Margaret Coats
Evan Mantyk


First Place ($100)

Talbot Hook, Connecticut
“Mourning the Dead” by Li Qingzhao; “Bamboo-Grove Pavilion” by Wang Wei


Second Place

Joseph Greene, California
“Solitude” by Wilhelm Müller; “Serenade” by Ludwig Rellstab

Sean Thompson, United Kingdom
“Autumn” by Friedrich Hebbel


Third Place

Adam Sedia, Indiana
“The Flower” by Alceste De Lollis 

R.W. Rhodes
“Passer Mortuus Est, from Carmen 3” by Catullus


Fourth Place

Olga Dumer, California
“To Tchaikovsky” by A.N. Apukhtin

Cheryl Corey
“The Harp” by Gustavo Bécquer


Honorable Mention

Hadyn Adams, United Kingdom
“The Two Corteges” by Joséphin Soulary





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4 Responses

  1. Toshiji Kawagoe

    Congratulations, Mr. Hook!

    I also like these Chinese poems, 李清照「南歌子」, 王維「竹里館」 and 杜牧「清明」. It is quite refreshing for me to read these familiar poems in English verse. Thank you for your translation!

    I’m also impressed other winners’ works, especially, Hadyn’s work on Joséphin Soulary’s sonnet. I recently come to know rather neglected his name and work in the shadow of Baudelaire. As I’ve just started to read his Sonnets humouristiques, I’m very glad to see its English translation here. Thank you for your work and please keep posting Soulary’s sonnets here…

    • Talbot

      You’re very welcome, and thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed them.


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