Strange Election

inspired by President Trump’s speech on election fraud (below)

by Evan Mantyk

Strange numbers were appearing
in the dead of night
From ballot boxes
As if foxes
Crept there out of sight.

Strange cases under tables
Pulled out after hours
Caught on tape—
Republic rape,
Abuse of public powers.

Strange treatment of poll watchers
Meant to be the eyes,
Making sure
The state’s secure
Against a fleet of lies.

Strange coverage in news media
Blocking any doubt,
As if one word
Of truth is heard
Then they would be found out.

Strange companies controlling
Votes with just one switch,
Changing data
Sans schemata,
Claiming it’s a glitch.

Strange Big Tech politics are
Blanketing the state
Through screen control’s
Oft unseen role
In programming our fate.

Strange politician losing
Touch with what is real;
False narratives
He daily lives
Are causing him to reel.

Strange name trails lead to China
And its only party
Controlling things,
How one state swings,
But quietly and smartly.

Strange Wall Street bankers counting
On that China cash
To fill their banks,
So they’ll give thanks
Through favors for that stash.

Strange turning of the world
reveals the blurry shade
Of many years’
Reflexive fears
That made the bold afraid.

Strange times now call for strength
That seems all but forgotten
In the waves
Of decades’ graves
And in a culture rotten.

Strong forces overcome
The evil hidden near;
The moment comes,
The gods beat drums,
The heroes become clear!



There Was No Election Fraud

by Caud Sewer Bile

O, there was no election fraud in these United States.
It didn’t happen by the Democrats or Biden aides.
There was no fraud in urban centers. How could that occur?
Machines would not allow a single data error, sir.
O, there was no election fraud. The tallies were complete.
The Main Stream Media would know if someone tried to cheat.
There was no dodge in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan,
Wisconsin, Arizona, or Nevada—not a one.
O, there was no election fraud, and there will be no pork,
like that we read in history, Chicago and New York.



An American Hero

“a scrappy kraken” —Eric Albu, “Swede”

by Brice U. Lawseed

She’s an American attorney fighting for the truth,
is known for her tenacious willingness to follow through,
defending individuals against the villainous,
nefarious, bad actors, vile and supercilious,
embattling overbearing federal prosecutors who,
year after year, destroy with vicious venom that they spew.

Professionally motivated, she helps those attacked
officially by overzealous governmental hacks,
who are vindictive vultures, who have licenses to lie,
eviscerating anyone they envy or dislike,
like businessman or auditor they think aren’t innocent,
like brave commander or the people’s choice for President.



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8 Responses

  1. Cynthia Erlandson

    So true, Evan! May “the heroes become clear to everyone” — may Truth prevail and heal this rotten culture. It will take a miracle, so that’s what we can pray for. (P.S. I like this poetic form you’ve used!)

  2. BDW

    Also assisting the American lawyer mentioned above is…

    An Avid Cyber Worker
    by Esca Webuilder

    Keen intellect and cyber expert in security,
    election fraud uncoverer and voter purity,
    schooled in electric engineering and computers too,
    he, under oath, says there ‘s been massive fraud. This is his view.

    A man with thirty years of expertise, including as
    vice-president of INDOSEC; and that’s not all he has:
    a leader or supporter for the US CIA,
    rocked FBI, the US CYBERCOM, and NSA,

    ZB explorer, innovator, implementer of
    next-generation cybersurance for the US guv,
    identifier of insider threats and incidents,
    a man on whom the nation has relied for its defense.

    Esca Webuilder is a poet of the Internet. A ZB, zettabyte is one sextillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) bytes. According to Beau Lecsi Werd, “cybersurance” is a neologism for strong cyber security.

  3. BDW

    So many people in America and outside of America want to ignore and hide the evidence of corruption in the fraudulent US 2020 election. Mr. Mantyk is not one of those. And what makes Sidney Powell a courageous American is she will not be silenced and cowered by corrupt courts, disinformation spewers at secret agencies, wicked Wall Street actors, high-tech oligarchs with lapdog “news” outlets censoring conservatives, Christians, and the classics, a demonic party (as Mr. Anderson previously put it), and so many others trying to destroy a democratic America and hope for the World. God bless Sidney Powell.

  4. BDW

    The poem by Brice U. Lawseed has been renamed “An American Lawyer” and the quote has been dropped. That is one of the problems of a poet who writes spontaneously. As in Shakespeare, words can be mistranscribed, meaning can be unclear, the artist’s choices can be less than satisfying, and, in the New Millennium, typos can occur, etc., especially in half-blind Miltons and Homers.

    I like the title “An American Lawyer” better, because, as in the American Realists and Modernists, it strips it of any additional significance. I must admit to some admiration of the World literature Realists (1859-1900) and Modernists
    (1900s-1950) striving after impersonality, and those writers, like T. S. Eliot, who combined it with a classical vision. This tennos is an
    acrostic dodeca of two six-lined stanzas conveniently dividing the poem in to two parts, the first part focused on, through a series of adjectives, the characteristics of her and her corrupt opponents. The second sestet continues along in the same manner, with the heavy, overt alliteration of the v’s. Few poets, other than those interested in puzzles. like Poe and Carroll, indulged in acrostic poetry. The second stanza alludes to Powell’s exposé, villains like Andrew Weissmann, and beleaguered Enron businessmen, Arthur Anderson employees, as a whole, patriotic Michael Flynn and persecuted President Donald Trump.

  5. BDW

    Here is another poem of a month ago, that, like Ms. Bryant’s rondeau discusses the Dominion machine used by the Democrats in the election of 2020:

    Anecdote of the Box

    They placed a box in many states, including Michigan.
    They put it squarely where they said there’d be no glitch again.
    Upon their tables there it sat surrounded by a mount
    Of wi-ld, slo-ven-ly believers in a rug-ged count.
    Though fraught with fraud, the tabulations rose from where they’d been,
    and sprawled, due to exchanges, drops, and bundles they brought in.
    They took Dominion everywhere they could across the land.
    The box was black with easy admin access, as they’d planned.
    The box was square and of importance far beyond the booth.
    It was like nothing else. It did not give of tree or truth.

    • BDW

      Though few, if any, are intrigued by my thoughts on poetry, I should like to put a few words down on a poem I have included here: “Anecdote of the Box”.

      In this poem, I show I am not a classicist but a traditionalist; but it’s a strange tradition indeed, at least one that I’ve never seen anyone embrace.

      To begin with, the poem is a tennos, an original poetic structure I made in this last decade. It is five couplets of iambic heptameter, essentially the ballad form, but clipped.

      It is traditional because it draws on a Wallace Stevens poem “Anecdote of the Jar”. What I like about the poetry of Stevens is its subtlety, its sobriety, and its imaginative clarity. It is an extremely abstract poetry, even as it focuses on particulars, i.e., imagery. For myself, who enjoys rhyme, it is perhaps odd that I enjoy his poetry, as he eschews rhyme; because I admire his abstract, almost impersonal tone. It is a relief from the jingles of Poe, Coleridge, and Tennyson, three writers who equally appeal to me.
      So in my poem, I want to unite that abstract quality, while at the same time utilizing rhyme

      Thematically our poems are similar and different; similar in that they talk about the artificial, different in time in that they deal with different issues.

      “Anecdote of the Box: is a poem about the corrupt and disgraceful 2020 election with a matter-of-fact clarity, which, as a traditionalist, I draw from Stevens. Where Tennessee represents a green, natural realm; here Michigan , and a few other states, represent states run by political operatives with big-city corrupt machinery, the very antithesis of American democracy.

      The they are the Democrats, unabashed in their cheating

      I’m cutting off here now; I have to attend to someone. Perhaps I shall write more…later.


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