First Place ($200 Prize)

Alex Rubstein, 12th grade, homeschooled, Canton Aargau, Switzerland
“Civis Romanus Sum”


Second Place

Ellie Strano, 9th grade student homeschooled in Lexington, Massachusetts.
“The View from Space”

Hannah Yee, 9th grade student homeschooled in Massachusetts.
“Sonnet 1 (In Theory, Real)”


Third Place

A.S. Chuba, thirteen years old, attends Maryvale Academy in Canada.
“Poppy” “April”

Matt Hsu, Grade 12 student at San Francisco University High School.
“Starbucks Villanelle”


The following Fourth Place winners and Honorable Mentions have been published here.


Fourth Place

Victoria Vu, Grade 12, Bishop Kenny High School
“The People on the Boat”

Isaac Wachsman, 11th Grade, American Heritage School Boca/Delray Campus

Joseph Juhasz, 9th grade, homeschool

Peter Mahfouz, Grade 12, Bishop Kenny High School


Honorable Mentions

Sydney Leblo, 9th Grade, Lowell High School, San Francisco, California
“End of the Innocence”

Marisol Saenz, Grade 12, Dover Sherborn Regional High School
“Arrogant Conception”

Sai Kaushik
“Sonnet to Home”

Grace Folkers, 10th grade Liberty Common High School
“Miss Maria the Sea”

Bailey Chin, Grade 12, Bishop Kenny High School
“The Monsters Within”



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