The Return of Trump

No matter how you try to stop Don Trump
He always will come back.
He’ll lie in wait then jump
In tiger-like attack.

You put him in a box that’s wrapped in chains
And throw him in the sea,
And yet despite your pains
You find “He’s next to me!”

His arms are workers by the tens of millions,
His hair is growing wheat,
His tongue is Truth’s fierce minion,
Coal miners are his feet,

So even if you cut deep in his skin
With empty cackling lies,
One day he’ll rise and win
Just as an eagle flies.



Evan Mantyk teaches literature and history in New York and is Editor of the Society of Classical Poets.

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32 Responses

  1. Margaret Coats

    Evan, I very much like your characterization twists here. First the tiger-like fighter, then the escape artist, then identification with the people and even the land: its workers, coal miners, and growing wheat. Finally, the national symbol of the eagle. Indeed, “he’s next to me” anywhere.

  2. Cynthia Erlandson

    I agree with Margaret; the comparisons you make to describe the man are truly imaginative (and imaginatively true!) I hope your implied prediction comes true!

    • Evan Mantyk

      Thanks, Cynthia! Ultimately, the way I see it, Trump represents the idea of fearlessly getting back to plain decency and common sense. THAT will win, though I dread the closing scene for the villains; they are legion.

  3. James Sale

    Love the rhyme millions/minion, Evan! I am not sure what is going to happen in the States as I am not sufficiently well-informed, but I am disappointed to report that I have fallen out of love with our own blond bombshell aka Boris Johnson, who failed to deliver the Conservative agenda in the UK. Indeed, having voted for Lizz Truss in the election – as a member of the party – I have now resigned my membership in utter disgust as the globalists have now taken control. Still, America has a punchier sense of democracy than we Brits do – let’s hope true democracy prevails on your side of the pond.

    • Damian Robin

      The BBC – and other UK media outlets – still preface any talk of Trump’s or others’ drawing to attention the awkward reality of the last US Presidency election voting irregularities with words like ‘unfounded’ or ‘discredited’ or ‘disproved’.

      They also say – even before discussion – that conservative judges or members of his own administration rejected his claims of foul play.
      I thought his Vice President dropped the hot potato for pragmatic reasons, not because they were not legitimate.

      In the past Trump put forward some masculine views rather gauchely. This, too, has garnered disapproval in the UK. And photos of Trump with Jeffery Epstein still resonate after British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was recently sentenced to 20 years for sex offences. She was a close associate of Epstein’s.

      But still Trump stands strong. And, at a pinch, is like a cat with many lives
      (7 min, very indirectly related, vid)

      • Mike Bryant

        Damian, there are many pictures of Epstein with many of the rich and powerful. Speaking of Ghislane… isn’t it odd that she has been convicted of selling sex, but they identified only ONE of Ghislane’s and Epstein’s clients? Prince Andrew… I think he was set up… funny thing is, a 17-yr-old little tart is considered a child only in the USA… no crime at all in the UK.
        IF Prince Andrew had decided to neuter thousands of minors in the USA with sex change drugs and surgical procedures, he would be hailed as a hero!

      • Mike Bryant

        Damian… the video is hilarious… when Susan and I started watching it, I thought we would switch it off before the end. However, it was just too weirdly compelling… we’re both glad we saw the whole thing, kinda sorta… VERY INDIRECTLY related.

    • Patricia Redfern

      My dear James,
      US citizens are treated breakfast, lunch and dinners,
      with news served on Hate Trump plates. I don’t even know the vast number of channels spewing venomous tales as fast as they can. Only Newsmax is Conservative, as Rupert Murdoch turned against Trump and true Conservatives 20 years ago! Yet they think FOX is the be all and end all. Trump is blamed for inflation,the border, crime, racism. You name it! I think I live in Nazi Germany. As propoganda, has people by the throat. They buy it all!
      The latest insult was beyond the pale!! They want to try Trump for trying to murder his Vice President,?
      They have gone mad. The US House and Senate is not a court of law. Just ninnies drunk on their own power. Censorship for the right is huge here! The vox populi in love with a senile President who loves China and the repression of the human race. All are doing their best to stop Trump from a second run.
      Worse~ the Left has far more money and blind followers.. am sureMark Steyn has more sense!
      Best to you, Patricia

  4. Mike Bryant

    About President Trump… he named three justices to the Supreme Court, he cowed North Korea, he called out China for their bloody persecution of the Falun Gong, he made our NATO partners pony up their fair share, he made the USA self sufficient in oil, he created so many jobs that the minority unemployment rate was the lowest ever, he made deals with Mexico that got our Southern border under control… I could go on and on…
    He also made mistakes… usually because he trusted the wrong people. His biggest mistake? He posted too many mean tweets.
    Right now, the one worlders have decided that it is the optimum time to get rid of President Trump once and for all…
    Your poem, Evan, says it all. Don’t ever count President Trump out.

    • Shaun C. Duncan

      Whether he intended to or not, Donald Trump, simply by eliciting the reaction he did from the ruling class, has done more than anyone in at least a century to show us how our world is run. This is a historically significant accomplishment regardless of anything else he might have achieved or whether he wins a second term or not.

  5. Joseph S. Salemi

    Trump comes from Queens County in NYC, my own breeding ground. He did all that Mike Bryant mentions and more — with the gutsy, I don’t-give-a-damn attitude that marks this part of Noo Yawk.

    One really great accomplishment of Trump: he broke the back of Clintonism, and he smashed the political career of that evil bitch on wheels, Hillary.

    • Patricia Redfern

      Love your honesty, which seems to be as precious as the Hope diamond. You clear the air….fast!!
      Hillary is preparing a gym for her great comeback.
      Millions know she is a liar, and in a class with that faux- humanoid, Hunter Biden. This election cycle will be like the Inquisition, including the rack or burning Trump at the stake. Americans in love with mandates and no freedom. And one lying- arsed press! Patricia


  6. C.B. Anderson

    I would welcome the return of Trump, Evan, but first we need to welcome the return of fairly-counted honest elections, and it looks like, once again, we did not get that in 2022.

    • Patricia Redfern

      Hello! The GOP is napping, as Matt Schlapp said. The Democrats get out early and vote. We stopped reinterring peoplelije we used to. I don’t doubt the dishonesty in either party. I saw it firsthand at Young Republicans! I was so crushed…..that desire to win casts all morals to the side. CB.? Pence is painted as a saint? We need a strong ground game!
      Now we have the House, yes? And will lose the Speakership as dweebs want to tight over who will be speaker!oh, Lord.

  7. Theresa Dould Cummings

    not however, mmuch likeas an Eagle but rather an albatross arround one’s neck; just one woman’s opinion.

  8. Talbot

    “He’ll lie in filth then loosely slump
    Like a portly, sickened yak.”

    (And this comes *not* from a hyper-progressive leftist or a Biden-worshipper, just from someone who condemns Trump.)

    • Mike Bryant

      He’ll lie in filth then loosely slump

      Like a portly, sickened yak.
      He’ll drain swamp filth, will MAGA TRUMP…
      The real President is BACK!

      • Talbot

        This is fun.

        “He’ll join the swamp filth, cell for cell,
        And rise again with boggy smell.
        Coagulating fenny dope,
        Again he squelches contra hope.”

    • Mike Bryant

      Coagulating fenny dope,
      Again he squelches contra hope.
      Xi scolds Joe for son Hunter’s sins
      But knows because of Joe, Xi WINS!

    • Evan Mantyk

      Dear Talbot, I have many connections to Chinese human rights advocates, both past and present, and I can say with certainty that President Trump was a boon for Chinese human rights. Trump called such advocates into the White House and shook hands with him. The significance of this is huge and unprecedented. Obama and Biden have not done this: https://www.theepochtimes.com/trump-meets-with-falun-gong-practitioner-other-survivors-of-religious-persecution_3006607.html

      President Trump was a leader in taking on the Chinese Communist Party in terms of trade and human rights. This was one of his defining characteristics and required tremendous bravery, which he displayed in spades. Biden, world leaders, and governments have followed his lead out of political necessity and watered it down as far as I can tell. Trump had the attitude of making friends with Xi and the Chinese people at the same time, which is normal unless you are preparing for war with someone (as in Biden-Putin). It is the real actions and policies of the CCP that matter, not individual friendships. In the larger actual relationship, President Trump did what really mattered. My hat will be forever off to him.

  9. Russel Winick

    Evan – I love the form, meter, and rhyme of this poem. It’s an example of how much I learn from this top-notch poetry site. Thank you!

  10. Shaun C. Duncan

    Nice poem, Evan. It amazes me to see the media trot out the same tired narrative about DJT – his political career must’ve died more times than Bitcoin at this point. I wonder about his chances of re-election though and I can’t help think that it simply will not be allowed to happen, one way or another. It seems incredibly misguided though because even if they could dispose of Trump, his supporters aren’t going anywhere and the global populist movement only seems to be growing.

  11. Sally Cook

    Dear Evan –

    Your poem has the rapier sharpness of an Eagle’s claw, and the clarity of his vision. As I said somewhere else today, dreams matter far more than any manufactured response. I believe in dreams, as they come from rhe human spirit. which Donald Trump protects.

    • Monika Cooper

      I agree. Trump is a dreamer and a protector of dreams, who always deals in realities.

  12. Jim Walters

    This is the first poetry site that didn’t put me to sleep by the Woke. Think I’ll like it here.

    Trump is an enigma to me – a somewhat mad genius that bears all the characteristics of a tyrant that uses his skills for the betterment of his subjects.
    No wonder the left hates him, he keeps tossing a wrench into their Marxist fantasy.

  13. Monika Cooper

    His hair *is* growing wheat. Hey, the similes in the Song of Solomon have a grotesque character too — and not just the first time you read them. And, yes, his tongue *is* Truth’s fierce minion. Subject to a Higher Authority. Not just power: authority. The demons swarm earthly power but they tremble before authority.

  14. Roy Eugene Peterson

    Wonderful summation of the doggedness of Donald Trump along with those of us who continue to support him. Trump tramples the elites and raises those with moral values! Superb insightful poem with reflective imagery such as “wheat hair” and flying like an eagle.


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