Daniel R. Leach was born in 1953 in Buffalo, NY and grew up in nearby Niagara Falls. He attended catholic schools until the tenth grade, then public high school. He attended State University of New York at Cortland majoring in English, but left after two years. Although he wrote poetry from a young age and maintained a passion for reading and writing throughout his life, it wasn’t until his association with the Schiller Institute, an organization which promotes a classical renaissance in culture, from its founding in 1984, that Mr. Leach began writing poetry in the classical form. He has written essays on the poetry of Keats and Shelley and on the recitation of poetry for the Schiller Institute’s magazine, Fidelio as well as conducting workshops and seminars in recitation. Mr. Leach has self-published a collection of poems, entitled, Voices on the Wind, and his poems can also be seen on The Chained Muse, dedicated to a revival of classical poetry, as well as The Society of Classical Poets.

He resides in Houston, Texas.

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