First Place ($200 Prize)

Christiana Thomas, homeschooled 12th grade student in Oregon.
“Worth Disguised”


Second Place

Laurel Aronian, 10th grade student at St. Luke’s School in Connecticut.
“The Fluctuations of Modernity and Antiquity”

Claire He, 11th grade student at Carmel High School, Indiana.
“For the French Revolution”


The following Third and Fourth Place winners and Honorable Mentions have been published here.


Third Place

“A Sonnet On Scripture: Inspired by Ezekiel 3”
by Willow Rain Purles, 10th grade, homeschooled

“The Cavy”
by Iago Macknik-Conde, 10th grade student homeschooled in Brooklyn, New York


Fourth Place Winners

by Ria Garg, 11th grade, Texas Academy
of Mathematics and Science (TAMS)

“My Room Can Hold Me”
by Izzi Considine, 10th grade, Portsmouth Abbey School

“life with whipped cream”
by Ashley Malkin, 10th grade, Greenwich High School

“From Winter to Spring”
by Vishak Srikanth, 12th grade, Basis Independent Silicon Valley, San Jose, California



Contest Judge: Evan Mantyk, President and Editor of the Society of Classical Poets



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  1. Paul Freeman

    Well done, young bards.

    It was Laurel’s pantoum that spurred me to try my hand at one.


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