexit, I’ll believe it when I see it.

        Here’s a quote from Boris during the first Coronavirus lockdown; “Whilst we are all rightly focused on beating coronavirus, we cannot lose sight of the need to protect our people and our planet from the devastating threat of climate change and biodiversity loss if nothing is done.” What?! the British economy is tanking — suffering its worst collapse in 300 years, and Boris has his mind on the weather!

        Now, the UK’s on its second lockdown (and they’re threatening a third in 2021) based on moronic model-produced figures using Covid numbers from France and Spain alone. No Sweden. This is disputed by numerous eminent Virologists and Public Health officials who have been ignored and are not allowed to be heard. Does that sound familiar?

        I had every faith in Boris – it was misplaced. Since Tony Blair’s “New Labour”, there has been no such thing as Left and Right in the UK. I believe both Conservative and Labour are authoritarians growing rich from those pulling their strings behind the slick façade they put up.

      • Jeff Eardley

        Mr Salemi, how right you are. We had a one horse race back in December. Corbin was NEVER going to be PM. Our nation gave Boris a chance back in December but the wheels started to fall with in the “Cummings” affair during the severe spring lockdown. We now have no faith in any of them and are presently wallowing in the mire. Looks like you may have a few problems of your own to come.

      • Joseph S. Salemi

        Dear Susan and Jeff —

        Thanks for the information. I had no idea that Johnson had turned out to be such a gutless failure.

  5. Mark Mellett

    Today I read the news… there was nothing but despair.
    Patriots are dying and no one seems to care.
    America is silent, it’s not right….it’s not fair!

    Our rights are disappearing, it’s politically correct.
    Our borders being opened by the Congress we elect.
    While Veterans and seniors are feeling the neglect.

    I vote for Trump, the legend, The Man!
    I vote for Trump he’s doing all he can……
    I vote for Trump……. I vote for Trump.

    The Left has been diminished to a point of no return.
    They politic for Power and their personal concern.
    Destruction of our values the lesson we will learn.

    They’ve lied to us before… and they’ll lie to us again.
    There is no politician that could ever be your friend.
    When they think less of you then a foreign citizen.

    We vote for Trump to keep our country free!
    That vote for Trump will be our victory….
    We vote for Trump…… We vote for Trump.

    They confiscate your guns, they take your rights away.
    They’ll shred Our Constitution while professing it’s okay.
    Free speech and your religion won’t last another day.

    They kneel to mock your values to sell a pair of shoes.
    The streets they paint with slogans that are meaningless to you.
    And riot in the darkness no matter what you do!

    I vote for Trump, the legend, The Man!
    I vote for Trump he’s doing all he can……
    I vote for Trump……. I vote for Trump.

    We vote for Trump to keep our country free!
    That vote for Trump will be our victory….
    We vote for Trump…… We vote for Trump. We vote for Trump!

  6. Joe Tessitore

    The Mourning After

    Small wonder I cannot believe
    The evidence my eyes receive,
    The truth that simply breaks my heart;
    Mine is a nation torn apart.

  7. Martin Rizley

    The Tightrope Walker
    (Reflections on Election Day, November 3, 2020)

    Across the yawning gorge he has maintained
    His balance on that tightrope long and thin;
    Upheld by prayers, he´s found the strength within
    To stay the course till victory is gained.

    Four years ago, he ventured to traverse
    A dark abyss, poised high above a swamp
    Where fierce-fanged, hungry creatures, poised to chomp
    Upon his flesh, still waiting, writhe and curse.

    They wait for that misstep which will at last
    Cause him to plunge into a watery grave
    Where from their feeding frenzy none could save
    His hapless flesh, into that bloodbath cast.

    Thus far, he´s persevered with steady pace
    His firm gaze fixed, unflinching and unflapped,
    Though at his feet they´ve leapt and snarled and snapped
    To snatch him from that perch where he´s been placed.

    He carries on his back a nation´s fate
    And in his pockets, patriots who dream
    To kindle fresh those fifty stars that gleam
    Above blind hordes that swarm to storm the gate.

    A few more steps, and victory is won,
    He will at last have crossed the chasm wide!
    But death and danger still below abide
    At this late hour, as dark clouds dim the sun.

    For if his foes succeed in their vile schemes
    To make him slip, or if they cut the rope
    On which he walks, then downward plummets hope
    Drowned in the murky depths of Marxist schemes.

    Yet from those depths, a rising flame will burn;
    For He who makes dominions pass away
    And changes spring to summer, night to day,
    Whose sovereign throne no scheme can overturn

    Still reigns and drives time´s chariot ahead
    According to the schedule He has planned
    He holds the reigns of history in His hand
    And kindles hope again where hope had fled.

    His perfect kingdom only will survive
    The ravages of time and stand forever;
    That´s why from lasting joy no blow can sever
    Those hearts in whom God´s Word keeps hope alive.

    April 11, 2020
    Mijas Costa, Spain

  8. James Sale

    Love Evans’ quatrains – very droll, especially ‘they’re spiritual, for they’re deceased’!!! I am certainly a Boris Johnson voter, and given the nightmare scenario for the UK of Jeremy Corbyn, we have to give him some slack, even though I don’t approve of the latest lockdown in the UK. Naturally, I am rooting for Trump in the USA – he is pro-British, and surprisingly, pro-USA! Surprisingly? Well, as with Corbyn, you find when you dig down with some of these leftwing politicians that they actually hate their own country, and are far more interested in virtue-signalling memes, and whilst doing so, accumulating their own personal fortunes. And whilst I must say that all of my HellWard book is entirely fictional, there is a description in Canto 9 of a character almost familiar:

    Behind him, some contorted toad, sad and squat,
    Mouthed bubbles of clichés that floated, burst
    Instantly, liquidation their just lot;

    For substance, wholly absent from the first,
    Never was there, not since 1917
    When Lenin worked his magic – Russia cursed –

    And one whole country became one gangrene.
    But still the jargon, and socialist ‘woke’,
    Poured forth as if thinking had never been,

    Or tolls of murders had not been uncloaked,
    As if … but there I saw him, his blank face,
    His eyes fish-dead, ‘equality’, he croaked.

    But Bliar, at least, had some semblance of grace:
    Whilst Korbutt aped Nimrod, gibbering on,
    The Tone welcomed us, for here was his place: …

    God bless America!

  9. David Watt

    Dogged Behaviour

    They say that every dog will have its day;
    Even one who likes to slink away
    To a basement, there to rest its muzzle
    On a paw for solving of a puzzle.

    “Here’s a plan!” the underdog declared.
    “I can claim a win, although I’m scared.
    If I dare the bulldog to a fight,
    As long as I can hide I’ll be alright.”

  10. Joe Tessitore

    Election Lament; “Fair and Unafraid” or “Unfair and Afraid”?

    It’s so sad when a hypocrite dies,
    When among betrayed friends no one cries.
    So just what did we lose
    With the death of Fox News?
    One more network of transparent lies.

  11. Cynthia Erlandson

    Thank you, Martin, especially for the reminder in those last three hopeful verses.

  12. Adriano Timoteo Llosa

    Title: One ballot at the Border

    Teaching my mom the electoral college
    after poll observing in Douglas, Arizona,
    and teaching Nebraska’s partitioned electoral votes
    I see Douglas again, the county for Omaha,
    and again, the name of a overnight co-worker,
    I know God is with me.
    Synchrony, my instincts are aligned universally, is with me.

    I was meant to be teaching this.
    I was meant to return by bus
    all the way from the border –
    I was meant to not withhold,
    as has been my wont with family for years
    out of resentment, trauma and need for atonement
    and hear my bluster as a payment for their shit.
    Inducing me shell, rescind
    boil, corrupt and decay.
    I know
    because the opposite makes me pounce out
    I’m excited to geek out
    Share my knowledge, years of schooling not for nothing.
    in the show, elocution and public speaking power
    I deliver it

    To didact and share the tonnage of spark
    and knowledge and wisdom that’s in this mind.
    The surprises
    from flow glittering grace
    that comes out of it

    I was meant to get excited by politics again.
    I was meant to stir up the boiling for an exciting catalytic
    effusion of unused skill and energy,
    majestically waved with charismatic energy
    for something bigger.
    A desperation for something bigger.
    Some deliverance outside the pavilion
    of covid quarantine gone too deep in consumer, receiving
    Me-Me-Me based rabbit holes

    An excitement not for a specific outcome
    (likely Blue, despite the failure for lasting D.C. happy hour bonds and
    irreverence against fathers and triggers)
    Since I find genuine exotic allure for something Red.

    But a proof of significance and if I matter

    And if the outcome whittles to one last outstanding.
    And that state turns out to be Arizona.
    And by some fantasy an entire Election
    hinges upon 1 or two votes
    the romantic salvo
    of having saved a beautiful woman’s absentee ballot
    drop-off vote
    I’m tangible;
    part of the world;
    Not a joke and indispensable;
    Unique indispensable (imagine if i wasn’t there).
    Part of the world
    and Necessary.
    = Real

    Not imaginary.
    Because my actions
    don’t just have isolated, unnoticeable fading effect
    But seismic, tectonic contribution

    The nation needed something different.
    And so did I

    A mandate
    to continue experimenting.
    Continue to rise in instinct.
    And shed erroneous lacklustre, self-beating undeserved, stupid, unbeautiful, low esteem perception

    And believe
    in myself

  13. Damian Robin

    Groomed news presenters smile and romp,
    Support the Bidens’ show and tell.
    They are the ripples on the swamp.
    The preludes to the sink of Hell.

  14. Carol Connell

    Sing A Song of Trump-Pence

    (sung to the tune of Sing A Song of Six Pence)nursery rhyme

    Sing a song of Trump-Pence.

    Election’s gone awry.

    Voter fraud in every state and we know why.

    Before it was official the Dems began to sing.

    The only way to get Joe in

    was do the “lyin’ thing.

    The Dems sold out to Communists for the love of money

    They think the deal’s all wrapped up, their future’s looking sunny.

    The story is not over yet, and nobody knows

    just who will take dominion when the kraken finally blows.



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